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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization


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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization was presented to a business audience at the Oswego, NY SBDC on March 21, 2013. This introductory overview includes a view of your website as a sales funnel, the Search Engine Landscape, determining online potential, the basic principles of SEO and the convergence of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimization presents presented by Eddie Bluff, Vice President Key Accounts & Co-Founder
  2. 2. About Today…Download This Presentation on SlideShare.netWe’re here to help… •  After this presentation •  Consultations at your convenience
  3. 3. What We Will Cover •  How has the Internet changed the way we do business? •  Your Website as a funnel •  The Internet Marketing Landscape •  Determining online potential •  The convergence of Search and Social •  Internet marketing in more detail o  Search Engine Optimization o  Blogging •  Social Media as a force multiplier •  Live Audience Website Audits
  4. 4. How Products Used To Be Purchased I need a … Where do I get it? Shop Months Evaluate Negotiate Buy
  5. 5. … Today (In The Internet Era) I need a … Where do I get it? Online Shop Evaluate Negotiate Prospect contact Buy
  6. 6. Your Website As A Sales Funnel Vertical Websites Social Media 10,000 25% 12,500 12,500 Your Website 0.75% 0.75% 0.25% 1.0% 75 94 125 More Money 25% 67%
  7. 7. The Internet Marketing Landscape
  8. 8. Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
  9. 9. Search Engine Market Share
  10. 10. Determining Online Potential
  11. 11. Keywords – What Your Site Is About •  Don’t let website designers pick keywords •  Align Content with words customers use •  Examine competitor’s keywords •  Position content in the path of prospects •  Provide clues about prospects’ concerns/questions •  Facilitates development of content important to potential customers
  12. 12. Twitter Search
  13. 13. Google Alerts
  14. 14. Convergence Of Search And Social
  15. 15. •  Influenced by: •  Quality of content •  Number of followers •  Tweet volume
  16. 16. •  Influenced by: o  Number of connections o  Profile updates o  Discussions created o  Popularity of discussions (comments)
  17. 17. Search Engine OptimizationRelevance•  Title tag•  Keywords and description•  H tags•  Content•  Alt tags
  18. 18. Why Links Are Important?Credibility•  Authority•  Incoming links are votes of confidence•  Links from related pages or sites•  Related anchor text
  19. 19. Credibility•  Social Signals (Author / Human/Social Authority)•  Twitter – authoritative people lend their authority to pages they tweet•  ReTweets are the new links
  20. 20. Local SearchGeneral Rule of ThumbIf a company can only survive (or thrive) locally… …then a portion of the people searching for the company’s products or services will refine their search using geographic modifiers Country, State/Province, City/Town/Village, Zip/Postal Code
  21. 21. Blogging Yesterday Today Tomorrow ???
  22. 22. Establish Credibility With Social Media Create Accounts (Name Claim) Grow Lead Discussion Networks Become the Participate In Expert Discussion Create Content Distribute Content
  23. 23. Establish Credibility With Social Media Create Accounts (Name Claim) Grow Lead Networks Discussion Become the Participate In Expert Discussion Create Content Distribute Content
  24. 24. Twitter LinkedIn YouTube SM Platforms Published Print Social Media Tech Facebook Maximize Media Paper Opportunities Email Campaign Published Multi-purpose Online Website Media Content Blog Engaging: Post Conference Market Sheet Presentation - fans - markets White Intranet/ - customers Paper eLiterature Press Application Release Note
  25. 25. Blogs = expert & support SEO Website Search (blog) Rank Engines Content Distribute Need Social Interaction Prospects Properties Branding
  26. 26. Google Analytics •  What is it? o  Website Traffic Measurement & Analysis Tool •  Where Do you get it? o  Free o  Webmaster to install
  27. 27. Website AuditsSite-Seeker, Inc. © 2013