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Sales objections. Sales objections analysis. Sales objections responding.

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Sales Objections Linkedin

  1. 1. Sales Objections Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  2. 2. Sales Objections AnalysisWomen’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  3. 3. Sales Objections AnalysisWhat is an objection ?It’s a concern raised by the buyer provides a feedback about what is really in mind. Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  4. 4. Sales Objections AnalysisWhy is it important to analyze objections? Objections Opportunities Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  5. 5. Sales Objections Analysis Source TypeWomen’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  6. 6. Sales Objections Analysis Need Product • I don’t not need the • I don’t like the product. product. • Your product makes too • I’ve never done it that much noise. way before. Firm Price Time• I don’t like your • I have no money • I’m just not interest company. • The value does not today.• I dont like you. exceed the cost. • I need time to think about it. Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  7. 7. Sales Objections AnalysisMisunderstanding Skepticism Drawback• The buyer believes in • The buyer doubt in • The buyer believes in a feature or defect the features or the a feature or defect which doesn’t exist. manuals. which exist. Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  8. 8. Sales Objections Analysis Customer: Your Customer: Your Customer: I’m Example 2 Example 3Example 1 product is low company supports travelling quality. Israel‘s economy. tomorrow. Hint: You know it’s Hint: You told him Hint: Your product from the top 5 in before that your needs 72 hrs for the market. company invest installation. money in Egypt only. Source: Source: Source: Product Firm Time Type: Type: Type: Misunderstanding Skepticism Drawback Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  9. 9. Sales Objections Analysis TypeSource • Need • Misunderstanding • Product • Drawback • Firm • Skepticism • Price • Time Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  10. 10. Sales Objections Analysis Magi Green spent considerable time working with aCase 1 prospective buyer. She thought a good order would be forthcoming on her next call. A portion of her conversation with the buyer went as follows: BUYER: You know, I like what I hear about your copying machine. But how can I be sure it will be available on the days that we need it for our next project. MAGI: We’ve never had any real complaints before. I’m pretty sure they will be easily available and installed on time. BUYER: You are sure of that? MAGI: Well, I’ve never heard of any problems that I can remember. BUYER [appearing unconvinced and looking at some papers on his desk with out glancing up]: I’ll let you know later what I plan to do. Thanks for dropping by. Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  11. 11. Sales Objections AnalysisCase 2 You have been describing to a retail security officer and his boss a new security camera that your firm just introduced. The camera has tracking features that make it easier for security to review tapes. The security officer says, “I would really like that” The boss says, “Well, if it’s what you think we need, OK. How much does it cost?” At your reply, “This one is £ 2,498,” the boss exclaims, “For that little thing” Hint: Your competitor costs £ 1,500. Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  12. 12. Sales Objections RespondingWomen’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  13. 13. Sales Objections RespondingHow can we respond to an objection ? & Relax Listen To answer before listening is foolish and shameful… Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  14. 14. Sales Objections RespondingWhy do we need to respond properly? The reality is that salespeople run into rejection in a day than most people have to absorb in weeks or months. Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  15. 15. Sales Objections RespondingCommon methods for responding to objections Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  16. 16. Sales Objections RespondingRules in consideration Rule No 1 • Relax and listen Rule No 2 • Evaluate objections Rule No 3 • No ideal response method Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  17. 17. Sales Objections RespondingCommon methods for responding to objections If the buyer makes a statement that is Direct denial Indirect denial , USE: If the buyer raises a Compensation or Boomerang Feel – Felt – Found Pass by USE: Postpone Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  18. 18. Sales Objections Responding 1. Direct denial Form • Disagree + EvidenceBuyer:“Your product’s quality is toolow.”Response:“ That simply is not true. Ourproduct has been rated as thehighest in the industry for thelast three years.” Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  19. 19. Sales Objections Responding 1. Direct denial•No one likes to be told that he orshe is wrong.•This will lead to confrontation. Use when objection refers to something that is critical important. Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  20. 20. Sales Objections Responding 2. Indirect denial Form • Assure that the question is a good one + EvidenceBuyer:“Your product’s quality is too low.”Response:“ That ‘s really an excellent question, andallows me to clear up a misconception thatperhaps I’ve given to you. Actually, though,our product has been rated as the highestin the industry for the last three years.” Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  21. 21. Sales Objections Responding 3. Compensation Form • Admit + Benefit detailing (Optional)Buyer:“Your product’s quality is too low.”Response:“ I defiantly understand your concern.However, It was designed that way in orderto be simple and less complex moreovereconomic comparative to other competitorproducts. Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  22. 22. Sales Objections Responding 3. Compensation Feature – Benefit Cost effective Benefit 1Feature 1 Benefit 2 Benefit 3Feature 2 Benefit 4 Price objections Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  23. 23. Sales Objections Responding 4. Boomerang Form • Admit + Return objection into a reason for buyingBuyer:“Your product’s quality is too low.”Response:“ The fact that the quality is lower than in otherproducts is probably the very reason you shouldbuy it. You said you have grandchildren, you justneed something simple and low-priced. Thisproduct fills that need. Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  24. 24. Sales Objections Responding4. Boomerang It can appear Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  25. 25. Sales Objections Responding 5. Referral / Third party testimony method Form • Feel – Felt – FoundBuyer:“Your product’s quality is too low.”Response:“ I can certainly understand howyou feel. Dr. Adel felt the sameway before he bought the product.But after using it, he found thequality was actually superior tothat of the others.” Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  26. 26. Sales Objections Responding5. Referral / Third party testimony method • Avoid extremes • Avoid unpleasant relations• Third party permission• References Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  27. 27. Sales Objections Responding 6. Postpone Form • Permission to answer later + DetailingBuyer:“Your product’s quality is too low.”Response:“ That’s an interesting point. Beforediscussing fully, I would like to cover justtwo things that I think will help you betterunderstand the product from a differentperspective. OK?” Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  28. 28. Sales Objections Responding 6. Postpone •Raise an objection in the early part of the sales interview • Should ask for permission •Some objection best to be answered when they occurNever use it if the buyer insist to know the answer. Customer: what are the delivery schedulesExample for this product? Salesperson: I would really prefer to discuss that after we talk about our production line. Customer: No, I want to know now! Salesperson: Well, we deliver it within 72 hrs. Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  29. 29. Sales Objections Responding 7. Pass-up / Acknowledge Form • Acknowledge + [PAUSE] + Another topicBuyer:“Your product’s quality is too low.”Response:“ I understand your concern. You know oneof the things I always look for is howproducts quality stacks up against its cost.[PAUSE] Now, we were talking about….” Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  30. 30. Sales Objections Responding 7. Pass-up / Acknowledge • Use rarely / sparingly • Use with FALSE objections• Probing & clarify [ Acknowledge]•PAUSE : 3 – 5 sec. • Experience is the key Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  31. 31. Sales Objections Responding Objections Analyze RespondSource Type Direct Need Misunderstand Indirect Product Drawback Compensation Firm Skepticism Feel - Felt - Found Price Boomerang Time Postpone Pass-by Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  32. 32. Sales Objections Author : Joseph YoussefWomen’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  33. 33. Sales Objections AnalysisJoseph Youssef Women’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef
  34. 34. Sales ObjectionsWomen’s HealthCare Joseph Youssef