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Advertising Portfolio + Strategic Planner


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Including my top strategic planning, creative planning, and social media planning jobs.

Brands included:
JCPenney + Fashion.

The Discover Card + Credit Card (Finance).

Neuro Drink + Consumer packaged good (CPG).

The Economist + Publisher (British Magazine).

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Advertising Portfolio + Strategic Planner

  1. 1. me me meTraveling brings everything into focus. It forces me to explore my most inner self. Itbroadens my horizons and makes me realize that my eyes have never truly been openbefore.I love to travel, but not in any ordinary way. Not simply flying to Paris, it’s shooting theEiffel Tower,coming back and and bragging about exploring Paris and talking aboutstrange Parisians.For me it is important to really get to know the culture, values, attitudes, andthe extraordinary details of each destination.My first time to Paris, I denied a hotel stay and daily maid service in order to live at anunknown home in Paris with a family I had never met. Understanding the Parisianlifestyle seemed more appealing than chocolates on pillows.When given the chance to travel the globe through several modeling jobs and myprofessional soccer and track meetings, I used my fathers advice every single time andsaw the “pure”insights that countries and cities had to offer.Paris is not just the Eiffel Tower surrounded by unhappy Parisians, New York City is notjust the Empire State Building surrounded by fastpace unfriendly newyorkers runningto Wall Street, Barcelona is not just the Sagrada Familia surrounded by relaxed paellalovers,Bangkok is not only the Floating Market sorrounded by crazy tourists and market-ers, Sydney is not only the Opera House surrounded by Kangeroos, and Munich is notonly the Oktoberfest surrounded by beer-drinking crazy Germans and girls inlederhosen/dirndl.As a Ukrainian born German-Jew with a serious intention of understanding rather thanseeing will provide your clients with a fine addition in cultural insights, trend research,brand positioning, consumer behavior, digital strategy,and creative strategy. igor polisski
  2. 2. the fashion ProjectHistoryThe company has faced changing consumer tastes in the past years--consumertraffic is being drawn to Wal-Mart and Target at the expense of JCPenney . The amountof money spent at department stores as a fraction of total consumer spending decreasedfrom 11% in 2002 to 4% in 2010.The task was to create the marketing plan for the year of 2011 for JCPenney.objectiveimprove Brand Awarness, females from 25-35 years old.Geographically, JCPenney asked to increase the awarness nationwide. Texas and Floridamust be trageted aggressive due low sales figures.challengerarely someone regarded JCPenney as a trendy store and especially not a store to buythe next cocktail dress at (8%).solutionwe transformed several ideas in order to polish JCPenney’s brand image and increaseawarness of the targetted demographic: Improving the Digital Presence - Blogs, Website, Mobile (traffic increase 138%, sales increase 21%, mobile downloads increase 225%) Fashionshows for a charital cause, stronger in Texas and Florida Event at Herald Square (went viral within 35 minutes) Develope a 3D fashion closet with trendsetter and uptodate fashion advice Redesign the Logo to attract more 25-35 year old females Changing the celebrity endorser from a country band to a fashion stylist/Icon (Ellen DeGeneres caused females nationwide to have an open fashion conversation) Ad Mix included: print campaign, tv campaign (oscars 2011), mobile, events.
  3. 3. the visuals
  4. 4. the creditcard ProjectDuring my work at GoldnFish Marketing (1/2011 - 5/2011), I was given the opportunityto work on the DISCOVER CARD brand as a Junior Strategic Planner.objectiverebrand the Discover Card from a Credit Card that “did NOT matter” to a relevant CreditCard. Discover especially asked to create “buzz”.customer driven insightsMy insights came from credit card consumer profiling and consumer research.I “discovered” the Discover image as well as the usage habits.There is an amazing amount of unbelievable positives Discover has to offer but until nowmissed to communicate.Moreover, Discover is THE credit card brand with the most loyal consumers, average 15years of loyalty.I shifted the brand positioning after a careful brand architecture analysis.My idea was to channel the emotional loyalty combined with the exceptional factsDiscover Card had to offer.Moreover, I emphasized their superb customer service.As I grew up in the digital age especially on Facebook and Twitter, I implemented aTwitter and Facebook demographic specific campaign for Discover Card.Focusing on the target demographic, I managed to increase the Social Media Voice ofDiscover Card by 150% and helped to increase new credit card applications by 45%.It was a great feeling that Discover took most of my suggestions and it paid off.Overall, I am thankful to Steve Gold, CCO of GoldnFish Marketing, who gave me thewhole Discover Account to work on their new rebranding strategy. That was anextraordinary opportunity for me as a Junior Strategic Planner.
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  6. 6. the cpg ProjectNeuro is a new brand of enhancement drinks that promotes well-being.There are seven different blends of Neuro, each drink targets a mood or supports acertain activity.objectiveTo inform: What is Neuro? Why is it special?insightsNeuro had advantages above other wellness drinks: Products support a wide range ofpurposes + unique appearance.Neuro is a premium functional beverage line that uses the power of science to ignite thebody’s reaction to all the ways consumers live out loud.Hip, trendy, colorful, and fun.ideaEmphasize the difference, the functionality of each drink in a fun and local print & outdoor campaignPrint ads that focus on each Neuro product.Seven different drinks; seven different prints.We placed these prints where a youthful audience (15 - 25) can see them, in sportsmagazines, games magazines, fashion magazines.Each print/outdoor banner would differ in copy depending on U.S. State and city to startthe conversation in a local lingo and get the locals involved.More than two Neuro products promote decreasing stress.We sponsored events on college campuses.Two target audiences at a college: young & stressed individuals.Prominent and creative shelf-placement.Sales increase: 25%Impression increase: 350%
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  8. 8. the publisher ProjectAuthoritative British weekly newspaper focusing on international politics and businessnews and opinion.objectiveIncrease facebook + twitter following.Reaching 1m facebook fans.insightsThe Economist includes a large variety of sections including politics, business,economics, science, books+arts, and international news.The insight was that we must have a large variety audience but never utilized them.Let them speak and therefore have a two-way communication.ideaLet the audience share their most private moments with our magazine.I implemented the social media campaign “How do YOU enjoy your Economist?”The campaign lived on our facebook brand page.We invited and communicated the campaign across our social media sites; twitter,google+, tumblr, LinkedIn, YouTube.Together with SocialFlow and HooteSuite we researched efficient time intervals torespond, engage, and thank our audience.I co-designed the mock-up cover for the 1m fans campaign.I lead the strategic and creative on our onsite ads in order to drive traffic to ourfacebook brandpage.My copy was used and I oversaw the creative execution.Facebook: reached 1m fans within 12 days, 18% increase.Published on Adage for “Best Interactive Ads” within 24 hours after campaign launch.Raised twitter to 1.8m followers, google+ to 1.4m.CTR increase: 27%Impressions increase: 128%Photos uploaded: 2500+
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  10. 10. Good ideas happen when you’re awakeBeing awake means seeing things as they areWhen you see things as they are, you can be a little more fearlessBecause you know what’s importantAnd can move toward it without hesitationYou can connect the dots and see the shape of thingsAnd what they could becomeYou know what you need to do to change themAnd then you can igor polisski
  11. 11. Igor “Rogi”Polisski