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COMP08003 - Business Computer Networks - Overview of Module


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These are the slides that are delivered in week 1 of the COMP08003 module.

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COMP08003 - Business Computer Networks - Overview of Module

  1. 1. Business Computer Networks Module Overview Tom Caira School of Computing E252 0141-848-3915 Twitter: @TomCaira
  2. 2. Aims of the Module • To provide you with a basic awareness of networking technology and terminology associated with the Internet and business computer networks. • To provide you with an awareness of the benefits that networking technologies bring to the business community and to engender an appreciation of the strategic and operational value of business computer networks©2012 Tom Caira 2
  3. 3. Learning Outcomes • By the end of this course you should be able to – Illustrate broad knowledge of the basic concepts, technologies and terminology associated with the Internet and business computer networks. – Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the value and benefits of business computer networks©2012 Tom Caira 3
  4. 4. Module Topics 1. Introduction to Networks & Networking Concepts 2. Network Design Essentials 3. Networking Media and Network Interface Cards 4. Making Networks Work 5. Network Architectures 6. Simple and Complex Computer Networks 7. Introduction to Network Security 8. Supporting Small Business Computer Networks 9. Enterprise and Wide Area Networks©2012 Tom Caira 10. Solving Network Problems 4
  5. 5. Industry Certification • CompTIA Network+ – Recognised by many IT companies as essential or desirable for working in a networking technician role – This module covers most (but not all) of the Network+ syllabus • You may choose to complete the syllabus yourself and also take the Network+ certification exam • You can arrange to take this certification exam at the University – But it is not part of your programme of study and you will have to pay for the certification exam yourself • More info©2012 Tom Caira – 5
  6. 6. Module Assessments • One Examination • One Coursework Assignment • Each worth 50% of the overall assessment for the module©2012 Tom Caira 6
  7. 7. Teaching Staff • Tom Caira Room E252©2012 Tom Caira 7
  8. 8. Recommended Textbooks • There is no required textbook for this module • The notes and additional information that I give to you on Moodle should be enough • If you feel that a book might help you then you might consider buying – Tomsho, 2011, Guide to Networking Essentials, 6th Edition • Available on Amazon for approx. £55 – White, 2012, Fundamentals of Networking and Data Communications, International edition of 7th revised edition • Available on Amazon for approx. £45 • There are a huge number of networking-©2012 Tom Caira type books available 8
  9. 9. Delivery Mechanism • Paper Free – Using Moodle • • Should automatically be given access once you have enrolled and registered for this module • Check that you can get access and familiarise yourself with the Moodle system • If you have enrolled and are unable to access Moodle then let me know immediately • If you have not yet enrolled then do so ASAP©2012 Tom Caira 9
  10. 10. Module Schedule • 10 Units – See Module Plan for delivery schedule – Approximately 3-4 hours contact per week • 1-2 Hours Lecture • 1-2 Hour Tutorial or Activity or Lab – Anticipated that you will also spend at least another 6 hours per week on private study • Reading the notes, reviewing tutorial exercises, reviewing further information provided on Moodle©2012 Tom Caira – Note this is in addition to time spent on your coursework 10
  11. 11. Lecture • Compulsory • 1-2 hours per week – 9.00am Wednesdays in L221 – 6.00pm Wednesdays in E223 (Evening Students) • Make sure that you prepare before coming to the lectures – i.e. At very least look over the lecture notes • Lecture material and any recommended reading will always be available by the©2012 Tom Caira Monday before the class 11
  12. 12. Tutorial/Lab/Activity Sessions • These will run when appropriate and when time permits – Discussion – Demonstration – Quiz – Practical work©2012 Tom Caira 12
  13. 13. Private Study / Further Reading • This module requires you to get involved in a great deal of research and “understanding” of the topics that are presented • There is not enough time during lectures and other sessions to go through everything in great detail • You will likely only achieve this “understanding” if you commit extra time for further reading and private study©2012 Tom Caira 13
  14. 14. Assessment • Standard University exam – 3 questions from 5 • Coursework – Written Report & Presentation • Group project – Maximum 4 students per group – undertake an analysis and specification based assignment on a business computer network©2012 Tom Caira installation for a real or simulated client – (approx. 3000 words) 14
  15. 15. And Finally!! • Enjoy the experience • Very interesting and hopefully very useful module • Very current and “sellable” • Business (and Home) computer networks are becoming increasingly essential – Next 5 to 10 years (and beyond) hold great promise for suitably qualified professionals©2012 Tom Caira • Hopefully plenty of job opportunities 15