Lead Generation: The Art of Cold Calling and the Science of Email Prospecting


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  • Great slides! thanks for sharing. I’d like add some other great tools: 1- Outreach.io (Paid) - Send follow-up emails; 2- ReplyUp.com (Freemium) - Send follow-ups emails; 3- WhoIsVisiting.com (Paid) - Identify unknown B2B website visitors; 4- Found.ly (Paid - It's us) - Sales prospecting tool on LinkedIn; 5- Attach.io (Paid) - Viewer engagement analytics for presentations; Thanks
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  • My name is Jon Miller, VP Marketing and co-founder at Marketo….Today, I’m thrilled to be joined by…I’m @jonmiller, and XYZ is ABC, so please feel free to engage with us during or after the presentation on Twitter using #HASHTAG
  • Please note that today’s webinar is being recorded. It will be available on-demand soon after the conclusion of the webcast.We will conclude today’s event with a Q&A session. Please feel free to submit your questions throughout and we will get to as many of your questions as we can. You can enter questions by typing your question in the box on the left-hand side of your screen. <pause>
  • Changed buyer
  • Four tactics
  • Needs to start with sniper focus on who you want. Initial attempts just asking Sales for target accounts was less effective. Reps needed a way to see the accounts in their territory, find the white-space, and then stack-rank the accounts based on attractiveness.We decided to build this into our CRM for two main reasons:Continuously updated with latest territory assignments and customer informationTrack activity against each account (history)Step 1: Bought the data – Catapult for 1 and 2Step 2: HierarchiesStep 3: Augment with the data we know – who uses SFDC, Eloqua, etc (mention Builtwith)Step 4: Account Score (very cool)Step 5: For each target account, work with data vendors to get contact informationNow we have foundation for successful campaigns
  • With ALL these tactics, the key is how we use Marketo Secret Sauce and Marketing Automation as a force multiplier to get more out of it than regular…For example, direct mail. SDR simply picks who they want in SFDC, adds them to MSI Campaign. Integration with Marketsync means package is sent, and as upon delivery, Marketo gets notified which sends a personalized email for the SDR and creates the task for them to call them. From there, a series of SLAs kick-off to ensure SDR maintains good follow-up, and the closed-loop reporting happens automatically so we see exactly how it works. Result from first few months are amazing: since automating it like this, we see 63% connect rate – 30X average for outbound. Plus 5% opp rate, and growing.
  • How do we run 40+ programs a month?Marketing automation makes it easy. For example, we run a roadshow series of events we call the Revenue Rockstar tour… 14 cities, two events in each (100-150 people for 3 hours, plus 10-15 execs for a breakfast). Each program comes with multiple landing pages, multiple campaigns, and more than a dozen emails for invites, reminders, follow-ups and so on. The complexity could be overwhelming, but using Marketo’s Program functionality, we can simply create the program one time. Then, when we are ready to use the next one, we simply clone the program and update the parameterized values called Tokens, e.g. the date, location, registration URL, and so on. Then, all the emails and landing pages automatically use those values – no additional effort is required!That’s an example of offline events… But we also do online events like webinars, where we get even more automation by integrating with the webinar provider so we automatically get the registration and attendee information. In fact, we have a total of 25 different program types – and have built best practice templates for type [including tradeshows, emails, display advertising, content syndication, and so on], so our program managers can simply clone the template each time… The result is we can run so many programs easily and efficiently!
  • You can do this simply by creating more content, but we’ve found it helps to push your message sometimes!
  • 18 triggers11 batches19 campaigns to manage the whole thing
  • Here’s how Marketo does it. Latent behaviors – interestActive behaviors – buying intent
  • Rolling Stones, “What’s Puzzling you....”Pink Floyd, “Comfortably Numb..”
  • My name is Jon Miller, VP Marketing and co-founder at Marketo….Today, I’m thrilled to be joined by…I’m @jonmiller, and XYZ is ABC, so please feel free to engage with us during or after the presentation on Twitter using #HASHTAG
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