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Social media reality check: ip does matter | buzzient


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Buzzient IP strategy

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Social media reality check: ip does matter | buzzient

  1. 1. Social Media Reality Check: IP DOES Matter | Buzzient Customer Login | Resource Center Products Pricing Trials OEM Resources About Blog Search Blog Social Media Reality Check: IP DOES Request a Free Trial Matter March 4, 2013 Recent Blog Posts tbj Social Media Reality Check: IP DOES Matter No Comments It’s often assumed in the technology world that the products... Read More » Burger King and Jeep Twitter Hacking: Time for Corporate Social Media to Grow Up The high profile hacking of the Twitter accounts of Burger... Read More » Buzzient Social Data Integration with Enterprise Applications There’s been a lot more interest in the... Read More » Tag Cloud adam metz Buzzient CRM Customer Service Customer Support echo chamber Enterprise Enterprise Integration Entrepreneurship Facebook Innovation District Instagram Integration Interactive Intelligence Lead Generation lessons learned Loyalty M&A Open Social Enterprise Oracle Press Radian6 Retail It’s often assumed in the technology world that the products and services being developed, (often with tens or hundreds of millions of $’s of VC money) are in fact innovative. Innovation can have many definitions; a sentiment Siebel siebel crm new internet service based on open source components might have an innovative business model or a Social CRM SocialCRM social new delivery method without having a single line of software innovation at the core. social enterprise customer applications Social Media Regardless of how one feels about where real innovation lies, or whether patents make sense to software Social Media Socialmedia or internet companies, the truth remains that our system enables entrepreneurs to both protect innovation, as well as have it measured objectively. That’s what the USPTO is for, and love ‘em or hate ‘em, the Analytics social media USPTO does provide a “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” as to whether certain technology is integration Social Media Management innovative enough to be legally protected. Social Media Marketing Social Media Publishing social media reach Social Media Tools social In the social media explosion of the last several years, we’ve observed a real focus on user network analysis Techcrunch Technology acquisition(even with no revenue) and growth, but less interest in IP. As a result, at Buzzient we developed Twitter workflow an IP development and protection strategy from early on; our belief has been that eventually social would evolve into a platform technology and that by owning key components of the stack, we’d build a more valuable company. A great read on the value of embedded IP is in the book “Invisible Engines” Social CRM and the Enterprise Adam Metz Enterprise Software Insider Oracle CRM Blog Paul Greenberg CRM In this regard, Buzzient chose a strategy more like that of Qualcomm. If you go back in time, Qualcomm Web Strategy by Jeremiah Xenophon Strategies made both semiconductors as well as phones:1 of 3 3/7/13 12:28 PM
  2. 2. Social Media Reality Check: IP DOES Matter | Buzzient As the market for mobile phones became more crowded, the company realized early that commoditization of phone pricing was inevitable. As opposed to scaling up their phone production efforts to produce at higher volume/lower margin, the executives at Qualcomm chose to focus on the CDMA software platform that drives many of the phones on the planet. To do so required a concerted IP protection strategy, and a positioning of the company to no longer sell phones, but to license CDMA for royalties. In social media we’ve seen a similar growth in the number of social media applications. In listening/monitoring alone there are over 100 companies providing some level of capability, largely because open source tools have dropped the barriers to entry to the proverbial “two guys and a dog”-created minimum viable product. Anticipating this Cambrian explosion of social media tools, Buzzient prepared years ago by filing broad utility patent coverage. In addition to selling our own applications for social analytics, and uniquely, our integration with multiple CRM applications, we’ve set Buzzient up to be the “Qualcomm of social media” long-term. The first steps in doing so were the patent filings; the second steps have been the grant of not just one, but two core patents in social media: These patents cover (1) the ability to target advertising based on social media sentiment and (b) the ability to determine an implicit social network based on social media traffic weighted by sentiment analysis and other measures. Without going into details, we know that Buzzient has prior art to several multi-Billion $ valuation social media companies. So, even though the perception might be that social media is a casual, technology-light category of the industry, at Buzzient we’ve articulated not only a strategy for building core technology, but also protecting that innovation. Social media companies need to take heed; IP DOES matter. Post to Facebook 1 1 1 4 Leave a Reply2 of 3 3/7/13 12:28 PM
  3. 3. Social Media Reality Check: IP DOES Matter | Buzzient Name* Email* Websites Comment SUBMIT Follow Us Contact Us Buzzient, Inc. Phone: 1.800.308.BUZZ (1.800.308.2899) E-mail: Copyright © 2009-2013 Buzzient. All rights reserved. | Privacy Policy3 of 3 3/7/13 12:28 PM