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The Power Series Making Appointments and Selling over the Telephone


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Making Appointments and Selling over the Phone

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The Power Series Making Appointments and Selling over the Telephone

  1. 1. Selling over the Telephone by Richard Mulvey
  2. 2. Preparation Clear the desk No incoming Calls Chain yourself to the desk Don't put the phone down Use a mirror Put up a "Do not Disturb" sign Always dress for work as if you were going to visit
  3. 3. Qualify your customers first Suspects Prospects Customers Always speak to the right person Don't get stuck with the gatekeeper Preparation
  4. 4. Note Pad 2 Pens Clock Diary Scripts and notes List of Today's Call On Your Desk
  5. 5. Date: ………………. Name:..................................... ……………………………….Name Company Phone No Objective ! Comments Call Report
  6. 6. Match your speaking speed to that of the Prospect Your tone needs to be warm and friendly Never call for more than one hour at a time Don't ask prospect if he has time to speak Don't read your script to the prospect Keep all statistics Basic Techniques
  7. 7. Use the sweetest sound in the world! Be Ultra Polite Please - Thank you Always use positive words Like "Opportunity" and “Idea” Don't say “Price” say “Investment” Use Trigger words Free, Easy, Discover, Guarantee, New, Safety, Results, Save, You, Health Key Words and Phrases
  8. 8. Make the conversation Sparkle Great – Fantastic – Amazing Paint Pictures “The boot is so large you could fit golf clubs and luggage for four people inside” Don’t sound like a Brochure Key Words and Phrases
  9. 9. "These multivitamin tablets are ideal for people in the prime of their life with demanding lifestyles or are recuperating from ill health." "These multivitamin tablets are fantastic! I use them myself and I feel fitter, stronger, and I never get tired in the afternoons like I used to."
  10. 10. A I D A ttention nterest esire ction Making the Call
  11. 11. Introduction Opening Uncover customer's needs Outline your benefits Close Attention Interest Desire Action Making the Call
  12. 12. “John Smith Please” “John Smith Speaking” “Hello John. This is Richard Mulvey from Niche Training Market Research Department." Making the Call
  13. 13. "I am phoning, John, about the email we sent you. Did you get a chance to read it?" Question "John Smith asked me to call you in connection with your sales training" Statement Opening Question or Statement
  14. 14. Open Questions Closed Questions Who, What, Where, When, Why, How Do, Does, Did, Are, Has, Have, Is, Could , Can, Would, Will ... etc. Uncovering their needs
  15. 15. Store up the Points - Make Notes Ask Questions - Get Clarification Prompt the Prospect Go on.... I see...... Really?.... Listen intently Repeat back to him what he said Listen
  16. 16. The Close Wait for Buying Signals Summarize The Benefits Ask for the Business SHUT UP!
  17. 17. Alternative Close Minor Point Close Compliment Close Suck it and See Close The Close
  18. 18. The Appointment “The reason for the call today John, as you may be aware, Niche Training and Development has recently developed a new idea to ????? (feature) for people in positions like yourself and I would be happy to drop by and give you the opportunity of seeing it. I am calling today to say I will be in your area tomorrow around three,and I wondered, would you be there for about seven minutes?”
  19. 19. "Hello Mr Smith (or better still “John”)"This is Richard Mulvey from the Niche Training Market Research Department." The Script
  20. 20. If they are a new prospect "Briefly, how do you find your training programs are working out for you?" If they are a referral: "Fred Jones said I should give you a call, Briefly, how do you find your training programs are working out for you?" If they responded to the survey "Thank your for responding to our survey, Briefly, how do you find your training programs are working out for you?" The Script
  21. 21. "What sort of challenges do you have with your training programs at the moment?" We now have to continue to explore their issues with "Open Questions"  What sort of training are you offering your staff? Who gets training in your organization? How does the staff feel about that?   When was the last time you reviewed your training program? etc. The Script
  22. 22. Qualify the customer. How many sales people do you employ? How much do you spend on training each year? etc. The Script
  23. 23. Once we have found a problem we can solve "Many of the companies I have been speaking to have exactly the same sort of problems, that’s why Niche Training have recently launched a new programme that will ………(Benefit 1) and also ……(Benefit 2). The Script “The benefit to you is that …………… (solution). Can you see that working for you?”
  24. 24. If they qualify ..... "It seems, John, that you also qualify for ....... (Free Seat ). This will give you the opportunity of trying the training programme for yourself with absolutely no obligation. If they seem interested…. “Thank you for your time, John. Let me e-mail you the details for you to consider.” If they don’t qualify and don’t seem interested …. “Thank you for your time, John, can I e-mail you a copy of the details of the training programme just in case you are interested sometime in the future.” The Script
  25. 25. “Shall I book you in for the course on Monday or will you be coming next month?” “Will that work for you?” “Do you want to send your team on the public course or do you want us to train at your offices?” The Close
  26. 26. Listen to the whole objection Clarify the objection Objections
  27. 27. It’s too expensive! Clarify the Objection “When you say it's too expensive, are you saying you cannot afford the price or is there something I've missed?” Objections
  28. 28. Listen to the whole objection Clarify the objection Answer the objection Get agreement Objections
  29. 29. Opposition Indifferent Sceptical Objections
  30. 30. I don't have time to talk to you at the moment We already have our own training programme We don't need training Just send me the details My brother-in-law runs the training for us My sales team are already trained I deal with xyz training company I have never heard of your company
  31. 31. Keep Going! Try for more information Indifference
  32. 32. "Just send me the details“ "I will be happy to email you the details. It is quite a long document, are there any areas you are specifically interested in?" Indifference
  33. 33. “No, just email me the details“ “Certainly.” Email the details. Then... Follow Up! Did he get it? Does he want it? If not, why not? Indifference
  34. 34. "I don't want one“ "I am sure you have a reason for saying that Mr. Smith, do you mind if I ask what it is?" Indifference
  35. 35. "How much is it?“ "We have a full range and the prices are very dependent on your needs, what you are using at the moment?" Indifference
  36. 36. "I am too busy at the moment” "I understand that, we all get very busy sometimes, when would be the best time to call, on Friday, or would Monday morning be better?" Indifference
  37. 37. "We already have a supplier" "May I ask who it is?" "XYZ Supplies" "They are a good supplier. How do you find their service? Indifference
  38. 38. What is the best thing your customers’ can do for you ? Complain!
  39. 39. Complain! 96% of dissatisfied customers never complain. If you fix the problem, 50% - 74% will return. If you fix it straight away...... 96% will stay forever!
  40. 40. Listen! Remain calm and objective Don't Argue / Don't interrupt Empathize Ask what the best solution would be Tell the customer what you will do Do it ........ Then follow up! Complain!
  41. 41. Things to Avoid Don't say “How are you today?” Don't say “This is not a sales call” Don't say “Congratulations, you have been chosen from 4000 people to win a two week holiday in Welcom”
  42. 42. Things to Avoid Don't transfer a call without telling the third party what the call is about Don't let the sun set on a customer complaint Don't leave your prospect listening to what is going on in your office
  43. 43. The Real Enemy Be Ready with everything you need Set Targets for yourself Never have a gap between calls Make Statistics work for you Do it first! Call Reluctance
  44. 44. Selling over the Telephone