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Buzzient Presentation at Oracle CrossTalk 2010


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Buzzient Presentation at Oracle CrossTalk 2010

  1. 1. Disruptive Technologies: Innovators Redefining Retail Timothy Bernard Jones, CEO, Buzzient
  2. 2. Your Customers are talking…about YOU Are YOU listening?
  3. 3. Where’s the Conversation taking place? My 800 Number? With my existing sales force? In my Retail Stores? YES, but ALSO….
  4. 4. What kinds of things are they saying?… No one answers my email, Your Customer Service So I’m going to Twitter! Stinks! I’d really like to buy something new, but wish I I love those yellow had a coupon… gore-tex jackets, I can see my kids anywhere.
  5. 5. How BIG an issue is this…really?
  6. 6. Ok, So WHAT do you do about it? First, realize that Signal-to-Noise Ratio is very low
  7. 7. How Buzzient Helps Buzzient Aggregates social media data Buzzient Enterprise™ Social CRM Applications API API API API API Portal Merchandising Support SEO/SEM Sales
  8. 8. What if I’m too busy to pay attention?
  9. 9. Contact: Timothy
Jones CEO,
Buzzient One
Floor Cambridge,
02142 Ph:
1514 9