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  1. 1. Telesales Techniques If you follow the steps.. system will work for You…!!
  2. 2. INDRANIL
  3. 3. Before we begin……..Lets all take out a small piece of paper and penI want each of you to write down 4 facts about yourself one of which is a LIEAfter 3 mins one person is going to read their list aloud and rest of the team is going to write down 1 thing which you think is LIE..Are you ready?....
  4. 4. QUIZThe cold call is fun. If you think it is NOT fun when youare exceptionally well preparedDon‘t apologize for anythingDon‘t make excusesDon‘t have fun
  5. 5. A customer asks you, "Do you have XYZ product? If you don’t have XYZ ..What should you say?I would love to have XYZ but the ABC meets your needs.You lie to the customer that you own oneABC is champ! I am telling you.
  6. 6. The best use of your talking time is to…Explain every features that we havetell the customer about features we dont advertiseFinish one feature+benefit first,then go to the next
  7. 7. Which sales word NOT to avoid?FranklyQuite FranklyHonestlyAre you prepared to order today?Smile
  8. 8. Why do some customers pay price for a product and others not?It depends on where they liveCriteria werent metBecause they do not use our service at allThere is no difference, everyone pays the same price
  9. 9. Which one is most important criteria for Telesales Specialist?Serve as front-line peopleAlways strive to be part of the best sales team possibleBe a full-time customer of XYZKnow exactly what The XYZ‖s latest products, services and features areAll of the above
  10. 10. If the customer calls in and ask for a job opportunity, what will you do?Disconnect the call and move to the next prospectAdvice customers to Visit and select current opportunities below the webpageBeg for a jobCall your sales manager
  11. 11. When a customer calls in for multiple orderof Z products for their workplace, who do you refer this customer to?Sales ManagerTech supportBusiness Development teamNone of the above
  12. 12. Sales quote• Nothing happens until a sale is made• Dont cry over a sale• ABC• All of the above
  13. 13. Which one is true when you are on a call?Smile when you start the callGive your name and companyGet to the point fastMake it short and sweetAll of the above
  14. 14. CONGRATULATIONS!You are done !
  15. 15. Lack of SalesA famous professor at Harvard Business School once asked hisstudents to name the number one reason that businesses donot succeed.He got all kinds of answers, ranging from bad management and bad programs to bad products, poor concepts and lack of capital. After reading all their answers he stood before his class and told them that the number one reason businesses fail is . . . ―lack of sales‖That‘s it. It‘s lack of real sales—the work you and I do on the front lines. And if I can‘t get in the door to see people, I‘m not going to sell.
  16. 16. ZIG ZIGLAREvery sale has FIVE basic obstaclesno needno moneyno hurryno desireno trust
  17. 17. What will you learn?• Understanding that Telephone is a Sales Tool• The right attitude for success• Using your voice properly• Mistakes to avoid during Sales Call• Above all how to increase your income as a Tele Sales Executive
  18. 18. What to expect?If you follow the steps—the system will work!Make a commitment to drill the techniques repeatedly until they become second natureDo what works . . . And stick with it. And you will certainly see dramatic improvements in your sales prospecting and your overall income level
  19. 19. Radio Vs Telephone CommercialSoundMultiple voiceProfessional voiceProfessional scripts
  20. 20. Difference between Telephone and Face to Face SellingCONTROLIn a face-to-face situation you have more control than you have on the phoneMUTUAL VISIONWhen on the phone, one does not see the prospects business environmentDEMONSTRATIONAny attempt to display a solution or answer becomes more complicated.
  21. 21. What is Cold Calling?In order to maintain and even expandmarket share you need to contact newprospects. This is called ‗cold calling‘
  22. 22. TELEMARKETINGInstead of selling the product or serviceover the phone (you omit the desirestage), an appointment is made for eitheryourself or a colleague to visit and talk inmore detail.
  23. 23. Incoming CallsOne of the main advantage of incoming call is … they are in a buying frame of mind
  24. 24. AIDAAttentionOpening questionsInterestOpen questions to establish the needDesireSelling points and benefitsActionCloses Assumptive /AlternativeObjections
  25. 25. Cold Call Mechanics1. Get the person‘s attention2. Identify yourself and your company3. Give the reason for your call4. Make a qualifying/questioning statement5. Set the appointment
  26. 26. Five Ways to Double Your Income1. Double the Number of Calls 2. Get Through More Often 3. Get More Appointments 4. Close More Sales 5. Generate More Dollars Per Sale
  27. 27. Boiler Room
  28. 28. A=P=SAppointments give you prospectsProspects give you Sales If you have no new appointments today, what‘s your chance of getting a new prospect?If you have no new prospects, what‘s your chance of making a sale?
  29. 29. Where to look for leads?Civic OrganizationsConferencesNewspapersDirectorySocial Networking sites
  30. 30. How Insurance Agents Can Get More New Customers
  31. 31. By the numbers?How many appointments do you need to get your prospects?How many dials on the phone does it take to get those appointments?If you don‘t know those numbers, how can you know whether your sales approach is working?
  32. 32. Numbers from the real world 293 > 149 > 49 > 83 > 10
  33. 33. Six Specific telephone tips for Cold Calling1. Use a Mirror2. Use a TimerKnow how much time it takes you to make a good call.3. Practice!It will take you three hours or so, but if you practice properly, those 3 hours will be the most productive hours of your entire sales career
  34. 34. Six Specific telephone tips for Cold Calling4. Keep a Record of Your Calls5. Tape-Record Your Calls6. Stand UpStand up when you make your calls!
  35. 35. Funny SBI Credit Card Telemarketer
  36. 36. AT A GLANCE
  37. 37. Back to Basics• Impression• Communication• Psychology• Fear• Attitude(Yours)
  38. 38. Influencing powers7% of our influence comes through the words we use38% of our influence comes through our voice qualities 55% of our influence comes through the use of body language
  39. 39. Why Telecalling is challenging?BECAUSE we lose the most influentialfactor (body language) over the phonethe ratio shifts as follows: 25per centthrough vocabulary and 75 per centthrough voice qualities (how we sound).
  40. 40. VocabularyClient want delivery by Wednesday afternoon and you cant guarantee itPositive Phareseology would sound like―I‘ll try to get this to you by Wednesday by putting in a special request with the driver. If he can accommodate he will. If not it will definitely be with you on Thursday‖
  41. 41. Use phrases to recap or maintain attentionsuch as‗What we can do.......‘,‗What you need….. ‗Others have found...‘‗I appreciate how you feel…..‘‗You have a point, of course……‘‗If I understand you correctly. . ...‘‗So what you are saying is. ….. .‘‗Based on what you have said you need. …… .‘
  42. 42. Good to GreatShall we visit in the morning?Better: When is the best time to visit?If you dont mind, could I speak to the VP?Better: May I speak to the VP, please.Im not really sure how that works.Better: I dont know the answer to that, but I will find out and give you a call back.If you decide to get the product, you can give me a callBetter: Once you decide, call me and I will get you set up.
  43. 43. Good to GreatDo you have an account?Better : What is your account number?Would you be interested in buying a burglar alarm?Better: Burglary has increased by 10 per cent over the last 12 months. When was the last time you heard of a local robbery?Are you happy with your current provision?Better: How often do you review your …?Do you want red?Better : Which color would you prefer?
  44. 44. A thought to ponder• We speak at around 120 words/minute.• We read at around 200 words/minute.• We listen at around 400 words/minute.
  45. 45. Presentation Voice1.Volume2. Enunciation3. Pronunciation4. Vocabulary5. Speed of deliveryA good presentation voice includes first and foremost the three jewels: energy, enthusiasm, and passion.
  46. 46. Hints for Improving Voice over phone1.Make sure every call is energized by your enthusiasm and passion for what you do.2.Check your energy before each call.3.Dont rush your presentation for anyone. If a prospect doesnt have time, reschedule the call for another time.4.Take full breaths, even deep ones, when presenting. It will give you better vocal tone.5.Learn by audio taping your presentation and listening for opportunities to improve.
  47. 47. Inside an Indian Call Center
  48. 48. AT A GLANCE
  49. 49. A rewarding career in Telesales
  50. 50. EXERCISE1. Think about your product or service and come up with good reasons why you can be excited aboutwhat you sell. Your product doesnt have to be the best in the world, it just has to have value. Learnwhat the values of your product are and use them as your tools to be excited about what you sell.2.Do the above for your company.3.During each call, think about how you sound. Use your recorder to examine your calls for that positive,enthusiastic-sounding presentation.4.Keep in mind at all times that this is a commercial, and you want your prospect to enjoy it.
  51. 51. EXERCISE1.Analyze and develop your ability to convey enthusiasm and energy in your presentation. Practice on tape to make sure your smile shows through when you speak in your presentation voice. Have a friend or coworker listen to your presentation to assure you of your enthusiastic tone.2.Make a list of your companys key assets, those most valuable to the customer.3.Make a list of the best reasons a customer might buy your products or services.4.Solidify in your mind, by writing down, your reasons for being enthusiastic and passionate about your companys products or services.
  52. 52. Prank Call - The funniest ever!!
  53. 53. EXERCISE1.Use your recorder to record a number of normal conversations, then record a number of sales calls.Listen to your tape and compare your causal voice to your presentation voice.2.Now make notes regarding the things you need to improve in your presentationvoice as you go.3.Write out the answers to a couple of the primary objections you encounter in your sales presentation,then present those answers to your recorder using your notes as a guide to improve your presentationvoice.4.Repeat this process a couple of times. After each repetition, take some time to listen to a professionalpresenter (motivational speaker, news anchor,). As you listen to these people, think aboutwhat they are doing with their voice for effect, and see how they use vocal tactics to influence theaudience.5.One of the key things you must do in your presentations is to avoid losing your energy or enthusiasm,even when the going gets tough on the phone. This was the reason I suggested you write out some ofthe key objectives. Try at this point to come up with some other negative situations, then write outyour answers and use them to practice your presentation voice.
  54. 54. EXERCISE1.Lay out the typical scenarios for the decision- making process in your business. This would include the titles and relationships of the decision makers you usually talk to. Set a plan for presenting to the different decision makers.2.Develop a series of questions that will qualify the decision maker and the decision-making process for you.3.Look for questions and statements you can use to avoid making a presentation
  55. 55. Debrief
  56. 56. Sample Opening Script• Good morning , this is…… from ….. The reason I‘m calling you today specifically is …….so I can stop by and tell you about our new program that increases…. I‘m sure that you like …. are interested in (Positive response)
  57. 57. Referral ScriptGood morning , this is…… from …. (Insertyour brief commercial of your company.)The reason I‘m calling you todayspecifically is that we‘ve just completedworking on a major project for ……, whichwas extremely successful in increasing …..What I‘d like to do is stop by next to tellyou about the success I had at . How‘s….. ?
  58. 58. Follow-Up Script• Good morning , this is…………… from ……..A number of weeks ago I contacted you, and you asked me to call you back today to set up an appointment. Would that be good for you?
  59. 59. The two key areas in mirroring over the phone are1)voice mirroring through pitch, volume, tone, pacing, vocabulary, phraseology, tempo, etc; and2) Emotional mirroring through attitude, belief, tolerance, understanding, compatibility through respect, involvement, sharing qualities, etc.
  60. 60. Mirroring Tips ‗YES, I‘M VERY PLEASED WITH YOU‘Depending on the intonation and emphasis on the word ‗VERY‘ the meaning changesSo…..speak in the same TONE PACE the conversation in the same way use the SAME VOCABULARY and PHRASEOLOGY, even PAUSE in the same rhythm – PACING demonstrates RAPPORT
  61. 61. To make mirroring or rapport work over the phone you• We cannot, however, agree with everything or we lose credibility, but we do want to show we understand.• The best tool to establish this is by mirroring or duplicating actions or statements
  62. 62. BULLET PROOF YOURSELF AROUND COMMON RESPONSES I am not interestedResponseJust send me the informationResponseThe price is too highResponse
  63. 63. Pursuit of Happiness telemarketing / cold calling
  64. 64. BULLET PROOF YOURSELF AROUND COMMON RESPONSESThe price is too high (Again)ResponseI already have a broker/supplierResponseI want to think about itResponse
  65. 65. BULLET PROOF YOURSELF AROUND COMMON RESPONSESI want to talk to my accountantResponseI can’t afford itResponseI don’t have the money nowResponse
  66. 66. BULLET PROOF YOURSELF AROUND COMMON RESPONSESI can get a better deal elsewhereResponseI don’t know you and I don’t feel comfortable doing business over the phoneResponseIt’s still too riskyResponse
  67. 67. BULLET PROOF YOURSELF AROUND COMMON RESPONSESI don’t like high pressure salesman and and I feel you are pushing me into thisResponse
  68. 68. Energy Persistence
  69. 69. How to piss a telesales Caller Off!!! fi5E
  71. 71. IMPORTANT rules of Selling Todays informed customersNever pressure a client to do something they should not doNever pressure a client to buy something they should not buy
  72. 72. The Art Of Looping• Looping is the Key to Sales• First use Deflection• After you deflect clients initial refusal ..go backward and resell your product
  73. 73. Language Patterns for LoopingStart with ……1.Does that make sense ?2.Sell yourself3.Sell your company
  74. 74. Sales Lead Tracking SheetDials II Discussions II Presentation II Sales
  76. 76. ImplementationAnd finally, we come to implementation. You just have to do it.You have to implement the plan. You have to do the work.
  77. 77. Ratio (Inbound Calls)DateCalls IssuesYouCanService Presentation Recommendation Closed Sale
  78. 78. Ratios (Outbound Calls)DateDials Completed Calls Presentations Recommendations Closed sales
  79. 79. Daily Call ReportDateFirm Name Contact name Result Follow up Prospect CategoryLocation Title/Tel No
  80. 80. Good LuckIf you apply these skills into your sellingcareer , I have no doubt that you willsucceed in telesales—or in any capacity—as a salesperson. Good luck!
  81. 81. INDRANIL