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Studio Output Youth Trend Report


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Studio Output Youth Trend Report

  1. 1. Bright ideas forinspiring brands.
  2. 2. InsightReport.Youth.September 2012As we jump into another Freshers week wethought its only appropriate to tap into ouryouthful side. We’ve been working with youthbrands for the past decade and its always beenimportant to keep close to what makes this keyaudience tick in a fast-paced world.This report takes a look at how the connectedgeneration and youth audiences communicatewith brands on their own terms.This youthful insight is bought to you byAndy Vincent, Laura Newman-Cardwell andRebecca Johnson. LOL. OMG. Etc.Insight Report.Youth.
  3. 3. Taking community Involvement. Online/offline.Creating an offline experience online.The experience of university starts from themoment that acceptance letter is opened. Withthe rise of social media, students are able to formnetworks and begin conversations about theirupcoming experiences earlier than ever before.Freshers week is a time that creates some ofthe most lasting memories of a student’s life.To ensure they get a piece of this pie, thedeals website Student Beans has created anonline Freshers Fayre, where students can getinformation and deals in a similar way to thetraditional fayre held in the graduation hall.Students face over-exposure to brands everyday – so they now need to go deeper, be smarter,and integrate themselves into the student lifestyle.In the US, brands such as RedBull and KFC aretaking the online experience back offline andbecoming a must-see around campus withfree promos and simple attention grabbingtactics (logo on the bum, anyone?)The offline goes online, and then back offlineto ultimately be talked about online again, andbrands need to keep up!RedBull Doodle Art (New Zealand) Double Down Beans launches Freshers Fieldshttp://www.studentbeans.comhttp://www.freshersfields.comInsight Report.Youth.
  4. 4. Experience& content.Demonstrating lifestyle experiencesthrough content.Youth brands often try to associate themselveswith a certain lifestyle or experience thattheir audience are passionate about. Fromdance music to sports, brands fight toothand nail to build these positive associationsand create a real point of difference. Inclusion.Harnessing the marketing reach of Twitter, JackWills have introduced ‘Seasonnaires’ who act Hub. brand ambassadors but more importantly asfriends of the audience. Tweets between themroll over constantly, offering their young audiencethe opportunity to be included, and crucially, belike them – wear the clothes, attend the eventsand meet other like-minded young people. Willshave cleverly built a world around their brandand enticed their audience in to being part of it.Like Wills, Blackberry – in collaboration withT4 – funded the production of ‘Summer Daze’, a‘structured reality’ show following the lives of agroup of cool, young people as they attend andwork at various festivals. Blackberry deliveredmulti-platform coverage of the show, and createdan online hub streaming exclusive content,links to Twitter feeds and news updates.Jack Wills Seasonnaires Summer Daze Report.Youth.
  5. 5. Mobile sharing. Always sharing. Always moving. Look at me.How a generation of smart-phone users aredriving content views.Mobile plays a huge role in the lives of youngpeople – calls, texts, BBM, social and photo-networks, everything is aimed at sharing whileon the move. Many brands have begun to tapinto mobile-sharing amongst younger users,harnessing their power to become walking,tweeting, pinning brand ambassadors.We were proud to work on Radio 1s hugelysuccessful Hackney Weekend, which featuredan up-weighted mobile campaign with ahuge stacked ‘Hackney Weekend’ sign at theentrance to the event. All day enthusiasticattendees were busy having their picturestaken in front of it which subsequentlyflooded social media sites. Brilliantly simple,this led to Hackney Weekend globallytrending on Twitter for the entire weekend.Studio Output work for Hackney Weekend Radio 1 Hackney Weekend Radio 1 and 1Xtra Academy Report.Youth.
  6. 6. Taking digitalto events.Creating digitally-led experience in the real world.The world of digital and experiential/events often don’tcross paths with each other – something that we thinklimits innovation in a field where collaboration can, formost users, result in an incredibly rewarding experience.Online shop demonstrated how to do thissuccessfully V Festival this year with their festivaltent. The tent allowed customers to buy new clothesat a virtual shop and have them delivered withinan hour to the site. Customers were encouragedto visit the tent via Twitter to receive free giftsand post about their purchases while blogs andFacebook updates ran throughout the festival.In a similar way to Radio 1 at Hackney Weekend, have put something physical in a placewhere their audience are, presenting them with theopportunity to engage and share, rather than justassuming that because they do share content, they will.Continuing to integrate the digital and real, but for ayounger audience, Disney turned the experience of a trip in Times Square in to a magical moment.The augmented reality billboard engaged passersthrough interaction with their well-known characters,actually going beyond their target demographic andcapturing the imagination of those young and old. Interaction. Engaging.Disney Augmented Reality billboard at V Report.Youth.
  7. 7. Collaboration. Exclusive. Connections. Tech-savvy.Gaining mainstream exposurethrough clever collaborations.PR exposure is vital for fledgling andunderground brands – smart relationshipscan help to generate this.In the US, adhesive bandage company Band-Aidhave sustained their popularity through theirwell known cartoon and superhero-themedplasters. Realising that even their youngeraudiences are now ultra-tech-savvy and needsomething more than just a jazzy pattern,Band-Aid have bought these partnershipsin to the digital world and collaborated withthe Muppets to bring Magic Vision. ThroughAR technology your Band-Aid bandagebecomes a stage to entertain away the hurt.In a different type of collaboration VO5 haverecently launched a series of adverts under thecampaign Express Yourself which provideshair styling demos/mini music videos andasks the audience to upload their own videosshowcasing their singing and songwritingtalent. Teaming up with Shazam, viewersare encouraged to Shazam the advert torelease extra styling footage and more tips.VO5 Express Yourself Magic Vision Report.Youth.
  8. 8. If youd like to see more,just get in touch…Sam AllenHead of Business Development+ 44 (0)20 7239 9283sam.a@studio-output.comStudio Output / London Studio Output /  orth NUnit 4, The Piano Works 2 Broadway117 Farringdon Road Lace MarketLondon EC1R 3BX Nottingham NG1 1PS+ 44 (0)20 7239 9270 + 44 (0)115 985