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Content repurposing 101


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Getting more from your existing content isn't as hard as you might think! This slideshare shares how blog posts can be repurposed

Published in: Marketing
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Content repurposing 101

  1. 1. Content Repurposing 101
  2. 2. Content repurposing is one of the smartest moves any business owner can make.
  3. 3. Content repurposing can expand the reach of your online marketing efforts,
  4. 4. gaining you brand new audience segments and increased profits.
  5. 5. This blog post comes in two parts, some tips for trying content repurposing today, and some more tips tomorrow!
  6. 6. Content repurposing and the rule of expansion.
  7. 7. Every time you create a piece of content there will space and time constraints.
  8. 8. Why? Because you can take the parts of the articles where you condensed information and
  9. 9. expand those points more fully in order to create new content.
  10. 10. The expansion process is much easier than creating new content from scratch.
  11. 11. The bones of what you need to say are already there in the compressed part of the older content.
  12. 12. All you have to do is add some flesh to those bones.
  13. 13. Use your older content to create a slide deck.
  14. 14. A slide deck is nothing more than those series of visuals you see on a screen behind a person giving a talk.
  15. 15. They contain the points that the speaker is making.
  16. 16. They are a helpful way to keep both the speaker and audience on track during the presentation.
  17. 17. They are also an excellent way to present your content to your online audience.
  18. 18. All you need to do to create a slide deck is to remember your outlining skills.
  19. 19. The words on the slides in a slide deck are nothing more than an outline of the main points of your content.
  20. 20. Use a program like PowerPoint to create the slides themselves.
  21. 21. When the slide deck is finished, you can upload it to a site like SlideShare.
  22. 22. Once there new audience members can access your deck and, if they like what they see, contact you for further information.