Virtual University of Uganda - ICT presentation


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Virtual University of Uganda - ICT presentation

  1. 1. Virtual University of UgandaICT and eLearning Infrastructure Prof. Dr. Victor van Reijswoud Strategic Advisor ICT and eLearning
  2. 2. The Big Picture
  3. 3. The basic principlesSimpleStableBest-of-breedMinimization recurrent costsLet the experts do their workMaximum reduction of vulnerabilities
  4. 4. Not The Same Old StoryThink Global and Think Virtual The Cloud is the new paradigm Get the best, where ever it is available Internet is getting better and cheaperIT Capacity in Uganda The best is hard to get Still in the traditional paradigm
  5. 5. site to become main portal for the VUU Hosted in UG - Mountbatten Build on Drupal 7 (Open Source) #1 Open Source Content Management System Extendible and allows integration with other platforms Designed for Education
  6. 6. Apps for Education Full suite Email, storage, information sharing, collaboration, blogs, intranet, hosted applications etc Full Academic License Unlimited users (staff and students) All advantages of Google support 99.99% uptime and secure Easy to maintain (all hard work done by Google) Used by Leading Universities
  7. 7. ++Several additions to the basic platform Postini Threat Identification: Increased security for staff and students Aviary Design Suite: Powerful online creation tools Engrade Gradebook #1 online gradebook Manymoon Social productivity project and task management
  8. 8. learning platform Moodle: #1 Open Source Learning Management System Content management, student management, grade management, etc Library Hosted in by Stoas Learning NL Leading supplier eLearning & Moodle partner Full support of experts Daily backup
  9. 9. ourvirtualuni.pbworks.comOur intranet and knowledge network Wiki technology Can be viewed and edited by all staff members Hosted by PBWorks - US Leading supplier in hosted wiki services
  10. 10. The Administration buildingFast and reliable Fiber internet connection As fast and reliable as it gets in UG (Roke) Wireless in the buildingAll offices equipped with PCs and InternetResource centerFinance and student adminFree and Open Source software platforms
  11. 11. The Big Picture Again Google Apps Webportal LMS IntranetSimple OK OK OKStable OK OK OKBest of Breed OK OK OK OKLow recurrent OK OK OK OKcostInsource OK OK OK OKexpertiseReduce OK OKvulnerabilities (with postini)
  12. 12. Not the Same Old Story - RevThe VUU infrastructure and eLearningenvironment is: New and innovative Works with the best engineers Distributed and safe Low recurrent costs Average IT skills needed locally Backed up by market leaders and leading technology
  13. 13. Questions ? ?