A Perfect Storm The Social Web, Storytelling And Brands 08 07


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A Perfect Storm The Social Web, Storytelling And Brands 08 07

  1. A perfect storm: the social web, storytellers and brands Pixel Lab Workshop 4-10.07.10 Mel Exon Founding Partner, BBH Labs @melex / @bbhlabs http://bbh-labs.com 1
  2. What this isn’t 2
  3. Nor this Talladega Nights, Prayer to Baby Jesus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A0-u85aAYg&feature=player_embedded 3
  4. What this is A grappling with a changing creative landscape (who isn’t?) A few things we’ve learned about cross- platform ideas. A point of view on what brands can offer and what they want in return. 4
  5. Challenging, exciting times 5
  6. Powered by three forces In Society A move to hypersociability Proprietary, paid-for A cross-platform In Entertainment Vs In Marketing explosion Opensource, free 6
  7. It begins with this In Society A move to hypersociability Proprietary, paid-for A cross-platform In Entertainment Vs In Marketing explosion Opensource, free 7
  8. Image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lynetter/sets/72057594139269787/show/with/3672748556/ Hypersociability: 5 Facts Social media overtook porn as the #1 activity on the Web in 2008 Facebook has >400 million active users. Twitter >100 million 24 hours’ worth of content uploaded to YouTube every minute Wikipedia has >13 million articles, more accurate than Encyclop. Brit Foursquare just hit 1 million check-ins a day 8
  9. "Sharing information is something we're biased to do and to like doing." Clay Shirky Image source: http://ciclodedebates.fundacion.telefonica.com/clay-shirky/ 9
  10. What we share may vary.. 10
  11. ..But our connectivity is here to stay “The dynamic of our society, and our new economy, will increasingly obey the logic of networks..We are connecting everything to everything.” Kevin Kelly, New Rules for the New Economy Image source: http://www.ibiblio.org/hhalpin/homepage/presentations/de2007/ 11
  12. The impact on marketing: a fight for attention In Society A move to hyper-sociability Proprietary, paid-for A cross-platform In Entertainment Vs In Marketing explosion Opensource, free 12
  13. “Technology.. is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.” C.P. Snow, New York Times, March 15, 1971 13
  14. A crisis in marketing, Part 1 “In 1965 80% of 18-49 year olds in the US could be reached with 3 x 60 second spots. In 2002, it required 117 prime- time commercials to do the same” Jim Stengel, former Global Marketing Officer, P&G 14
  15. A crisis in marketing, Part 1I “In 1965 80% of 18-49 year olds in the US could be reached with 3 x 60 second “In 1997, the average click through spots. In 2002, it required 117 prime- rate on online ads was 2.1%. In 2001 it time commercials to do the same” was 0.5%. In 2008 it was 0.1%” Jim Stengel, former Global Marketing IABStats, @IAB Officer, P&G 15
  16. “Old, linear forms of storytelling are like going on a date and not letting the other person talk.” Nicke Bergstrom (Mother), #CRCAT 16
  17. How brands are “telling stories” ✔ Integrated ✔ Interactive X Transmedia (excl. Entertainment brands) 17
  18. 18
  19. Converse: Domaination (Anomaly NYC) http://vimeo.com/8254341 19
  20. Volkswagen: Fun Theory (DDB Stockholm) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lXh2n0aPyw 20
  21. AMREF Status of Africa 21
  22. Burberry: Art of the Trench / Burberry Live 22
  23. How do you beat live and social? + + ... live + social + 3D 23
  24. Burberry: 3d show 24
  25. Barclays: 56 Sage Street How do you teach 13-19 year olds money skills? Make it a game. In which you get mugged. Then given £4 and a ‘phone.. 25
  26. Barclays: 56 Sage Street 26
  27. Be useful or entertaining. (Or be ignored). 27
  28. Utility wins (for now). Image source: Denver Egotist 28
  29. What we’ve learned along the way Always on, not bursts of activity Fuelling conversation, not launch and leave Iterative and two-way, not linear and one way Online and offline are blurred, not virtual vs real 29
  30. More fundamentally It’s not about tools, it’s about behaviours It’s not about technology, it’s about networks It’s not about social media, it’s about being social It’s not about now, it’s about the trajectory It’s not about having all the answers, leave some room 30
  31. In summary: Challenges Facing Brands A growing list of challenges & Find and create new ways to engage audiences opportunities facing brands, some new, some Create and sustain conversations with audiences old... all now centre stage. Get better at telling stories coherently across platforms Increase ROI and reduce cost (creativity, production, media) 31
  32. The impact on entertainment: a fight to monetise In Society A move to hyper-sociability Proprietary, paid-for A cross-platform In Entertainment Vs In Marketing explosion Opensource, free 32
  33. vs 33
  34. The open-sourcing of entertainment Messier, crowd-up models Democratized, decentralised and fragmented People spending more time with content made by people like themselves. And that content is getting better.. 34
  35. And entertainment brands are still showing marketers how immersive world-building is done. 35
  36. 36
  37. Iron Man 2 (Dan Light / PPC / Total Immersion) http://vimeo.com/11158156 Playstation Home / Audi iamironman2.com/home http://vimeo.com/11205386 37
  38. Iron Man 2 - Fujikawa Expo film http://vimeo.com/11158156 38
  39. Where does this leave us? 39
  40. “The need and function of storytelling is totally universal, because that need to hear stories and to tell each other stories is as fundamental a human structuring essential need as eating, breathing, drinking and making love.” Michel Reilhac, Cinema, Crossmedia and Public Television: Firm Steps into Uncertainty. http://michel-reilhac.blogs.arte.tv/2010/07/04/into-the-future-2/ 40
  41. How can we leverage this fundamental truth, in ways that reflect the new reality? Free | Participative | Awesome 41
  42. One route: The 3-party market Source: Chris Anderson / Free / 3 Party Market 42
  43. Let’s adapt it.. Source (adapted): Chris Anderson / Free / 3 Party Market 43
  44. Case study: a 2008/9 partnership between Josh Klein (hacker/writer), Giraldi Media & BBH Labs The idea! THE WORLD’S FIRST CROWD SOURCED, BRAND-FUNDED,! TRANSMEDIA CONTENT CREATION ENGINE technologies! crowd-powered! expert filtering! a radical new content ! creativity! + that facilitate! x & curation! = creation engine! collaboration! 44
  45. The plan Idea - the pilot phase! How the pilot will work - the five stages! ! " # $ % SHORTLIST! CALL FOR! SUBMISSION OF! CROWD! JUDGED BY! PRODUCTION! ENTRIES! TREATMENTS! RATING! The focus for the pilot: stay on neutral EXPERTS! territory, prove the concept ! Josh Klein, author & hacker! The competition is ! Submissions are ! Anyone (participants! In the final! Category winners! launched & entries! posted on the site.! & visitors to the site)! stage of the ! are awarded prizes.! across five categories! both rate the! competition the ! are requested.! Anyone, globally, can! submissions and offer! category judges decide! Winners are open to! “Roo’d”, a future sci-fi novel ! The prizes & judges! submit up to a 10-page! Creative Commons-! commentary,! suggestions, & ! on the top three! in each category.! direct contract by! anyone who wants to! are announced.! licensed script derived! further ideas.! produce a full treatment! from Roo’d.! They are also allowed! based on their entry! Commentary, ! to select one ! Written &! The crowdcreates! site becomes the! Format for submission! suggestions & feedback! ‘wildcard’ not ranked! First refusal goes! hub around which! is bespoke by category.! are also provided by! in the top 10 by the ! to the category judges.! Creative Commons-published ! the competition! judges, & Guest editors.! crowd, if they choose.! is staged & engagement! No legal haggling or ! by Josh Klein ! & interaction occurs.! An algorithm helps! delays; just the ! rank submissions! marriage of talent, ! within categories.! investment & ideas! How the pilot will work - the crowd rating system! How the pilot will work - globally renowned judges! Producer / Director, “American Psycho”, “Bad Lieutenant”, Das Boot”,! FILM! Ed Pressman! “The Crow”, “Badlands”, “Conan the Barbarian’, “Wall Street”! One of the hottest writers in the comic book industry, best known! COMIC! Robert Kirkman! for his work on the Image Comics’ series “Invincible” & ! “The Walking Dead”; now a partner at Image Comics! •! A weight-balanced baysian filtering system ! TV! Jesse Alexander! Emmy-winning Executive Producer on “Heroes” & “Lost”! •! A cutting-edge semantic metanalysis of the contestants' communication corpus! •! Result: a balanced & truly representative vote of both the most popular AND the Award-winning Producer at EA, with credits that include “The Sims ! GAMING! Jade Raymond! highest quality entries! Online” and “Assassin’s Creek”! OTHER! (for example: mobile, live! DJ Spooky! Electronic & experimental Producer, DJ, remixer & artist! events, music, or transmedia)! 45
  46. What did we learn? 1. Have a highly customisable format OR proof of concept 2. Consider the life cycle (inception to disposal) 3. Who will curate? Single, creative vision 4. Amplify the experience beyond a niche community 5. Brands have their own DNA. Identify, then approach 6. Demonstrate short term ROI 7. “Reality is bureaucratic” Joanne Jacobs 8. Don’t underestimate the sheer force of will required to move lots of early interest to closing a deal (8.5. And yes, the economy didn’t help). 46
  47. Notwithstanding this.. the potential value is there: Challenges Facing Brands What “3-Party” Offers Engage audiences with messages Find and create new ways to they not only seek out, but they engage audiences help to create and spread Storytelling that only improves and Create and sustain conversations becomes more interactive as with audiences involvement increases Deliberate trialling of an approach Get better at telling stories to cross-platform creativity that coherently across platforms starts in a different place Tap creative power of crowd, Increase ROI and reduce cost shifting media £ into content (creativity, production, media) creation. “Earned” media vs paid 47
  48. Finally: 5 thoughts on riding the storm (with a brand by your side) 48
  49. 1. Brands need to engage audiences. Plan from the start for participation. (Think:crowd funding/ sourcing/creating/judging) 49
  50. 2. Brands want to be themselves. Deconstruct their commercial and brand strategy before you decide there’s a good fit. 50
  51. 3. Luck has an awful lot to do with it. Try lots of things, fail fast. 51
  52. 4. Stay grounded: New Tools & Opportunities vs Behaviour & Culture vs Human motivation 52
  53. 53
  54. 5. Stay curious:keep refreshing your sources... (what can we mash up?) 54
  55. “In the interactive space good ideas come from immersion in the space. And that is f****** hard. Because there is something new every day.” Renny Gleeson,Wieden & Kennedy 55
  56. Thank you Pixel Lab Workshop 4-10.07.10 Mel Exon Founding Partner, BBH Labs @melex / @bbhlabs http://bbh-labs.com 56