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Social Media as the new glue for integrated campaigns


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Social Media as the new glue for integrated campaigns

  1. 1. Introduction :Industry recognition of Intel Social Media Leadership • Highest Social Media Scores of >150 companies evaluated – Marketing Leadership Council, Nov 09 • #10 in Top 10 Brands Measured by Depth of Customer Engagement Level – Source: The Altimeter Group, 20 June 09 Link • 2009 100 Most Social Brands, #49 (from #76 in ‘08) – Source: Virtue, Jan 2010 Link • Top 10 Fortune 500 Companies Doing Social Media Right – Source:, 28 Sep 09 Link • Top 50 Social Brands #50 – Social Radar, Jan 2010 Link • #3 most connected Wed brand (measured by presence and consumer engagement across all social media channels) – Source: Brand Republic, 28 Oct 09 Link • #6 in Top Brands Using Social Media, the only brand with social mentions trending positively – Source: ReadWriteWeb, 13 Oct 09 Link • #76 in Top 100 Brands Engaging in Social Media – Source:, Jan 09 Link • Intel makes list of 50 most mentioned brands on Twitter – Source: Mashable, 30 Oct 09 Link • IDC Report Features Intel for Social Media Best Practices – IDC, Best Practices for Social Media, 2009 • Intel Social Media Training – Harvard Business Review, 2010 link
  2. 2. *Social*The New Glue! Intel® Asia Pacific
  3. 3. ―A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer, it is what consumers tell each other it is.‖ quote from SCOTT COOK, FOUNDER INTUIT AND P&G BOARD MEMBER
  4. 4. Marketing 101: The purchase funnel: Intel marketing tools we use to pull customers thru to purchase. DIRECT DIRECT PR, print, outdoor, events TVOPINION FORMING PR eMarketing IIP buzz advertising programs advertising online initiatives blogs content online portals syndication social media SEM RESEARCH viral search Web Shopping SHOPPING assistant online “Where to programs Buy” JMP PURCHASE RETAIL / CHANNEL sales
  5. 5. ~50% Tools are missing in most markets TV and large Out of home not available. Heavy reliance on Retail. OPINION FORMING PR eMarketing IIP buzz advertising programs blogs content syndication SEM RESEARCH On Domain Web JMP SHOPPING online programs PURCHASE RETAIL / CHANNELThis represents the reality of most marketing activities in various APAC countries. eMarketing is the one set of
  6. 6. Conversation is the new ‗content‘
  7. 7. Customer interaction & connectivity is on their terms now.
  8. 8. To be leaders, we need to make an effort to engage.
  9. 9. Introduction to Social Media @Intel
  10. 10. First…a little bit about I ―…deep inside this place, miracles are baking. Magic is roaming untethered.And a group of people — people very much unlike you and me — are forging our tomorrow‘s NEW NORMAL…‖
  11. 11. …And the world at large has…―ABSOLUTELY. NO. FREAKING. IDEA.‖
  12. 12. …isn‘t it time to convey that this companyis not just a microprocessor company…
  13. 13. this company is a …move-society-forward- by-quantum-leaps company.
  14. 14. This is how we see Intel…
  15. 15. it is modern
  16. 16. it is high tech
  17. 17. …it is ‗Quirky‘
  18. 18. …and will make you laugh…
  19. 19. 2 8See the hilarious video:
  20. 20. …but not in a ‗Weird‘ way
  21. 21. It IS ‗Intel‘ Blue
  22. 22. It is local to you
  23. 23. both On Domain (
  24. 24. and ‗off domain‘ (Rest of the Web)
  25. 25. The Intel® brandis very specific…
  26. 26. our visual style needs to be consistent… …as a rule.
  27. 27. Retail Merchandising – Core visuals • APAC• US
  28. 28. Retail Merchandising Assets ( print) •tearsheet •stands•Monitor topper •Gift bellyband •Fact tag •Monitor cling
  29. 29. Retail Merchandising Assets ( digital) •Animated banners •Static banners
  30. 30. Intel Genuine Dealer Channel
  31. 31. Discovery Partner Progra
  32. 32. •Add ….discovery
  33. 33. ..and it‘s not hard to tell the difference.
  34. 34. We are Intel. We areSponsors of Tomorrow™
  35. 35. Social Media Agenda: i. Intel® Strategyii. Actions we recommendiii. Examples and Results
  36. 36. i. Intel® Social Strategy
  37. 37. Intel® Social Activation Strategy G R O WGrass Roots Results Operationlize WidespreadLed by passionate early adopters & pioneers Pilots Established ROIs ScalabilityEffort not always tied to Risk assessment Setting governance & Marketing integration strategy or ROI guidelines Results Executive commitmentLimited barrier to entry Enabling & infrastructure Learning from failing and InsightsLimited understanding by retrying Deploying training and external stakeholders communication plans Optimization Often tool-based (e.g. blogs, Unique skill set properties) Metrics & tracking Consolidation Enterprise platforms Centralization and sharing BKM 2010 2011 - 2012 2005-2009 Focus and Opportunity
  38. 38. Strategic Imperatives1. Take the training and follow the guidelines. Ensure your agencies know, understand and follow the guidelines.2. Plan to be resourced and be prepared to nourish and sustain engagements once you have created them.3. Fish where the fish are - find your audience and go TO them. Understand what works best in your market.4. Learn from others and drive innovation through creativity. See our case studies and share your activities.5. Leverage PR and paid media for breadth and scale.6. Measure what matters and take action - use different tools for different purposes.
  39. 39. Special guest: Don says… “Our worst fears lie in anticipation.”
  40. 40. ii. Actions we have taken
  41. 41. 1. EMPOWER EVERYONE aka: the Rules of Engagement
  42. 42. With Social Media we must: Have fun with it Be creative. Stay on Brand.
  43. 43. …but most of all,WE NEED TO BE ‗SOCIABLE‘and …not anti social.
  44. 44. Here is what we tell our employees… • Be transparent. • Be judicious. • Write what you know. • Perception is reality. • It‘s a conversation. • Are you adding value? • Your Responsibility. • Create some excitement. • Be a Leader. • Did you screw up? • If it gives you pause, pause. •LINK TO GUIDELINES
  45. 45. …make sure your teams are trained.
  46. 46. Special guest: Don says… “If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.”
  47. 47. 2. Enable LeadershipAka : the Playbooks, and getting everyone running in the same direction
  48. 48. Example: How to Change People Without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment* • Begin with praise and honest appreciation. • Talk about your own mistakes first. • Call attention to other peoples mistakes indirectly. • Ask questions instead of directly giving orders. • Let the other person save face. • Praise every improvement. • Give the other person a fine reputation to live up to. • Encourage them by making their faults seem easy to correct. • Make the other person happy about doing what you suggest.edit: How to Win Friends and Influence People.tten by Dale Carnegie and first published in 1937
  49. 49. Intel® Playbooks
  50. 50. 24 page Playbook focused on YouTube for employees and agency teams.
  51. 51. 27 page Playbook on Facebook for employees and agency teams
  52. 52. 24 page Playbook focused on Twitter for employees and agency teams.
  53. 53. Social Media Networks – Know What They Do Best • Social spread • Conduit of information • Humanizes the brand • Tagging photos and • Real time, social search through video videos • Influences the • Content distribution • Responding to wall influencers platform updates • Real time ―focus group‖ • Global • Content agnostic and / or early warning • Robust analytics • Increased content system • High definition creation and user • Open door to their data outperforms others engagement • Drives traffic • Drive traffic • Targeted advertising
  54. 54. Special guest: Don says… “Advertising is based on one thing: happiness. And do you know whathappiness is? Happiness is the smellof a new car. Its freedom from fear. Its a billboard on the side of a
  55. 55. Increase the Happiness!- Send them @replies on Twitter.- Come up with promos that reward those who choose to ―Like‖your brand on Facebook.- If you have to, ―scream with reassurance‖ that what you‘reoffering is exactly what they‘re looking for.
  56. 56. 3: Innovate.
  57. 57. Intel ESPM Monday night Football….results
  58. 58. Intel Batik Consumer Activation….results
  59. 59. Intel Get the Right Technology Campaign….results
  60. 60. Intel Museum of Me….results
  61. 61. Special guest: Don says… “No. Everybody else’s tobacco is poisonous. Lucky Strikes’ – is toasted.”
  62. 62. 4. Moderate Closely.Embarrassment can be damaging
  63. 63. Moderation of commentsGood, Bad, …But Not Ugly •Intel is Awesome •Good Content •Intel is too Expensive •Not Positive •Intel is @#$%@ •Ugly
  64. 64. Moderate your Facebook• Clearly identify your business and marketing objectives• When building the page, pay attention to consistency and representing your brand• Limit the number of posts - just a few times per week is enough• Listen to your audience - try different ways to engage them• Keeping your Page updated with fresh and meaningful content• Posting Updates including video and photos is highly encouraged• Familiarize yourself with Facebook-provided metrics• Always use URL-shorteners with link tracking• If something goes wrong, contact Intel‘s Social Media Center of Excellence and your manager• And…..understand and be prepared for an ever changing platform
  65. 65. Moderate your Twitter• Auto-tweets from an RSS feed can turn off your followers and is not recommended• Automated direct messages, avoid those services• Be careful what you retweet, sometimes people retweet content with out actually clicking through to see where the link really leads• Too much “me, me.”, keep tweets interesting and relevant• Too much. General rule of thumb is to check around to see what others are doing, look for negative (or positive) feedback and adjust accordingly• Not enough. The other side of the content coin is that you don‘t tweet enough. What is enough? Find out what your audience is doing w/your tweets (re-tweeting, replying) and adjust
  66. 66. Special guest: Don says… “Limit your exposure.”
  67. 67. final thoughts…
  68. 68. Thanks Don, you’ve been a great guest… any last thoughts? ―You want some respect? Go out there and get it for yourself.‖
  69. 69. Video: Batik 60sec
  70. 70. Notable credits1. - A stunning film from Will Hoffman and Daniel Mercadante to accompany Radiolabs Words episode. With an original score by Keith Kenniff. Radiolabs Words episode: Everynone: Keith Kenniff: http://www.unseen-music.com2. of-social-media/ - On October 6, 2010, Ryan Powszok3. How to Win Friends and Influence People is one of the first bestselling self- help books ever published. Written by Dale Carnegie and first published in 1937, it has sold 15 million copies globally.[1]
  71. 71. About the speaker: Peter M Dingle• Peter Dingle is the Interactive Marketing Manager Intel‘s Asia Pacific Region. Specialising in integration across multiple complex marketing tools and activities to ensure marketing communication maximises value for the top 10 brand. He is the APAC Regional social media expert and new media online advocate, providing digital strategic direction to the fastest growing consumption and billing geography world wide.• Dingle has been in Asia since 2003 and has 12 years of experience in Brand Marketing, Product Marketing , Sales training, launching and ramping Technology products in across 16 diverse emerging and mature markets. Dingle has held local country roles as well as regional and world wide roles.• Dingle earned a bachelor‘s degree in International Business and Marketing at Auckland University in New Zealand and since then he has also completed studies in Finance at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. When he is not delivering world class marketing at Intel he enjoys Yachting, power boating , getting outdoors and spending time at home with his family. He is a keen entertainer with extensive experience in the kitchen.