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This is a brief 10 minute summary of the technology changes in the Ottawa Catholic School Board over the last 3 years and the initiatives that are now part of our learning technologies transition process. Learning in the 21st Century is the framework to support our Board priorities of Success for Students, Success for Staff, and Stewardship of Resources.

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  • A 10 minute Overview of the Technology Process within the Ottawa Catholic School Board – shared at Smart Technologies, July 2012
  • Our process began 3 years ago with a systemic review of the department and the technological needs of our schools and an environmental scan of what was happening in the community
  • Look back on where we were as a Board 3 years ago – similar to many Boards
  • We now annually review our planning document, Towards 2020 – Connecting with Our Students
  • Example of our Board priorities and framework for 21st Century Learning
  • We recognize that technology is not the answer, it is a support framework for our key priorities of student and staff success
  • Our assumption is that engagement leads to achievement, and at all times we need to keep students as the focus
  • Infrastructure must be secure and reliable
  • This slide gives you an idea of what is happening with Bring Your Own Device as more and more students bring devices to school. You’ll see that there are over 4600 iPods connecting everyday – I wonder how many of your students have an iPod that could be used as a learning device?
  • Equipment is one small piece and curriculum is an important component
  • Lots of role modelsModel use of Google DocsDemonstrate efficiencies of web 2.0 features such as room booking and Board CalendarExec meetings using electronic Board meeting tools (Board Book)
  • Multiple in-service and delivery options
  • Change is constant with technology so we won’t be able to sit back we will continue to push for the best learning environment for our students
  • we are all part of the changes and we will provide support to staff and to students as we continue to transition to a 21st Century Learning and Teaching Environment
  • OCSB - District Tech Changes

    1. 1. Learning in the 21st Century Ottawa Catholic School Board T. D’Amico
    2. 2. Systemic Review in 2010 • The world haschanged and there is no turning back
    3. 3. Looking Back… 3 years ago Overhead projectors – minimal LCDsInformation Technology Silo Information Where Small number of Interactive Technology Silo Whiteboards – various brands do we Desktop computer in each class start Some wireless spots in some classes Lock down philosophy (Filter/Block) No central repository for information Slow and unreliable network No help desk or tracking of issues Students with special needs – withdrawn to use locked down laptops
    4. 4. Look where we’ve come! 21st WhereCentury doLearning we go Board 21st Century next? Learning School Board
    5. 5. Board Priorities•
    6. 6. Learning goes beyond the classroom• No matter how much equipment a school or classroom has, unless the educators are well prepared, confident, and have had the chance to practice, little will change in the classroom Pg. 107
    7. 7. Students are the focus • Changesin Teacher Practice • Focus Groups • Work with Partners Increased Increased Student Student • Environmental scanEngagement Achievement • Inter-departmental
    8. 8. Infrastructure Stability• Reliable • Flexible Where Network Implementation do • Network Stability we • Increased Bandwidth • start?Enterprise Wireless • Bring Your Own Device • Support to VPs and Ps • Parent Presentations • Information to Trustees (WiFi research summary)
    9. 9. Wireless / BYOD SnapshotWireless Device Count •Device Type 29-May-11 16-Dec-11 25-May-12iPod 4457 4213 Where 4695Laptop - Board 3610 4186 do 3573Iphone 1571 2394 we 2898Netbook start? 1630Android 888 1413Blackberry 821 941 1107iPad 120 390 834Laptop - User 915 634Phone 67 68Macbook 65Others 429 26 71Total 11008 14020 16988
    10. 10. Older Schools / Re-tool• Mobile Devices • Curriculum Where and Digital integration • Laptops / SmartBoards / Resources do LCD projectors we • Link to Numeracy and start?Literacy - goals • 21st Century Learning contest and pilot projects • Innovation fund • Digital resources budget (2 year cycle review) • Learning Commons transformation
    11. 11. Leadership and Capacity Building• Capacity • Senior Leadership Team • Building Importance use of Technology Focus WhereGroups, Mode of role models lling, In-service do •Google Docs – collaborate on Board Improvement Plan we • 21st Century Learning start?- Journey to Leadership • Board-wide 21st Century Learning PD day focus • Variety of training and in- service opportunities – respect generation differences • Director’s System Address
    12. 12. Staff training and in-service •Summer Sessions Daily in-service at schoolsOnline Directed Sessions Where(Adobe Connect) doVirtual Learning(ie. SmartBoard – Mrs. Blossom) weRecorded Tutorials start?Weekend SessionsParent Forums (Saturdays)Teacher Forums (SummIT)PD Day(s)Principal/VP Training sessionsExecutive training sessions
    13. 13. The only Constant is Change•PowerSchool Implementation•Wireless completion•Learning Commons Implementation•Blackboard implementation•Single-Sign-On implementation•Google Apps for Education / Gmail implementation•Active Directory Design
    14. 14. The only Constant is Change•Library management and eBooks•Blended Learning•Parent Engagement and communication systems•Wireless Printing Solutions•Tablets and MDM•New Enterprise Systems / Finance / HR•Report Cards, OnSIS, etc. etc. etc.
    15. 15. Whether you believe you can, or you believe youcan’t – you’re right. Henry Ford