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Unleashing the potentials of e learning


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Victor’s presentation will mainly cover the system level integration issues of eLearning and explain how some system level services can help the schools to adopt eLearning in the future, and help technology providers to lower the entrance barriers into the eLearning market.

Published in: Education
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Unleashing the potentials of e learning

  1. 1. Unleashing the potentials ofeLearning : from theory to adoption 發揮電子學習潛能:從理論到實踐 Learning and Teaching Expo 2012 22 November 2012
  2. 2. Unleashing the Potentials of “e” System perspective  Large scale adoption  International practices Time span of > 10 years (K12 to P20) Practitioners Leaders Adoption Followers Researchers Theories
  3. 3. eLearning Technologies to Watch OutTransformation Tablets Big Data “Open Sources Learning Adaptive Learning Repository” Int’l Education Data Massive Open Online Standards CourseEvolution E-Textbook Virtual Environment Bring Your Own Devices Gamification Wireless as a Service <5 years 5 – 10 years
  4. 4. Learning Device? Time spent on computer
  5. 5. E-Textbook, or e-Course? E-Textbook  Dynamic, up to date contents  Contents can be disassembled and re-sequenced  Extended / integrated with other sources  Multimedia presentation and exercise  Tools to facilitate individual annotations Others : delivery, class activities, assessment Learning Management System
  6. 6. MOOC“The Year of MOOC” – New York Times, 2 Nov 2012” Source : The New York Times 2 Nov 2012From Top Left to Right:Electronics (M.I.T. professor [edX]), Statistics (Stanford [Udacity]From Bottom Left to Right:Machine learning (Stanford [Coursera], Organic chemistry, University ofIllinois, Urbana (Coursera).
  7. 7. Learning Resource Repository
  8. 8. Open Source Learning Repository - Creative Common
  9. 9. Multiple sourcesfor eLearning Materials
  10. 10. Connecting the Learning Resource - EdConnect
  11. 11. Gamification
  12. 12. Behavior / Rewards Platform
  13. 13. “BIG DATA” “BIG DATA” is not new for astronomy, nuclear science, genome research Genome research – to look for DNA footprints that correlate with human diseases Education BIG DATA research – to look for footprints that correlate most effective pedagogy with individuals eLearning makes data available for research How big is BIG? Territory wide data ? International education data interoperability
  14. 14. Adaptive Learning
  15. 15. Adaptive Learning
  16. 16. Local Perspective Tablets Big Data “Open Sources Learning Adaptive LearningTransformation Repository” Int’l Education Data Massive Open Online Course Standards • EdCity Learning • Local eLearning data Repository exchange • EdCity EdConnect / EdMall • Assessment for Learning • HK Creative Commons Initiatives E-Textbook Virtual Environment Bring Your Own Devices GamificationEvolution • Pilot / Funding Scheme Wireless as a Service • School IT support • EdCity Small Campus • Learning Management • Behavior Platform System • New wireless provision model for students <5 years 5 – 10 years
  17. 17. Thank you!