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Buzzient Snapshot report for Verizon


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Snapshot of social media impact on Verizon of NSA disclosures. Noticeable sharp drop in Social media sentiment over the last week.

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Buzzient Snapshot report for Verizon

  1. 1. BuzzientSocial Media Analytics ReportVerizonTime Period: 2013-06-06 - 2013-06-12Created: Jun 13, 2013Powered by Buzzient Page - 1
  2. 2. Verizon Current Sentiment IndexThe Buzzient Brand Sentiment Index measures how Social Media Participants feel aboutyour brand. It tells you how positively or negatively your brand is perceived by onlineusers.The Sentiment Index (at the brand or product level) is an aggregated rating. BuzzientEnterprise generates the index by analyzing and rating each individual post about you.The analysis leverages positive/negative keyword modifiers that are specific to you andincorporates metrics regarding importance of the particular author and source.The index ranges from +150 (extremely positive opinion) to -150 (extremely negativeopinion). A value of 0 expresses neutral sentiment. Positive values of 25 or above aretypically very good.Verizons Sentiment Index of 2.09 indicates a mildly positive attitude towards Verizon.The current sentiment index reflects how social media users feel about your brand now.Use this in conjunction with Sentiment Index Trends (in a later section) to determine ifopinion about you is rising, falling or remaining consistent. These insights will help youcraft strategy and tactics to maintain or increase social media opinion about you.Powered by Buzzient Page - 2
  3. 3. Sentiment Index TrendsWhen monitored over time, Brand Sentiment Index trend lines show changes in attitudesand opinions toward you and your competitors. User sentiment toward brands cansometimes fluctuate greatly over time.The ability to track trends provides you with historical visibility into how marketingprograms or other events have impacted opinion toward you and the competition atvarious points in time. You can learn how past activities affected sentiment and use thatknowledge to construct the most effective current and future strategy and tactics.Powered by Buzzient Page - 3
  4. 4. Share of VoicePercentageWhile online sentiment measures attitudes, Share of Voice indicates the percentage ofsocial media posts referring to your brand in comparison with this set of competitors from apurely quantitative perspective.Among these different brands Verizon clearly dominates the others in terms of Share ofVoice.This analysis helps you determine whether you need to construct programs that increaseor preserve your share of voice.Powered by Buzzient Page - 4
  5. 5. Verizon Brand Volume Trend LinesBrand Volume Trend Lines gives you an apples-to-apples comparison of volume as it hastrended from 2013-06-06 through 2013-06-12 for Verizon. The vertical axis of the chartdisplays volume (posts per month) while the horizontal axis displays time.Powered by Buzzient Page - 5
  6. 6. Positive and Negative Post VolumePositive/Negative Post Volume gives you a comparison of 2013-06-06 through 2013-06-12volume including the breakdown of positive, negative and neutral posts for Verizon. Thevertical axis of the chart displays volume (posts per month) while the horizontal axisdisplays time.Powered by Buzzient Page - 6
  7. 7. This default on-demand report is generated from the Buzzient Enterprise Social MediaAnalytics Platform, a hosted system that provides automated harvesting and analysis ofsocial media on the internet for global enterprises.Buzzient Enterprise harvests, aggregates and analyzes unstructured, qualitative socialmedia conversations about your brand and products and those of your competition. Awide array of quantitative measurements and visualizations from the analysis arepresented through the Buzzient Enterprise web browser interface. This report containshighlights of some of these major analysis areas.Overall capabilities of Buzzient Enterprise include:Integration with CRM and Customer Support Systems- Easily create support cases or marketing leads from harvested posts with a single click.- Integrations include (Service Cloud, Sales, etc.) and SugarCRM.What Users Are Saying- Harvested posts are automatically scored and viewable through a variety of filters.- View posts in their originating site. Interact with users if appropriate.- Search for posts by keyword.- Bookmark and/or email important or interesting posts.What Users Think About Your Brand, Products and Competitors- Current, historical and comparative sentiment indices. Overall and by source groups.- Historical sentiment trend analysis.- Distribution of positive, negative and neutral posts over time.How Much People Are Talking About You- Percentage breakdown of buzz between you and key competitors.- Historical buzz trend.Topics and Trends- Discover the most frequently used concepts, terms and competitors users employwhen writing about you.- How mentions of your products, features or keywords compare to each other over time.Opinion Leaders- The top authors on discussion forums, facebook, blogs and twitter that talk about you.- The most positive and negative users who talk about you.Top Websites- The most likely sites for users to reach when searching for information about you.Alerts- Receive alerts for changes in sentiment, highly positive or negative posts, new posts byspecific authors and more.Powered by Buzzient Page - 7
  8. 8. Copyright InformationCopyright 2010 Buzzient Inc. All the text, graphics, design and other works are thecopyrighted works of Buzzient Inc. All Rights Reserved.For more information, please contact us.Buzzient, Inc.One Broadway, 5th FloorCambridge, MA 02142www.buzzient.comTel. 617 475 1514info@buzzient.comPowered by Buzzient Page - 8