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Question 4


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media work

Published in: Education
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Question 4

  1. 1. Question 4
  2. 2.  GENERAL  NAME: Kylie Peers  AGE: 17  GENDER: Female  OCCUPATION: Student  FAVOURITES  SHOW: Gossip Girl / Pretty Little Liars  MOVIE: Pitch Perfect  BOOKS: The Hunger Games Trilogy  ARTIST: Ellie Goulding, Florrie  GENRE: Pop  SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr
  3. 3.  Kylie enjoys to talk to her friends and is very social. She likes to keep up with the latest trends and artists on her favourite social media networks such as Twitter and Tumblr. She enjoys taking selfies and uploading them onto Instagram. As much as she enjoys having a chat with her friends she also enjoys meeting new people. Kylie aspires to be an actor or work within the media business. She loves to read books just as much as she does with magazines and her favourite part in a magazine would be the exclusive interview with up coming artists as she likes to keep up to date with the latest music and celebrities. Kylie looks up to artists such as Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding as role models, as well as being a very social person Kylie is also down to earth and gets her work in on time in college and makes sure she has time to get her studies in and balance her life very well.
  4. 4.  People like Kylie or Kylie herself would buy my magazine as it offers things that people her age are into, it keeps them up too date with celebrities and the latest gossip in the industry. As my target audience is aimed at students, who rather live at home and only income is their parents or they have a part time job their social status would be working class so my magazine is priced at £3 it is a good and reasonable price for working class students to spend on a magazine maybe £2 would be better so I may change the price to that so it appeals to more people who may have £2 change and want a good magazine to read on the journey to college.