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IOS Training in Vaododara - Best IPhone App Development Institute in Vadodara


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Looking for good IOS training classes in Vadodara? You are at the right place. Get enrolled for the best iphone application development training in Vadodara today. Visit,

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IOS Training in Vaododara - Best IPhone App Development Institute in Vadodara

  1. 1. IOS/IPhone Training in Vadodara
  2. 2. Opportunities After Doing IOS Training is wide. Demands of IOS Developers are rise day by day. New start ups are also focusing on mobile applications. Your Text
  3. 3. Take a Look of Our iOS App Development Course Details Introduction • IPhone and iPad Device Anatomy • IOS Architecture and SDK Frameworks • IOS and SDK Version Compatibility • Apple iOS Developer Program Continue...
  4. 4. LLVM and LLDB Debug Gauges Asset Management XCTest Testing Framework Continuous Integration and Bots Automatic Configuration Tour of the IDE Templates, Projects, and Workspaces Creating a New Project Xcode 5 Continue...
  5. 5. Objective-C for Experienced Programmers Declared Property Classes, Objects, and Methods Memory Management and Blocks Text Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) Formal and Informal Protocols Categories and Extensions Continue...
  6. 6. Application Patterns and Architecture • Model View Controller (MVC) • IBOutlets and IBActions • Subclassing and Delegation Navigation Based Applications • Adding the Root View Controller • Creating the Navigation Controller • Controlling the Stack Navigation Programmatically Continue...
  7. 7. Views and Windows • The View Hierarchy • Containers • Controls • Text and Web Views • Navigation View and Tab Bars • Alert Views and Action Sheets • Controlling Rotation Behaviour • View Auto sizing • Auto layout Table Views and Storyboards Working with Data • Static and Dynamic Table Views • Delegates and Data Sources • Table View Styles • Custom Cells • Adding Scenes • Segues • Transitions • Using in a Tab Bar Application • SQLite Integration • Using SQLite Directly • Overview of Core Data • Managed Objects • Persistent Store Coordinator • Entity Descriptions • Retrieving and Modifying Data LIVE PROJECT WORK with Payment Gateway Join IPhone Training in Vadodara
  8. 8. Contact Us for IOS App Development Course in Vadodara VTechLabs C/o, Webmyne Systems Private Limited 702, Ivory Terrace Opp. Circuit House, R. C. Dutt Road Vadodara-07 - Gujarat – India E-mail: Phone:+91(265)233-6907/8141819998