TGIF - 2012 - Semaine 49


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Retrouvez chaque semaine notre sélection des meilleures campagnes publicitaires ainsi que les temps fort du blog Reflet Communication.

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TGIF - 2012 - Semaine 49

  1. 1. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationThank God It’s Friday«Its the fn weekend. lets have some fun!»#07Decembre2012REFLET COMMUNICATION*TGIF :)
  2. 2. TGIF#What’s up!
  3. 3. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationThe official Twitter page of his Holiness Pope BenedictREFLET COMMUNICATION#NewsFollow @pontifex //Since decembre, you can follow, as 500,000 already did, the Pope on Twitter, Yes you can! The first tweet will take place on Decembre 12th ataround noon. The account has been created in 7 languages in order to reach out to the entire Catholic community.
  4. 4. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationEau de Pizza Hut perfume for fansREFLET COMMUNICATION#pizzaliciousPizza Hut has made good on its promise to bottle the scent of freshly baked pizza dough and herbs with a limited-edition Eau de Pizza perfume.The idea originally started out as a joke on the company’s Facebook page (Pizza Hut Canada)"Do you love the smell of a box of Pizza Hut pizza being opened? We thought so. If that smell was a perfume, what would it be called?” asked a postback in August.After receiving more than 280 comments and generating 180 likes, the ad team jumped on the popularity of the posting and commissioned the realthing.The result? A scent that smells of freshly baked pizza dough and pizza seasonings.
  5. 5. TGIF#Digital
  6. 6. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:Donotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorization#Fantastic! Coup d’<3REFLET COMMUNICATIONBrilliant idea! You must see it.
  7. 7. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationOur gifs to you!We all want gifs for christmas!REFLET COMMUNICATIONEnjoy! Click there..
  8. 8. TGIF#Print
  9. 9. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationCampagne Print brésilienne pour la marque Mizuno. We like it !Votre corps est notre source d’inspirationREFLET COMMUNICATION#Mizuno
  10. 10. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationCape Town newspaper Cape Times edited a few photographs of famouspeople to look like the pictured celebrities had taken the photosthemselves…Self-portrait!REFLET COMMUNICATION#Different!
  11. 11. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationFaces of Facebook fans!#Fqljhgecy eouyg yeyeysyeREFLET COMMUNICATIONYou experience them every day, but you just probably haven’t thought to categorise them like this... enjoy!
  12. 12. TGIF#StorytellingWhere do babies come from?
  13. 13. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationREFLET COMMUNICATIONThey lived happily everafter...The End.
  14. 14. TGIF#China5FF
  15. 15. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:Donotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorization5 Friday Facts#Toknow!REFLET COMMUNICATION#2 China’s professional social networking users to reach 100MThere are more than 70 million users in China’s professional social networking sites as of November 2012. There has been a 250% year on yeargrowth from only 20 million users last year.#3 WeChat to implement payment services in 2 monthsTencent has confirmed plans to launch payment services on WeChat, and will integrate the chat app with a PayPal-esque service within the next twomonths.#4 PaPa app gives a voice to Instagram-like photosharingA fairly new Chinese photosharing app in town, PaPa allows users to talk, sing or record background audio to complement their pictures. Available onAndroid and iOS devices, the app’s main stream features a newsfeed showing friends’ recent activities. The app has third-party support for posting toSina Weibo and Tencent Weibo, which has helped it to gain a few celebrity users and a tech investor, Lee Kai-fu, the founder of Innovation Works.#4 Komli Media inks exclusive partnership with Twitter for ad salesMumbai-based digital advertising platform, Komli Media, announced an exclusive partnership allowing it to engage with advertising agencies througheducational and training programs showcasing Twitter’s ad offerings. Previously only available to brands in the US, UK, Japan and Latin America, adproducts such as promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends will be available in Southeast Asia via Komli Engage’s sales team.#1 China’s Renren launches Facebook-esque timeline interfaceFacebook’s timeline-like interface seems to be increasingly adopted by various social networking platforms with thelatest being one of China’s social networking sites Renren. Like Facebook, Renren users can update their status,upload photos and share a story but are given the option to switch back to the old interface should they dislike thenew look.
  16. 16. TGIF#OutOfHomeWho said OOH is boring?
  17. 17. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationREFLET COMMUNICATIONGuayaquil, EquateurSi conduces, no mensajes#Texting&Driving
  18. 18. TGIF#Were is you’re education?
  19. 19. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationLearning this Fucking lesson!#Better fucking learn it!REFLET COMMUNICATION
  20. 20. Understood?Well, now go have a fuckinggreat weekend! ;-)Reflet CommunicationDigital Creative Agency
  21. 21. Reflet Digital NetworkNEW-YORK - LONDON - MOSCOWMUMBAI - SINGAPORE - HONG KONG - BEIJINGBELFORT49 faubourg de France90000 BELFORTTel : +33 (0)3 84 22 60 39NANCY38 rue St Jean54000 NANCYTel : +33 (0)3 83 30 91 40STRASBOURG2, rue Edison67450 mundolsheimTel : +33 (0)3 83 85 00 14farewell... until the next time!