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  • According to Dan Zarella in his book, “The Social Media Marketing Book”Sound like something that could be beneficial… It is!
  • There are many different types of social media sites.
  • Why is social media marketing important?It is the electric version of “word of mouth” and this can be important to a brand because 78% of consumers trust their family and friend’s opinions when buying a new product
  • A customer’s brand experience online is proven to be powerful because it helps to form brand equity and product differentiation in the long tem.Using social media can create different industry forward opportunities for organizations that who use electronic word of mouth, also known as eWOM, in an online environment Social media can increase an organization's online marketing strategy… I will give an example later comparing two companies one who uses social media and another who doesn’t.
  • St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital did not even have an official Page on Facebook, they only had a charity page to raise money.John’s Hopkins and Mayo Clinic other top hospitals in the country did not have pages either.
  • The campaign needed to be social media marketing based and highly interactive and joyful while still handling the gravity of the cause and ultimately inspire people to take action.
  • Speech- Social Media

    1. 1. Michelle Via
    2. 2. • Customers Brand experience online= brand power• eWOM= consumers trust their friends and family opinions on products• Increase overall organization of online marketing strategy• Recruiting• Providing Customer Support• Providing Customer Support
    3. 3. #1 “Generated exposure for my business”• “Increased my traffic/subscribers/opt-in list”• “Resulted in new business partnerships”• “Helped us rise in search rankings”• “Reduced my overall marketing expenses”
    4. 4. 34% of people who log onto the Internet for health searches usesocial media resources to become informed on health-related topics Follows HIPPA Regulation Appeal to 18-to-34 year old demographic
    5. 5. 560,000+ Fans
    6. 6. ASU vs. CHB 21,507 Fans 50,124 Fans 22,353 Fans
    7. 7. Trademarked: “Original Social Media Agency”Accolades: Among World’s Top 5 Social Media Marketing Firms in 2011Clients: Microsoft Office, Intel, Bing, Ad Council, MSN, Comcast, Unicef (lits goes on and on)
    8. 8. The Body Shop USAChallenge: Launch LemonAidCause Campaign in conjunctionwith their newSweet Lemon Product LineChallenge #2: Incorporate their important values campaign: Stop Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People
    9. 9. Social Media InvolvementFollow @thebodyshopusaHashtag #LemonAidBecome a Fan on FacebookEnter a sweepstakesInstall a widget The donation: $1
    10. 10. Results…• The Body Shop’s Initial Donation Goal was reached and beat in under a week of launching the campaign• In less than a month LemonAid reached the traffic goal and exceeded it by another 100%• Sweepstakes: Gathered 14,701 emails• Facebook: 33% more fans• Twitter: 11% increase of followers• Blog Marketing: Reached 1.4 million people