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11 steps for social behaviour change

11 steps for social behaviour change

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11 steps for social behaviour change

  1. 1. Initiating Behavior Change Vijaya Sawant PMP
  2. 2. Awareness changes thinking Willpower is good for short term goal not for long term goal. Which face do you like? Happy or Sad
  3. 3. Take baby steps for success It takes time to build massive structure
  4. 4. Change thinking of environment Change context & life will change Pay attention to 90-95% of population
  5. 5. Focus on change and take action Move forward to achieve beautiful life
  6. 6. Set priority
  7. 7. Build habit of daily routine No behaviors change happens without a trigger Courtesy by
  8. 8. Knowledge without action is worthless
  9. 9. Remember action not just goal
  10. 10. Start working for fixed period Remember tree grows from a seed or branch
  11. 11. Behavior change is easy when right processes are in place
  12. 12. Communication Strategy (Tools and Processes) Key Business Issues Strategy Execution Innovatio n Engagemen t Competitiveness Communication s Creativit y Collaboratio n Connections Key People Enablers Competencies Organizational Professional Personal Create Organizational Value Communicate Expertise Take a Strategic Approach Leverage the networks Develop trusting relationships Commit to networking identity Increase social acumen Engage others
  13. 13. Oratechsolve Inc

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  • SmilyTani

    Oct. 11, 2019

11 steps for social behaviour change


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