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Mgmt230 u1 ip_2011

  1. 1. Unit 1 Individual Project 1 Victoria RockAmerican Intercontinental University Unit 1 Individual Project MGMT 230- Electronic Business August 31, 2012
  2. 2. Unit 1 Individual Project 2 AbstractB2B and B2C technologies and applications play a major role in the way companies do businesstoday. There are many of these resources out there that will help any company compete in thisnew age of communication.
  3. 3. Unit 1 Individual Project 3 Unit 1 Individual ProjectIntroduction With the rice in communication and the internet, businesses have had to improve on their dayto day operations in order to survive in this new market era. Thanks to the technologies andapplications now available, businesses can now use automation for key business processes suchas customer service, buying and selling of goods and services, as well as warehousing. B2B andB2C technologies and applications have helped many businesses compete in the new cyberworld.Description of B2B Technology/Application #1 B2B technology are considered the tools in which businesses use to communicate toother businesses in regards to everything from buying and selling to conference meetings withothers in different parts of the world. The wireless web is a major technology used by allbusinesses. Not only can companies use their computers for communicating on the go, butthanks to the wireless web they can also use such products as cell phones, iphones, or any otherdevice that can connect through the wireless web (Enders, 2008).Description of B2B Technology/Application #2 There are so many different kinds of business applications available to choice just one isvery difficult. CRM’s is one application used by business to track sales activities or do salesanalysis. They can also be used on cell phones to do purchases from different companies or youcan use them to set up automation abilities that keep track of everything in regards to sales,meeting schedules or anything else to keep your business running smoothly (Zoho work/online,2012).
  4. 4. Unit 1 Individual Project 4Examples of B2B Technology/Applications in Business One B2B application business I found is called Linkedin. It is the largest professionalnetwork on the internet with more than 175 million members expanding over 200 countries andterritories. Linkedin is a rolodex, resume, and business forum rolled into one. It is a great tool touse to find just about anyone you may need to contact in your day to day business operations(Linked in Press Center, 2012). Zoho Corporation is another online business that offers manydifferent kinds of business applications such as; Collaboration Applications, BusinessApplications, and Productivity Applications to help the business person be more productive intheir day to day life. has more than 25 online applications from project managementto web conferencing and is used by such companies as; Time, The Economist, and Fox Businessto name a few (Zoho work/online, 2012).Description of B2C Technology/Application #1 One B2C technology which has facilitated the development of B2C applications isMicrosoft.NET framework. Microsoft.NET technology is a programming language whichensures the development of B2C applications such as; shopping carts, menus, and catalogs toname a few (B2C (Business-to-Consumer), 2012).Description of B2C Technology/Application #2 If you have ever shopped online then you already know one of the most importantapplications for a B2C business and that is a website. Websites features products or a service acompany has for sale, and which can be purchased by the consumers that visit your site. It
  5. 5. Unit 1 Individual Project 5allows businesses to increase their customer base and thus increase their revenue (E-Businessand E-Commerce, 2003).Examples of B2C Technology/Applications in Business Two B2C companies I found that utilize the applications and technologies I describedabove are Dell, which deals with the sale of laptops and desktop computers and serves clients allaround the world (About Dell, 2012). Intel Corporation is the second company and theymanufacture and sale processors to numerous companies who serve as their customers or clients(Soqui, 2012). The advantages utilized by B2C applications are the chance to improve theeffectiveness in the business process management. They also have the ability to enjoy theadvantage of increased customers, sales and revenue.Business Application: B2B For my business, Crafts Unlimited, I would have to say that one of the best B2Bapplications I would use would be Linked in. This application will allow me to have quickaccess to sales professionals that I would need in regards to my purchasing needs for mybusiness and keeping my inventory stocked for my customers (Linked in Press Center, 2012)Business Application: B2C The best B2C application for my business, Crafts Unlimited, would be a websitedesigned in such a way my customers would be able to find and purchase whatever they neededin a timely manner without having to leave the comfort of their home.Business Application: Other Technologies There are many different kinds of technologies and applications available that I could useto help increase my customer base and revenue. Cell phone and iPhone apps are a great tool tohave because they allow for quick access to your products while your customers are on the go. It
  6. 6. Unit 1 Individual Project 6would also allow for a quick comparison on product and price if the customer is at another retailstore.Conclusion There are so many technologies and applications available out there to help one create andmaintain a successful E-Commerce business. The trick is finding the right one’s for you to useto help make your business a success.
  7. 7. Unit 1 Individual Project 7 ReferencesAbout Dell. (2012). Retrieved from Dell: dell.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=corpB2C (Business-to-Consumer). (2012). Retrieved from outsourcing .net development: and E-Commerce. (2003). Retrieved from, J. &. (2008). Choosing the appropriate strategy for interaction with suppliers. In J. &. Enders, Strategies for E-Business: Concepts & Cases (pp. 194-206). Prentice Hall.Linked in Press Center. (2012). Retrieved from, F. (2012). Retail Innovation. Retrieved from Intel: transforming-retail-video.htmlZoho work/online. (2012). Retrieved from