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Alabama Association of Non Profits - Day of Giving


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Alabama Association of Non Profits Marketing Plan 2012

Published in: Marketing
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Alabama Association of Non Profits - Day of Giving

  1. 1. Secret Meals for Hungry Children Awareness Campaign
  2. 2. Goals of Campaign Increase number of Facebook followers to 50 Increase Twitter followers to 50 Increase awareness among target publics Raise enough funds for at least one hungry child
  3. 3. Internal Target Public Alabama Credit Union Employees Alabama Credit Union Management Secret Meals Volunteers
  4. 4. External Target Publics Secret Meals clients School children Parents Teachers
  5. 5. External Target Publics Food bank affiliates Food bank of North Alabama West Alabama food bank Bay area food bank Regional media outlets Donor, sponsors, friends The University of Alabama community
  6. 6. Social Media Campaign Innisfree Awareness Event Evaluation
  7. 7. Social Media Campaign Why social media was needed Facebook Twitter
  8. 8. Facebook
  9. 9. Facebook Posts
  10. 10. Twitter
  11. 11. Twitter Posts
  12. 12. Why we chose an awareness campaign What we did Promotional pieces
  13. 13. Innisfree Awareness Event Made at least 500 impressions Raised enough to feed one child for an entire year Displayed promotional pieces around entrance and outside of bar Provided stickers with links to social media outlets
  14. 14. Innisfree Event
  15. 15. Facebook Evaluation
  16. 16. Facebook Evaluation
  17. 17. Facebook Evaluation 10 post “likes” 9 post shares 3,593 post views
  18. 18. Twitter Evaluation Gained 35 followers, total of 53 7 @mentions 9 retweets
  19. 19. Twitter Evaluation Influence: 26.2 Popularity: 20 Klout Score: 18
  20. 20. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.