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A group project for the Social Media for Social Change course at Schulich School of Business

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  • STAYND BY ME ……………What does the song mean to u?Lyrics of the song lie at the very crux of our topic today – social media for social changeMusicians from around the world collaborating to perform – stand by me. Not just the act of various musicians performing but also the lyrics that sum up the topic for today. ng people together.
  • Musicians from around the world collaborating to perform – stand by me. Not just the act of various musicians performing but also the lyrics that sum up the topic for today. Shared Awareness – the ability of each member of a group to not only understand the situation at hand, but understand that everyone else does too”Key phrase to note here is over time
  • Clay Shirky for ProMalcolm Gladwell for Con – The revolution will not be tweeted
  • Social issues are complex. Social media with its wide dispersion and permanent record of conversations can help narrow options and focus choices. No more door knocking, placards, pamphlets, to collect ppl. Now u can tweet urmsg and ppl can sign a petition with a mouse click or key stroke. Provide information and skills that are more relevant to their audience. L(EXAMPLES)
  • Are being leveraged by or getting affected by. During our presentation we would like to guide through, how each of these individual groups have initiated social change.
  • Speak2tweet allowed egyptians to use their cell phones to record messages that can be instantly translated to tweets with #egypt. Tahrir Square(2011)Tunisia and Syria saw a spark in the number of FB Users Facebook to schedule protests, twitter to co-ordinate and youtube to tell the worldKhaled said – posted a video of police sharing drugs of drug bust and was killed. Page had 500,000 usersIn the Tunisian revolution, snipers of the regime were killing unarmed students in the streets. Students took mobile pics, triangulated the location, and sent to friendly military units who’d come in and take out snipers. IT WAS A MILITARY TOOL FOR SURVIVAL! In Syria, if ur injured, an ambulance would pick u, take u to a hosp and u’d come out with a shot in the head. Using twitter and other social tools, 20 somethings made an alternate health care system, so a car would come, pick up the person and take him/her to a make shift hospital.
  • town hall government using to crowdsource questions from 300 million constituents and ppl vote to decide which questions he would answer. Don’t have to be an american citizen to be a friend or follower. Visit White House – 97,937 people submitted 103,978 questions and cast 1,782,650 votes
  • Targeted Sharing – Where you match facebook information with your data and tell someone how many of their friends are undecided voters. 78% of the people amongst who u lobbied would vote for Obama – Jim Messina
  • Biggest linked brain power450 million ppl using internet75% under the age of 3512% with Bachelor's degree or higherEach user spends 3 hours per day online.
  • The three kinds of anti-corruptionPolitical corruption: selling a government offiical positionEconomic corruption: accepting bribes and embezzlement“Lifestyle corruption: kept mistresses, owning luxury products, etcAng
  • Guess who is the corrupted one and why?
  • MAKE IT SHORTBiggest linked brain power450 million ppl using internet75% under the age of 3512% with Bachelor's degree or higherEach user spends 3 hours per day online.No Facebook or Twitter access, but has many equivalents like Weibo, QQ, RenrenPrimary use: entertainment (western: commercial transactions)But higher use of blogging and more user-generated content, more interactive, expressiveAng
  • Ang
  • What’s the story…Yang Dacai- head of Shaanxi Province’s Safety Supervision Bureau, he was called to the scene of a ghastly bus crash that killed 36 bus passengers. For some reason, he was smiling inanely in a reporter’s photograph of the scene The Smiling Official went viral on Weibo, and infuriated netizens .Within a couple of days, he formally apologized and explained the smile on TVNetizens are not satisfied. Then five photos of him wearing five different luxury watches had been scoured from the Web and posted on Weibo. In total 11 pricey watches were identified.Then luxury suits, luxury belts, luxury eye glasses…Netizens start to “party”: searching for new evidences, making songs and videosYang is currently under investigation by the provincial disciplinary body
  • Ang
  • They post information directly related to their cause, including facts about teens, helpful links to resources, news stories focused on youth and a variety of direct interactions with their supporters. They started Tweeting in March of 2008, they’ve been able to successfully grow their following to more than 525,000 followers, thus significantly increasing the audience they are able to reach. Additionally, their use of Twitter led Mashable, one of the most popular blogs in the world with a Twitter following of over 2.8 million people, to include them in a list of non-profits on Twitter
  • More specifically, they have a “Photo of the Day” album where they share the daily impacts their nonprofit is having on people on the other side of the world. They show a photo and write a short caption explaining the story behind what’s happening. Something as simple as one photo coupled with a compelling story can help make supporting your nonprofit much more concrete. Melissa Burmester, a project manager at charity: water, discussed the power that visuals can play in sharing the organization’s impact. “Rather than tell you what it’s like to walk three hours a day for drinking water – we’ll use visuals to show you... When we complete a water project, we report back to the donors with photos and GPS coordinates on Google Maps,” Burmester said. “It’s essential for our supporters to see their impact.” Charity: water’s supporters may not be able to travel to rural Africa, but they can see the impact their donation is having in rural Africa nonetheless.
  • I will start with the dove campaign of social media, the reach, impact and engagement magnified
  • Then I explain the outcome of the campaignStarting at a few thousands on facebook, generated more than 12 million facebook fans & 72,000 twitter followers
  • Advertising on websites like businessweek and theweek would cost a few 1000s of dollars. But the social media social change initiative brought dove free of cost “Earned media”More than 15 million likes on youtube!
  • Display of emotions by the ones participating
  • So what was the social change : For women, beauty is a very sensitive issue, and it affects their confidence, their temperament eventually impacting their workability. Hence this can be seen as a social change that makes happy, a significant portion of the society. Dove did this through combined marketing methods and in efforts to help in elevating the pressure females, of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicity suffer from
  • Social marketing is the promotion of brands, beliefs or behaviors that have the opportunity and ability to make a measurable and substantial difference in societies. Often thought of as “cause marketing” or “marketing for good”
  • Coke found a way to promote its 0 calories options.Kraft is in the midst of a "Share a Little Comfort" campaign that offers to donate 1 million boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese to needy families based on the number of messages people share via Facebook and Twitter. The added bonus of such programs, according to Marchese, is that brands can simply redirect some of their media budgets to cover the donations. It can turn out to be cheaper to offer donations in exchange for people-powered media than buying ad space for promotion. So far, more than 23,000 messages have been posted in response to Kraft's
  • Marriot- Make a bed programColgate smiles campaignKraft- share a little comfortDanone- celebrate photos that celebrate the environmentGE (together with BBDO, SocialVibe and SpeedShape) has launched a new digital campaign to get you thinking about the environment with a photo project called Tag Your Green. GE hopes the project will inspire people to share new "green" ideas and connect with others by watching, commenting and uploading photos and videos on Flickr and YouTube.GE will make a donation every time a user uploads a photo of wind, water, or light to Flickr. For every wind photo, 4.5 kilowatt hours of wind energy will be donated to Practical Action; every water photo will trigger a donation of 480 gallons to charity: water; and every light photo will yield 175 hours of solar power to d.light Lighting Oecusse Project.GE's goal is to raise 4.8 million gallons of clean water, 1.7 million hours of solar power and 45,000 kW hours of wind energy.The project is part of GE's 5-year-old Ecomagination campaign, designed to demonstrate how GE is using its resources to help solve some of the world's biggest challenges. And together with Howcast, the project also includes the Ecomagination YouTube Video Challenge, for which 15 popular YouTubers (like iJustine, below) were invited collaborate with their fans and come up with videos that brings the notion of "green" into different locations, contexts and situations. The goal is to reach 10 million views and help charity: water bring clean and safe drinking water to developing nations. The campaign runs until mid-December and with 7 million views already, is well on its way to reaching that goal. This is one of growing number of social good campaigns designed to engage people online and help save the planet. Last week, held its annual Blog Action Day, where more than5,600 bloggers from all around the globe blogged to raise awareness about around clean drinking water.! used SocialVibe to create an engagement for their Make a Bed Program enabling users to make a virtual bed to generate a $2.00 donation to theAmerican Red Cross Disaster Relief
  • SocialVibe: has enabled brands such as Microsoft, Visa, Kraft, Nestle, Sony, Microsoft, Apple, Toyota, Procter & Gamble, and Macy'sto earn social captial and to reach these highly motivated consumers. (put images of these companies and social vibe and talk of their tie up)Causes:Causes helps passionate people share ideas, find supporters, and make an impact. To get started on Causes, all you need is a desire to make things better. There are two ways you can use Causes:1. Create a campaign. Causes was designed to help drive significant impact - be it influencing a politician, spreading awareness for an important issue, or asking people to commit to taking a stand - through online activities that you create and share. Causes combines 9 different action types in one place, helping you to build a community of supporters who can back you up in a variety of ways.2. Support a campaign. There are plenty of worthy causes out there looking for like-minded supporters. Once you find one that speaks to you, you can immediately get involved. And, just as in the real world, your actions online have the power to influence others. Whether you take a pledge, sign a petition, or respond to a quiz, your actions can be shared on your Timeline.
  • although the main goal must be generating more sales through enhancing brand image, the execution makes the company seem so true, sincere and even real about the causes they support!through combined marketing methods and in efforts supporting a cause, project concepts, Campaigns/Funds are initiated. tools are created, downloads and even guidebooks to start the conversationCombining an effective chain of online social media tools and channels 
  • , particularly those in low-consideration categories like consumer goods, charities can become a cheap way to get access to the megaphones everyone has in social media. Take Colgate. It created a Facebook application called Smiles that languished for months, with just a few hundred people sharing it. Then it hooked up with SocialVibe to recast the tool to tap into the do-good vibe. The brand offered charitable donations each time users shared Smiles. The result: The widget was shared 500,000 times in five weeks.Kraft is in the midst of a "Share a Little Comfort" campaign that offers to donate 1 million boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese to needy families based on the number of messages people share via Facebook and Twitter. The added bonus of such programs, according to Marchese, is that brands can simply redirect some of their media budgets to cover the donations. It can turn out to be cheaper to offer donations in exchange for people-powered media than buying ad space for promotion. So far, more than 23,000 messages have been posted in response to Kraft's effort.
  • This is social change being brought about by social media.
  • Well, check out this campaign!Each year around 2 million children under 5 die from diarrhoeal diseases and acute respiratory infections, such as pneumonia.Handwashing with soap is the single most cost-effective way to prevent diarrhoeal-related deaths and disease, with the potential to reduce deaths from diarrhoeal diseases by almost half and acute respiratory infections by one quarter.
  • Social Media for Social Change

    1. 1. Social Media for SocialChangeSameer Arora, Ang Li, Pranjal Bhargava, &Roshan Advani
    2. 2. Introduction SocialChange refers to any significant alteration over time, in behavior patterns, cultural values and norms Social media provides a platform for like minded people to come together and initiate change at a faster pace Shared awareness
    3. 3. Is it working?PROS CONS•Helps to connect and •Lack of closeunite in a crisis relationship•Help each other •Weak ties betweenregardless of location organization and•Usurp authoritarian activistsgovernments •Gap between•Empowers social awareness and actionactivists making them •“Revolution will notmore effective and be tweeted”cohesive
    4. 4. Statistics 94% of online community members said internet helped them become more informed on social causes 75% used internet to participate in online communities related to social causes 87% got involved in new causes since they began participating in an online community *Digital futures report (2008)
    5. 5. Roles of Social Media  Narrowsconsumer options and thus can make choice simpler  Empowers connective options and thus can promote relationship formation  Foster communal customization  Democratization of participation*Social Media for Social Change: A TCR Perspective, Robert V. Kozinets
    6. 6. Initiators The common man Government Non profit organizations For Profit Organizations
    7. 7. Arab Spring Tunisia Snipers Makeshift hospitals in Syria “We are all Khaled Said” & Aasma Mahfouz Social media was shut down in Egypt Speak2Tweet was launched - 8660 followers in less than in 24 hours, 1 tweet every 2 minutes Tweets increase from 2,300 to 230,000 a day
    8. 8. Social White House Dedicated digital team and office of digital strategy Tied up with Real Estate website to educate homeowners about refinancing “We the People” petitioning tool on Google hangout sessions to talk to voters
    9. 9. Obama Open and Participatory administration US voters trust social media as much as traditional news outlets
    10. 10. Obama 71%of younger voters and 36% of older voters found social media trustworthy$ 47 million spent by Obama vs. $ 4.7 million spent by Romney 2012 campaign extensively used social media for “Targeted Sharing” Ranked every voter on 3 things:  Chances of Supporting Barack Obama  Chances of Voting  Chances of being a persuadable thinker
    11. 11. Internet and Social Media in China  Users are younger, well educated, and spend long time online  No Facebook or Twitter access, but has many equivalents like Weibo, QQ, Renren  Primary use: entertainment (western: commercial transactions)  But higher use of blogging and more user- generated content, more interactive, expressive
    12. 12. Social Media and change in China
    13. 13. Guess who is the corrupted oneand why?
    14. 14. Social Media and Anti-corruptionin China  Chinese government and officials had little supervision from media or it’s people  All mass media are government controlled  Corruptionand other problems were only exposed to and dealt with within the government  Things changed with the rise of social media
    15. 15. Social Media and Anti-corruptionin China  Weibo (China’s Twitter equivalent micro blog) empowers citizen-vigilante  It has trained a critical public eye on people in authority across the country  Many netizens voluntarily participates in the prowling for evidence of corruption  Some kind of collective intelligence for games of real life?
    16. 16. Process of a new media event Capture Internet attention Solution Incident Publicity furors of higher imposed levelsSource: The Internet and Social Change in China - Professor Alan Hunter
    17. 17. Was it successful?  Inthe year of 2012, out of 15 anti-corruption cases widely concerned across the country, 6 were initiated through Weibo, the rest 9 were all widely spread and discussed on Weibo as well  13 of the 15 cases have been officially closed with public announced results
    18. 18. Purpose of a Non ProfitA non profit exists in order to support a cause and for the welfare of the community It depends on donations and funding to garner assistance and bring their causes to reality It’s a system based on belief and communication The success of the cause is dependent on the reach and awareness of the organization
    19. 19. Leveraging Social Media, attaining Social Change •Increased New DonorsIncreasename •Increased New Volunteers dosomething.orgrecognition •Increased Collaborative OpportunitiesMaintain •Increased Repeat GivingRelationshipswith current •Increased Overall Fundraising Amnesty Internationalsupporters •Increased Repeat Volunteers •Increased New DonorsShare Your •Reduce Donor AttritionNonprofit’sImpact •Increased New volunteers •Increased New Donorseers Charity Water •Increased New DonorsConnect •Increased New VolunteersWith NewSupporters •Increased Collaborative Opportunities American Redcross
    20. 20. Following Impact  2.4 million young people took  Increased campaign signups by action through their campaigns in 590% from 2011 to 2012. 2012.  Members collected 1,020,041 pairs  1,425,974 members are doing stuff of jeans for homeless youth through to improve their communities and our Teens for Jeans campaign. the world.  Our members recycled over 1.2  786,563 mobile subscribers take million aluminum cans through our action and text us all about it. 50 Cans campaign.  301,390 people like it on Facebook.  Our members donated 316,688  592,491 people follow it on Twitter. books to school libraries through our  More the 4.5million video views on Epic Book Drive. youtube.  67,808 members stood up to bullying through our Bully Text campaign.
    21. 21. It raised over $250,000 from 10,000 new donorsthrough the groundbreaking Twestival event whichbrought together Twitter communities from all overthe world for fun parties in February 2009. Charity water is using Pinterest to showcase the impact they’re having in the world. They have a “Photo of the Day” album where they share the daily impacts their nonprofit is having on. They show a photo and write a short caption explaining the story behind what’s happening.
    22. 22. #bigbluetest 3 simple steps engage the user. Allows user to post their results on various social media sites using a customized app. The message- Exercise, it keeps you healthy, reduces chances of diabetes and also help those in need by providing them with medicines. With every test taken and posted $5 is donated towards a cause.
    23. 23. Each DROP fills the OCEAN  Social media has empowered people with the ability to make a difference in their own capacities  Thereis an increasing trend towards giving and uplifting the society to make the world a better place
    24. 24. Social media for socialchange impacting For Profit
    25. 25. OutcomeDove website rank jumped to 3000 in the US duringthe campaign and 25,000 worldwide
    26. 26. McLUHANAWARD
    27. 27. Why did this work It targets a hot topic and sensitive emotions It makes the audience feel like they are giving back Customers like to feel “loved” or at least “appreciated” by the brand they intend to purchase It just doesn’t feel like an ad
    28. 28. So what isPromotion of brands, beliefs orbehaviors that have the opportunityand ability to make a measurable andsubstantial difference in societies. Alsocalled – “cause marketing” or“marketing for good”
    29. 29. Indicators of this emerging trend
    30. 30. Other relevant social mediacampaigns
    31. 31. Businesses emerging out of thisCompanies like Socialvibe are specialising inengaging audiences, particularly throughsocial change channels helping brands suchas: GE, Marriot, Nestle, Microsoft, Visa, Kraft, Nestle, Sony,Microsoft, Apple, Toyota, P&G, etc
    32. 32. What is the goal of this messaging? OF COURSE! True Sincere Real for the causeEffective chain of online social media tools and channels throughcampaigns, tools, downloads
    33. 33. Keep in mind!  Strategic relevance to your brand  Tie up with a non profit:  Colgate smiles facebook app took off (500,000 shares in 5 weeks) after the tie up with an non profit  Donations in exchange for people powered media is cheaper than buying ad space
    34. 34. Essentials for a good campaign Preferably, Seek aCreate a Strong Theme Non-Profit Partnerwith Clear Goals Thats Active in Social Media Humanize your InitiativeConnect the Theme, Target a Well-DefinedSponsor, and Non- Audience, understandProfit how they use social media
    35. 35. Conclusion The printing press, newspapers gave us recorded knowledge. Social media enables us to be a producer and access intelligence in other people. its not the information age, it’s the age of networked intelligence. In a world where sustainability is a rising concern, transparency demands brands to become Responsible.
    36. 36. Can a Soap prevent 2.1 million children fromdying ?Can it eradicate diseases such as diarrhoeaand pneumonia in a country with apopulation of over a billion?
    37. 37. The open world, is bringing empowermentand freedom. It’s bringing about a bigchange. It allows to think big, out of bounds.That my dear friends, is the power of socialmedia