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Cold Calling for Beginners from Heyer Inc


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Thorough and complete guide to cold calling and beyond. Easy steps to train yourself and or others. Works like a charm. A little long in the tooth, but it's an easy read.

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Cold Calling for Beginners from Heyer Inc

  1. 1. Cold Calling (Sales Training)Cold Calling (Sales Training)
  2. 2. AgendaAgenda Introduction : Me & You. The Call center Industry Abroad : Operations, Techniques, The difference. Telemarketing Essentials : Why its important to be professional, confident , sometimes pushy in today's world. Where you can get with Excellent Cold Calling abilities.
  3. 3. Agenda (Cont…)Agenda (Cont…)  Into the minds of the average person who picks up the phone. Whales Vs Guppies.  The Perfect Cold call : Listen – Listen- Listen – Close. Asking Questions.  Importance of a solid Spill – Confidence..Flow…..Humor….Traps ( Through Listening)…..Greed….Trial Closes…….Objection Handling……Close.  Structure of a Perfect Call
  4. 4. The call center IndustryThe call center Industry AbroadAbroad   • Telecommunications : Average 3 calls a day. Privatization and tough competition. •Features of Telco's : Can keep the same number, save line , no changes except the carrier •No physical Change •Usually no contract. •Whole sale rates usually cheaper. •Different Calls on the Bill : Line rental, calls to mobiles etc. •Voice Recording
  5. 5. Tele Marketing EssentialsTele Marketing Essentials Confidence Professionalism Flow Humor Attitude Patience
  6. 6. Into the Minds of theInto the Minds of the CustomerCustomer  Afraid Of change  Hates A boring telemarketer but loves one who is different and sounds interesting.  Usually is bored with the monotony of life…… that’s where u come in.  Loves Compliments  Loves to feel Smart, Smarter than the rest.  Is Polite : Will say no when they want to : But wont scream or curse.
  7. 7. What Makes a Customer BuyWhat Makes a Customer Buy a producta product Its Not always Rates : Its Attitude Its not always their Mood : Its Yours Its not their Savings : But how interesting its been talking to you. You handle them well and make them laugh etc they will buy sand even if they are on a beach…trust me
  8. 8. Importance of Your SpillImportance of Your Spill  No Breaks : No ers…not ah, no awkward moments of silence  Control the call….u can change the outcome  Talk and Listen….with what you listen to set traps and triggers.  Cannot be put on paper and read……it has to have your personality in it…cant have a same spill for every call you make……calls are nothing but conversations.  Assumptions : Make them use their head. No one knows ur job better than you do……..out smart the whole world….POWER
  9. 9. Listening and QuestioningListening and Questioning  Ask open ended questions.  Ask rhetorical questions  Listen and use all the information  Link information – if he says he loves cricket… implement this when you are talking about the product….you will save $50 a month bill so you know what that means…that’s watching Australia beat England for Free at the SCG its as good as AAPT paying for your seat mate”
  10. 10. The Perfect CallThe Perfect Call  What is A perfect call – Where the customer sells everything him self.  Can you get it with out any help : YES  Can you Create It : For Sure  Can you create it on every Call : If you are that good…..  How can you be that good : Listen and Question.
  11. 11. Your Average CallYour Average Call Examples : Open Introduce Yourself Talk about your product Close : Either yes or no If no u try some more and then again its yes or no…….
  12. 12. My WayMy Way  Sell on Relationships: Build relationships…Sell on emotion, attitude, make friends over the phone and you can get them to do any thing : Examples : from sales force  You can Sell hard : Just product product product you will get 2-3 sales on a average and you will be bored….However a mixture of Hard Sales and Soft is Essential customize the spill.  Try to sell by asking questions…..its fun and easy.  Try to get as many Yeses from them, and do not hang up before 3 nos.  Have Fun on calls play with them and play with their words and you'll see the difference  Always Be Closing : A sale is made on every call – Go on every call thinking that.
  13. 13. Spill StructureSpill Structure  Open ( 30 Seconds)  Rapport Building ( 15 – 20 Seconds)  Mirroring ( All along the call)  Product – 2 mins  Trial Close – 1 Min  Objection handling – as long as it takes  Close – 1 mins  Average Length - 6- 7 Mins ( B2B, B2C is a lot longer)
  14. 14. My SpillMy Spill  Spit it out.  OPEN : Not just my name but also something about my day today or a part of personality.  Build a common ground.  Mirror the client  Come to the product : Customize the product….as if it was made only for the client.. Show savings as if you are talking to your best friend.  Trial Close  Objection handle : again with humor and professionalism  Close the dude…..BOOM…remember you win some you loose some…….but at least you had fun  Note – All along ask questions, ask rhetorical questions, anything to get a yes out of them.
  15. 15. Spill StructureSpill Structure OPEN ( the first 15 secs)OPEN ( the first 15 secs)  Opening and Introduction :  G’day this is david green from Aspinwall how are ya today…..……  favorite opening line: “Hi, I wonder if you can help me out?" my name is ( People love helping out..)  Honest Openning : Hi, this is David Green from aspinwall., and look this is a cold call. I bet you get a million of these. Fasten your seat belt -- here's another one …Risky but works sometimes…  Try new things….till you get the formulae you are comfortable with.
  16. 16. Problems with your OpenProblems with your Open  Gate Keepers : Receptionists, Secretaries etc…..don’t waste your time telling about the product however charm them tell them they sound like their day’s been busy say something funny?? etc…like “ Man don’t you wish you were outside today…the weather in Melbourne is just amazing…?? Build common ground.  How to get passed them : Confidence and that’s it.  Hi Sallie its David from Aspinwall….is Bill available please…yes?no? if yes u are in  Don’t ask them for things tell them …control them….don't say can I or may I….use I want to, put me on to etc……act like you don’t have that much time either…..charm them and be nice cause they can get you the sale.
  17. 17. Gate Keepers :Gate Keepers :  Sometimes they will ask you : “ whats it regarding”……..Ah Oh  Be cool Keep the confidence and humor going : tell them its regarding the telephone accounts or Say its to activate a free time service etc etc  Make sure you use her name…don’t call her MAM, miss etc if you can help it….he or she will love it if you use their name.
  18. 18. After you open ( The Next 30After you open ( The Next 30 Seconds)Seconds)  Build Rapport : With the client build rapport : Find something in common….anything sports, the last cricket match which was played in his state, anything if he sounds like he has a cold… fake that you have one too…or try You sound sad/ Happy -- what's the matter?  do anything to get accepted.  Customers love when they meet someone who is just like them and they trust these people who are just like trust……….that’s the key.  You have 30 seconds to do this do all you can.
  19. 19. Rapport BuildingRapport Building  Mirror the Client : Act exactly the same why as he or she does…if they are shouting over the phone you also shout, if they are exited….you also sound exited,…..if the sound dull talk as if you stepped on your cat and killed it……..make sure your voice and the clients sound identical. If they are talking slow u talk slow…..try to match it to the 100’th percent. Get as much information as possible about the client, company etc…
  20. 20. Product Information (the nextProduct Information (the next 2 minutes)2 minutes)  So far we have just covered around 60-80 seconds of the talk about the product  Tell them your benefits, rates, features, both tangible and intangible benefits…..make comparisons with what they have… them the savings  Use Trigger Questions – Your bills are pretty much on the higher side huh…..Yeah…talk about how we are better than what he has.. take about discounts.  Make sure you know yours and their product UPSIDE DOWN.  If they ask you for some additional features which you are not aware about: Tell them you will put them on hold and find out from your manager yourself……Customers love it when agents run off to get information for them so don’t feel shy to put them on hold.  But make sure you have as much information as possible  Show them savings or benefits with your product.
  21. 21. Walk them through theWalk them through the productproduct  Make them feel like you have told them everything there is……  Customize the product as well….Eg “ Look Bill your running a business with less than 3 telephone lines right? Yes, fantastic, that’s why this is going to be great for you because though small business have fewer lines its unfair that you are put on same plans as say a company like “ ford motors” you have different needs and we here at AAPT understand that, that is why we have designed these rates specifically for businesses like you and that’s why we are so exited to deal with businesses JUST LIKE U cause we got whatchu want… look what's your monthly bill like ??? $300 WAW that’s pretty huge in fact you are one of the highest users ive come across this week… stay on the phone a lot??? …( This is my trap) Yeah… what kind of calls are they mainly local or inter state now I go into the rates make my comparisons show the savings and since Bill thinks he is a big user compared to other businesses…he’ll wanna save and therefore go for it…trust me……he will
  22. 22. What to Keep in mind whichWhat to Keep in mind which talking about the producttalking about the product  Ask questions : Use the information you get from their answers to set traps. Pay Attention to what ever information you get ( Kids, Dog barking).  Don’t dump the product : 16c local calls 14 cents local calls….so ####in what  Show them the savings….it should be more like “ we save you 10 cents every minute so if you speak for 10 mins that’s a dollar.  Show them savings on a long term basis : We will save you 40 bucks a month that’s more than $500 a year….that’s like a months supply of beer for crying out loud.
  23. 23. How to show savingsHow to show savings  Use your Mirroring Info : Use the same words to show the savings to the clients : If they used the word “enormous”, say these savings will be Enormous, use their words and put it back at them.  Give them day to day examples : taking the wife out, Christmas parties  Buy a new car  Etc etc etc  While talking about savings use phrases like….” Using AAPT would save you money wouldn’t it, money saved is money earned isnt it….get them to say as many yeses as possible…….there are all yours to handle after that  Research ; 6 yes's.
  24. 24. Trial ClosesTrial Closes You made friends you’ve told them what you have to offer…now what……Hang on this is the most important part….now starts the Battle. A trial close is a technique to test if the customer is ready to be sold or not. How do you trial close????
  25. 25. Trial Close ( The next 1Trial Close ( The next 1 minute)minute)  Bill “ so bill using aspinwalls new service would save you heaps of money wouldn’t it….yup and you see with these savings you will not only be able to stay on the phone talking business for longer you will also do that at a more cost effective way isn't it…Wow you sound like you are happy with the product am I right…… don’t say a word ( The first one to talk looses)
  26. 26. How it worksHow it works They get comfortable with the idea of closure. The response will tell you if they are ready or not if the are not ready they will come up with an objection if they are ready….its Showtime….close it A.S.A.P
  27. 27. How to CloseHow to Close  Fantastic bill : now to give you access to these rates all I need to do is confirm a few details like your address, phone number in form of a 30 second recoding where I will ask you 6 questions and all you need to do is say a clear yes or a no, this basically is your permission to aspinwall to get these rates on your lines in the next 3 weeks ok after we finish it will take 3 weeks, to get the rates activated. we will also send out all the written information in the next 4 days so you have enough time to see everything in writing as well ok. Now before I start that I just want to let you know that this is a free service and it can be cancelled at any time at no extra charge ok and the only catch is that its only for small businesses, now your business name is Bill & Co right and your address is…..right….you and what's your ABN number – 545421212…fantastic bill lets just put all that in the recording and get u started with the cheaper rates give me a few ticks while I get it started ok remember to answer in clear yeses ok ( Trap No 2)
  28. 28. Objection HandlingObjection Handling What if bill said look vik, I am sorry ( if you have been very good they will say sorry like its their fault they don’t wanna buy the product) I don’t think I wanna go ahead with this…..I got to ask my wife u know, or I am happy where I am……what do you do now????????
  29. 29. Objection handling forObjection handling for dummiesdummies  FFF ( FEEL FELT FOUND)  Curiosity : I know you don't want to buy this, but before you go, could you just let me know what your reason was?  Or try this :Most people really go for this one. I am a little curious as to how you decided otherwise.  Did I not explain it clearly enough?
  30. 30. Objection HandlingObjection Handling  With Humor : If they say no, just go like : Oh no! What will we do! (smiling)  Or “ Damn I think I've lost my touch ( Works well with women).  At the end make them feel at ease, relaxed and in control of the situation, clear their doubts, and close them.
  31. 31. ExamplesExamples Ill have to ask my wife about this : Use humor. I don’t know I am happy where I am : Use FFF. If they are just like : Not Interested : Use curiosity.
  32. 32. Handling Objections ThroughHandling Objections Through QuestionsQuestions Ask Rhetorical Questions – (i.e) ones that can be answered by only a yes or no. eg. If you were dying and I threw you a life boat…..etc etc Use information from earlier questions asked to persuade them by beating them at their own game.
  33. 33. Objection HandlingObjection Handling  Other Ways to handle objection  If you have made friends with the Cust, change the topic…talk about his work, hobbies and after a while come back to the product and close  Put Conditions : The are not sure yet…you can : if show you this service is better than any one in the market in 2 more mins will you buy it right now…yes…ok put forward everything you know about the product  Boomerang : use the words they have said, like Yes, it is expensive, but I don't think you would want to buy your wife a cheap present do you 
  34. 34. You you handled theYou you handled the objection….Now whatobjection….Now what Close the sale now now now now now Remember : the most important thing about a call is CLOSE…ABC This is similar to a trial close but here you are going to go all the way for sure.
  35. 35. ClosingClosing  Assumptive Close : so would you like the bill to be sent to your office or home  Compliment Close : Compliment them, make them feel like they are in control, Cast them as the expert so they sell to themselves.  Tell them how good they look or sound.  Tell them how others will be impressed by them.  Tell them how impressed you are with them as a person. Admire their integrity. And close them.  Eg :Well Bill, as you are the expert, you will understand how good this is. …boom
  36. 36. ClosingClosing Bonus Close : Give them something Extra ( Always save some final information to give out in the end) Eg. You know what, I've had a good day and am going to give you batteries for free. Or Look sallie I really like you so I am going to give you a one month long trial period for free, ( Its free anyways u dumbass)
  37. 37. ClosingClosing  If nothing works try this : Look bill you know what maybe this product is not for you, the other people who used it were happy now I don’t think it can satisfy your needs………KEEP QUIET, the first person who speaks looses. BOOM. You can also use  I don't know if this product is the right thing for you.  I'm not sure if you're ready for this. Although it does ... (review benefits).
  38. 38. Ending the callEnding the call Make sure you end the call right : How you end determines how long the client uses the product and sticks to this company If you want to come up and be noticed by the client ( OTS) your clients will have a very low termination rate ASK for referrals.
  39. 39. Sure Signs of A whaleSure Signs of A whale So how much are you local calls IS there any contract Is it free Can I have it for my Business phone as well If you don’t close these sales….please leave, or we will fire you.
  40. 40. Questions????Questions???? Email : Mobile : write me for # Thank you for Listening