Marketing opportunities


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Marketing opportunities

  1. 1. Marketing Opportunities Victoria Rock AIU Online BUSN300-1202A-15
  2. 2. AbstractIn preparing for some job interviews, research was performed on different marketingopportunities for each company picked.
  3. 3. IntroductionAs a Marketing Manager I will be interviewing for a new job with Coca-Cola, Proctor andGamble, and Apple. I have come up with some marketing opportunities I feel would benefiteach of these companies and will present my ideas during the interview process.
  4. 4. Marketing OpportunitiesCoca-Cola Company:The Coca-Cola Company is one of the largest beverage selling companies in the world. Theysell 3,500 different types of beverages from; soda, water, juices, energy drinks, mixes, and manyothers. (Products, 2012) Marketing Opportunity 1: I would strongly recommend expanding their market on many of their unknown brands. With more than 400 unnoticed bands (Coca-Cola, 2012), they could extend the sale of these brands in areas like Africa and Asia. This marketing opportunity could be referred to as a home run since this opportunity if implemented would likely produce large returns for the company because of the company already being well established and known. The risk of pursuing this opportunity is that by introducing unknown products to new markets you may find other companies already offering them thus causing still competition. (Products, 2012) Marketing Opportunity 2: By partnering with sport managing companies it offers a chance to increase sales by providing athletic men and women with their energy drinks which could in turn attract both the participants and spectators. This kind of marketing opportunity can be referred to as low-hanging fruit because it could likely happen and doesn’t require much effort to increase profits. This marketing opportunity does pose some risks if the partnering company has hesitation or is not committed to pursuing it. (Products, 2012) Marketing Opportunity 3: By producing drinks in smaller volumes it could increase the consumption levels in many markets. Many developing countries offer the opportunity to companies to produce drinks in smaller volume so consumers can afford them and it could
  5. 5. increase consumption levels. This can be referred to as low-hanging fruit due to its easy achievability and doesn’t require much effort for marketing. The risk is that the product may only sell in developing countries. (Products, 2012)I would strongly recommend the company implement expanding their market for the unknownproducts. Not only would it yield a lot of income if implemented properly in order to makeconsumers aware of their other products, but it would also result in financial improvements sinceit could be used worldwide.Proctor and Gamble:Proctor and Gamble is well known for its diversity of products from Beauty and Grooming toHousehold care. They provide products to many countries around the world. (All Brands, 2012)  Marketing Opportunity 1: I would suggest producing products that can be used by the whole family. This can be referred to as low-hanging fruit since many families would go for that option if implemented. The risk of pursuing this is that it may lock our many people who are not in a family.  Marketing Opportunity 2: By packaging their brands in a way that is unique and different from their competitors will allow consumers to identify their products better from their competitors. This could be considered single marketing because it tends to single out the company’s products among the competitions. The risk of doing this is that it might not be easy to find ways to differentiate the brands.  Marketing Opportunity 3: They could produce products more affordable to the consumer. By doing this they could attract markets from developing countries thus increasing
  6. 6. profits. This is a low-hanging fruit since this could easily be achieved by the company. I don’t see any risk factors associated with producing more affordable products.I would recommend the company look into producing more affordable products that would servemore people due to the economy as it is now. This will also create positive public relations andincrease profits because of the more affordable price people will by their product instead of thecompetition.Apple:Apple is the leading company in producing computers and many electronic devices such as theiPhone and iPad. They have markets throughout the world. (Apple , 2012)  Marketing Opportunity 1: By developing operating systems compatible for computers and phones they will be able to place themselves in a position where no company in the computing world will be able to compete. This could be considered a singles it might take some time to achieve. The risk of pursuing this is that it may take time for consumers to adapt to the new service.  Marketing Opportunity 2: Since Apple has a relatively small market share in Africa they need to establish themselves more. This would be considered singles since it required some time to implement. The risk is that it may not increase sales quickly due to the many developing countries in Africa.  Marketing Opportunity 3: By reducing the price of their products they would be able to attract consumers who want their products but can’t afford them. This could be considered low-hanging fruit since this would be easy to achieve. I see no risk involved
  7. 7. in lowering the price of their products and could in fact increase profits in the long run because more consumers would be able to afford them.I would recommend Apple to lower the prices of their products. Not only would it createpositive public relations but it would increase sales and improve profits.
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