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UX Design for Content Management Systems


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Published in: Design, Technology
  • Just Kevin so elegantly explained, Centralpoint contains tons of out of the box modules for it's users. We can use Centralpoint as a CRM with our internal employees, and use the intelligrid to track calls, make dynamic contracts, and the gamification suite tells management who is doing what with whatever point system is defined. On top of that, we can make online forms that make sign-able pdf's right there to ship. It's a pretty cool workflow station. Contract management used to be a nightmare because of the variations per state. Using the dynamic form creator, we can dynamically create pdf's on the fly based on where the user is coming from. Then we update a centralized database in one shot. No more document chasing.
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  • I recently after years of experience with content management systems came across a system with the new User Experience Platform (UXP). I had been hearing about these new buzz word “UXP” in technology for some time. I really didn’t understand what it meant for my company or me. I did a quick Google and found out this new platform could easily create productive for us. We were using SharePoint but between the licensing, I.T. staff cost, and the fact that it didn’t have any real social capabilities made us search for a new CMSs fast. We found Centralpoint by Oxcyon. At first we were a little hesitant but after the first issues occurred and their team solved the problem it left us pretty confident. What was really impressive is that Centralpoint came with over 230 out the box modules. This meant that we didn’t have to deal with a lot of third party software. Lastly we cut down on cost because it wasn’t any cost per seat.
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UX Design for Content Management Systems

  1. 1. • Twitter: @danigrrl • UX FOR CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Dani  Nordin,  Bentley  UXC/the  zen  kitchen  
  2. 2. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Hi. I’m Dani. UX Designer/Researcher, Bentley UXC Grad Student, Bentley University UXD Teacher, General Assembly (Boston) UX Lead, Drupal Community Tools Team Author, Drupal for Designers (O’Reilly, 2012) Co-Organizer, Design 4 Drupal Camp Boston danigrrl on Twitter and D.o
  3. 3. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Let’s talk about…! A tale of two projects
  4. 4. • Twitter: @danigrrl •
  5. 5. • Twitter: @danigrrl •
  6. 6. • Twitter: @danigrrl •
  7. 7. • Twitter: @danigrrl • 12 weeks 3-5 user interviews 1 designer A few rounds of feedback and iteration Process   15-page PDF 15 minute presentation Deliverables  
  8. 8. • Twitter: @danigrrl •
  9. 9. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Reorganized navigation and content for 98 departments.
  10. 10. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Reorganize permissions so students, faculty and staff could log into the site
  11. 11. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Set up Workbench editorial workflow and training for 250 content editors
  12. 12. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Completely reorganize how departments are presented, including both public and internal content
  13. 13. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Set up an internal Announcements model that allowed users to subscribe to specific announcement categories
  14. 14. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Redesign an internal directory in Drupal using data from user profiles
  15. 15. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Rearchitect the college magazine, Berklee Today, using a custom taxonomy and content type for display
  16. 16. • Twitter: @danigrrl •
  17. 17. • Twitter: @danigrrl •
  18. 18. • Twitter: @danigrrl •
  19. 19. • Twitter: @danigrrl • 8 months 3 months of meetings 98 departments around the college Constant feedback and iteration cycles Process  
  20. 20. • Twitter: @danigrrl • 30+ pages of site maps Axure prototypes for 6 new features Content models for 3 new areas 6 Training videos 60+ pages of training documentation 4-6 training sessions for content managers Deliverables  
  21. 21. • Twitter: @danigrrl • What’s the difference between them?
  22. 22. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Mobile APP UX •  Can  start  solo  or  in  small  teams   •  Easier  to  see  patterns  in  functionality/content   •  Often  dealing  with  1-­‐3  personas   •  Mostly  end  users  &  those  interacting  with  them   •  Tasks  are  fairly  broad/limited   •  Easier  to  start  small  and  ramp  up  
  23. 23. • Twitter: @danigrrl • UX for content management systems •  Team  dynamics  are  important,  but  messy   •  Projects  can  represent  a  huge  effort  among  a  lot  of  people   •  Involves  increasingly  complex  content  and  interaction   patterns   •  End  users  are  just  the  tip  of  the  iceberg   •  Content  creators   •  Department  managers   •  Permissions  need  to  be  managed  carefully  
  24. 24. • Twitter: @danigrrl • What happens when 98 departments need to train staff and student employees to enter content?
  25. 25. • Twitter: @danigrrl • A PROCESS …and  some  perspective  
  26. 26. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Identify the users and the stakeholders •  What  is  the  goal  of  the  project?  How  does  it  relate  to  the   business  priorities?   •  Who  will  be  using  this  site?   •  Who  will  be  maintaining  the  content?  How  are  they  feeling   about  the  change?   •  What  safeguards/permissions  need  to  be  built  into  the   system  so  that  content  managers  can’t  break  things?  
  27. 27. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Stakeholder Meetings
  28. 28. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Task Anon/ NTF Potential Traveler Single Traveler Group Leader Booked/ BND Past Traveler Site Editor Access information about Vantage Learn about becoming a group leader Learn about single traveler matching program Learn about traveling with Vantage Search for trips View specific trips View trip accommodations View trip itinerary View trip pricing View trip departures Access Vantage contact information Create an account on the site Bookmark trips/Add to “wish list” Vantage Travel - Functional priorities by user role! Created Thursday, February 3, 2011 High priority Medium priority Low priority Question priority Not applicable Requires account setup Anonymous Prospect CustomerFunctional Priorities
  29. 29. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Personas
  30. 30. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Evaluate the content •  Where  is  it  coming  from?   •  What  needs  to  be  updated  or  deleted?   •  What  formatting  needs  exist?   •  File  uploads?   •  Image  uploads?   •  Music  or  video  Siles?   •  Who  is  responsible  for  getting  it  into  the  system?   •  Who  will  be  maintaining  it?  
  31. 31. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Site Maps
  32. 32. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Stakeholder Meetings
  33. 33. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Establish your content types •  Identify  commonalities  in  the  content   •  Blog  posts   •  Announcements  or  News  Items   •  Events   •  Staff  Pages   •  Policies  or  Handbooks?   •  Forms?   •  Each  will  have  its  own  needs  for  formatting  and  display  
  34. 34. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Content Models
  35. 35. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Architecture Workshops
  36. 36. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Start prototyping •  Working  in  Axure  helps  establish  patterns  and  priorities   before  code  gets  written   •  Annotating  as  you  go  gives  developers  something  to  work   from,  and  avoids  miscommunication   •  Breaking  down  work  into  functional  “chunks”  allows  you  to   focus  on  one  piece  while  the  developers  are  working  on   another  piece.  
  37. 37. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Prototypes
  38. 38. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Architecture Workshops
  39. 39. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Stakeholder Meetings
  40. 40. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Understand the political implications •  Your  team  is  building  the  system,  but  other  people  have  to   maintain  this  content.   •  Redesigns  signal  a  large  change  in  the  organization   •  You’re  asking  departments  to  put  in  a  lot  of  extra  work.  
  41. 41. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Content Manager Training
  42. 42. • Twitter: @danigrrl • Stakeholder Meetings
  43. 43. • Twitter: @danigrrl • User Experience is not the work of one person … it’s the work of everyone in the business.