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Class notes for naming shapes


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Class notes for naming shapes

  1. 1. Class notes for naming shapes 2D shapes Square- a square has four sides and it is flat. It is also 2D and has length and width Triangle- a triangle is called a triangle because tri means three. A triangle has three points. It is also flat and has the dimensions of length and width Circle- a circle is flat and round. It is 2D and has two dimensions. However these dimensions are different from other 2D shapes because they are called diameter which is how big the circle is across and circumference which is how big a circle is around its edges. *** Do not worry about learning these terms yet because you will learn them later on when you get in a higher grade level. All I want to do is introduce you to the words and make sure that you have heard them. 3D Shapes Pyramid- A pyramid is like a triangle only it is 3D. It has three dimensions such as length, width, and height. Cube- A cube is like a square but it has three dimensions. It is not flat; it has length, width, and height. Sphere- A sphere is like circles accept it is three dimensional. Think of a bouncy ball. A sphere has a circumference, height, and width. Dimensions Length- how long something is Width- how wide something is Height- how tall something is