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With more communications channels out there, your supporters are getting bombarded with more messages from charities, companies, friends, and family members. So how can you make sure your organization stands out? In this workshop, Farra Trompeter from Big Duck, Dane Grams from Care2, and Danielle Brigida from National Wildlife Federation, share ways you can build stronger campaigns through multichannel communications, leveraging online communities, embracing social media, and sharing some successful case studies.

Participants will takeaway:
*Ideas and lessons learned from nonprofit campaign case studies
*Tactics to build your list and use social media
*Ways to integrate best practices into your communications
*Tips to make your campaigns stronger

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Multichannel Fundraising

  1. 1. Multichannel Fundraising Big Duck | Care2 |National Wildlife Federation June 14, 2012! #MCcampaigns
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  4. 4. What we’ll cover•  Why multichannel campaigns?•  Multichannel case study: Fountain House•  Building your brand and generating leads online using Care2 and more•  Digging into social media: National Wildlife Federation case study•  Resources to make your multichannel campaigns stronger #MCcampaigns
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  6. 6. Why multichannelcampaigns? #MCcampaigns
  7. 7. Reasons NonprofitsCommunicate #MCcampaigns
  8. 8. #MCcampaigns
  9. 9. Be clear.Be compelling.Be consistent. #MCcampaigns
  10. 10. Campaigns turn a series ofmessages into a story with…•  A problem•  A solution•  A goal•  A timeline•  An action your audience can take #MCcampaigns
  11. 11. Campaigns tell a story acrossall elements…•  Consistent imagery•  Established goal/deadlines•  Campaign-specific landing pages•  Web promotion & social media engagement•  Reference URL in direct mail appeal #MCcampaigns
  12. 12. Where do campaigns fit in? #MCcampaigns
  13. 13. The results are worth it:•  Multi-channel ~ higher lifetime donor value•  Many new donors give first gift online•  A significant # of online donors switch to offline•  People who ‘act’ online = 7x more likely to give #MCcampaigns
  14. 14. See it in action:Fountain House #MCcampaigns
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  24. 24. 2011 Campaign Results•  Total raised: $88,390•  Average gift: $187.78•  33.7% increase in online giving from 2010 #MCcampaigns
  25. 25. Lessons Learned•  Direct mail acquired list is ready to give online•  Donors receptive to a different kind of storytelling•  Increase appeared to result not just from added appeals, but entire campaign #MCcampaigns
  26. 26. #MCcampaigns
  27. 27. aboutCitizens use Care2 for:! Starting or signing petitions Nonprofits use Care2 for:! Volunteering! Donating $ ! Recruiting Donors & Supporters! Spreading news ! Traffic/Branding/Awareness! Commenting on blogs! Starting group (organizing) ! Advocacy! Joining nonprofits ! Building Facebook fan base #MCcampaigns
  28. 28. SETTING THE STAGE #MCcampaigns
  29. 29. The Cold, Hard Facts!   Overall revenue from nonprofits declined again in 2011. The median drop was 2.1 percent.!   Overall the number of donors for ALL nonprofits has declined over the last six years by 5.3 percent. Why? The number of new donors being acquired is shrinking. The overall number of New Donors acquired per year has declined 14.6 percent over the last six years.!   Donors are becoming more generous. BUT the Increase in Revenue Per Donor is still not compensating for the Declining Quantity of Donors.!   Across channels, 81 percent of all gifts last year came in via Direct Mail, vs. 6.4 percent coming Online, and 3 percent coming via Telemarketing. 2011 Target Analytics donorCentrics Index of National Fundraising Performance #MCcampaigns
  30. 30. A Bright Spot!   Online giving is growing rapidly. The number of online gifts is growing 22 percent per year, and the dollar value of these gifts is growing 20 percent per year.!   Online gifts are also much bigger than donations made via Direct Mail or Telemarketing. The average online gift was $63, compared to $38 for Direct Mail and $39 for Telemarketing. 2011 Target Analytics donorCentrics Index of National Fundraising Performance #MCcampaigns
  31. 31. SIZE MATTERS #MCcampaigns
  32. 32. A Large E-Mail List…!   is one of the key ingredients to grassroots strength and campaign victories;!   means greater success in online engagement including increased web traffic, brand buzz, organic recruitment, advocacy and fundraising;!   provides instant feedback;!   matters to corporate sponsors;!   helps with media attention;!   and is one of an organization’s greatest financial assets. #MCcampaigns
  33. 33. Building the List!   Email Append!   Home Page Capture!   Involvement Campaign—pledge, petition, quiz, survey!   Take advantage of a hot topic!   Tell-a-friend!   Social Media Presence!   Banner Ads!   Co-registration!   Cost per lead partnership!   Keyword Search/Google!   Offline techniques #MCcampaigns
  34. 34. “SO YOU’VE ACQUIRED THEM;NOW WHAT?” #MCcampaigns
  35. 35. COOKING OR CHAOS? #MCcampaigns
  36. 36. CommunicationBest Practices!   Immediate Welcome Notice (within 24 hours) with low level engagement.!   Followed by two additional communications over the next two weeks (include a fundraising ask).!   Monthly emails including: !   1 Education !   1 Engagement !   1 Newsletter !   1 Fundraising!   Seize any opportunity to communicate breaking news, or crisis, etc.!   Track/source all communications!   Include online subscribers in your offline mail and phone programs. #MCcampaigns
  38. 38. “We envision a world where every woman is free todecide whether and when to have children, haveaccess to the best reproductive healthcareavailable, and can exercise her choices withoutcoercion or discrimination. Plain and simple: Weenvision a world where every woman participateswith full dignity as an equal member of society.” #MCcampaigns
  39. 39. The Center: Facts & Figures!   The Center was founded in June 1992.!   Our Founders wanted an organization with a global vision.!   The Center’s mission: to use the law to advance reproductive freedom as a fundamental human right that all governments are legally obligated to protect, respect, and fulfill.!   The Center is based in New York City, but has offices in Washington D.C., Kenya, Colombia and Nepal.!   Docket load: 47 cases worldwide.!   Recent Successes: Oklahoma & Honduras!   In 2011, the Center raised $15,495,229 in financial support, 56% came from foundations and 39% from individuals donors. #MCcampaigns
  40. 40. The Center:A Case Study!   In May 2009, the Center had a list of ~5,000 badly abused and neglected email subscribers.!   No formal online program.!   The Center wasn’t using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.!   Instead, emails were sent through an online mail vendor that only sent email. There was no way to: !   Engage in online advocacy and grassroots lobbying !   Fundraise !   Share campaigns or engage supporters on social media !   Track information and evaluate statistics #MCcampaigns
  41. 41. The Center:A Case Study!   In August 2009, the Center started using Salsa as our CRM.!   In November 2009, we launched our first paid recruitment campaign with a small budget.!   Today, the Center has 85,000 supporters on its list. #MCcampaigns
  42. 42. The Right Tools & The RightStrategy = Significant Growth #MCcampaigns
  43. 43. The Center’sFDA Campaign!   In 1999, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves Plan B—but with many unnecessary restrictions.!   In 2001, the Center begins its legal case against the FDA.!   In March 2010, the Center launches its first online advocacy campaign targeting the FDA.!   Online Tactics: !   Action alert emails !   In-house Video !   Simultaneous Care2 Campaign !   Blog outreach !   Strong website presence with multiple opportunities to share content #MCcampaigns
  44. 44. It broke!?!At least there’s the morning Yeah, but the after pill. way they make you get it is SO embarrassing… #MCcampaigns
  45. 45. Care2 Campaign #MCcampaigns
  46. 46. FDA CampaignResults !   House File: 2,863 actions = 20% response rate !   Video Views (YouTube and Vimeo): 14,696 !   Care2 Campaign: 2,127 !   Care2 featured the FDA campaign on its homepage and wrote a blog about the campaign which quickly led to over 10,000 actions taken and 2,000 comments. !   Organic List Growth (homepage): 794 !   Featured in over 50 blogs !   Missed Opportunity: the Center was not conducting online fundraising yet. #MCcampaigns
  47. 47. FDA CampaignUpdate!   In November 2010, the Center filed a motion for contempt against the FDA .!   On December 7, 2011, the FDA was slated to finally end restrictions on EC, but…!   The Center is now back in court.!   The Center partnered again with Care2 in February 2012: !   Care2 Email Acquisition: 3,030 !   Care2 Daily Action: Generated over 2,300 actions and 1,100 new email registrations #MCcampaigns
  48. 48. Communications StrategiesDiversity of engagements:Video Submissions: Not My Tax Dollars!   Antis in Congress intent on separating all tax dollars from anything remotely touching abortion!   January 2010: List size only ~15k, roughly 1k on Twitter, Facebook!   Received two dozen videos, many from prominent bloggers!   More than 6,000 views. Exposure to new audiences, especially on important blog networks #MCcampaigns
  49. 49. Communications Strategies New Yorker Style Cartoon Caption Contest !   To support our case against Texas’s mandatory ultrasound law, asked folks to submit a caption for our cartoon !   More than 4,000 submissions !   Allowed supporters to vote for their favorite caption !   Winning caption featured on the Center’s website, eNews, email and social networks #MCcampaigns
  50. 50. Communications Strategies Twitter Targeting !   Defeated an anti- choice law in Oklahoma !   Asked supporters to tweet at OK Governor: #MCcampaigns
  51. 51. What We’ve Learned!   charity: water likes to say: Make Mistakes Quickly!   Don’t be afraid to introduce new campaign ideas!   Identify audiences!   Manage expectations #MCcampaigns
  52. 52. How We Evaluate Success!   Return On Investment (ROI)!   List Engagement!   High retention rates; low unsubscribes!   Convincing management to let you try something new! #MCcampaigns
  53. 53. MOVING FORWARD #MCcampaigns
  54. 54. The Essential Ingredients for aSuccessful Long-Term Relationship!   Educate!   Engage!   Enhance!   Evaluate #MCcampaigns
  55. 55. Confession: I am not a fundraiser Nope.  I’m   bad  at  that.   #MCcampaigns  
  56. 56. But I Will Raise Money for Something I Believe In #MCcampaigns  
  57. 57. The only time fundraising on socialmedia has worked is when we integrated our communications. #MCcampaigns  
  58. 58. Social Fundraising You Start #MCcampaigns  
  59. 59. Social Fundraising Others Spark #MCcampaigns  
  60. 60. Crowdfunding and Social Fundraising Sites•  Causes •  Help Attack!•  Razoo •  DonorsChoose•  Kickstarter •  GiveZooks•  Give Forward •  JustGive•  DonateNow •  Social Vibe•  Chipin •  Sparked•  FirstGiving •  Jumo•  Crowdrise•  Causevox The list goes on… #MCcampaigns  
  61. 61. Understand the Strengths of Each Medium #MCcampaigns  
  62. 62. Direct Mail #MCcampaigns  
  63. 63. Web and Email #MCcampaigns  
  64. 64. Make Things Shareable #MCcampaigns  
  65. 65. #Squirrels4Good #MCcampaigns  
  66. 66. Always Be Grateful! #MCcampaigns  
  67. 67. My Takeaways1.  Have a social plan for your fundraisers.2.  Make it compelling and easy to share.3.  Explore the tools available.4.  Always make the time to thank people! #MCcampaigns  
  68. 68. 12 ways to make yourcampaign stronger #MCcampaigns
  69. 69. 12 ways you can make yourcampaign stronger1.  Identify and prioritize your goals2.  Find the biggest news in your space3.  Connect it to your org’s short-term goals4.  Find the specific problem this news can help you solve #MCcampaigns
  70. 70. 12 ways you can make yourcampaign stronger5.  Set an achievable goal for how you’ll solve it7.  Select the right channels to reach your audiences8.  Craft your calendar around deadlines9.  Reflect your organization’s tone and style #MCcampaigns
  71. 71. 12 ways you can make yourcampaign stronger9.  Focus each message on one call to action10.  Tell the same story in all elements11.  Report back to your audience on impact12.  Analyze the results to inform the next campaign #MCcampaigns
  72. 72. Resources•  12 Ways You Can Make Your Campaign Stronger•  eNonprofit Benchmarks Study•  2011 Online Giving Report•  2011 Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Index Study•  2012 Online Giving Study #MCcampaigns
  73. 73. Contact Farra / Big Duck and /bigduck #MCcampaigns
  74. 74. Contact Dane / Care2 #MCcampaigns
  75. 75. Contact Danielle / NWF and /nwf #MCcampaigns
  76. 76. Thanks! #MCcampaigns