Mobile Monday Dü Augmented Citizen


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Mobile Monday Dü Augmented Citizen

  1. 1. augmented citizen Challenges and Solutions for an Open and Sustainable Outernet Dan Romescu Willi Schroll
  2. 2. Augmented Reality in the hypecycle
  3. 3. Augmented Reality unfolding
  4. 4. Mobile Augmented Reality 2010: Players looking for common tunes Creative Commons Rickz @ flickr ”Commons are institutional spaces in which we are free.” – Yochai Benkler
  5. 5. Mobile Augmented Reality: Reality spam – explode the Tunnel of choice? Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop, Keiichi Matsuda 2010, vimeo
  6. 6. Mobile Augmented Reality: AR intrusion hacks – an adoption killer? 2010-01-27: The Case Against Augmented Reality
  7. 7. The State of Mobile Augmented Reality: Great opportunities 2014: USD 732m (Juniper) The 16 business models of Hayes 2009 2009
  8. 8. How Big? Q: Isn‘t AR just a new mode how to display information? A: Yes, but this in fact means to change the mode of interaction with the world, your physical and social reality Some name this „Augmented Reality Industry“ (Bruce Sterling)
  9. 9. Christine Perey – The Data Paradox
  10. 10. Deep impact of AR in a nutshell Since AR adds data into your stream of perception it immediately adds something into your stream of consciousness. > Different overlay, means different worlds, means different behaviors. > In the future AR will not be just another media channel.
  11. 11. The State of Mobile Augmented Reality: Challenges & Solutions •  Lack of standards? •  Establish conventions and patterns for MAR GUI, API etc. •  Lack of open data, local, social, objects, faces? •  Awarenss of privacy issues •  Diverse design patterns and •  Ecosystem to enable the interaction paradigms? „Augmented Citizen“ •  No legal framework for complex •  We need more than an privacy issues „Augmented Customer“ because of the deep impact of AR for reality •  Lack of hardware convenience – construction phones‘ AR usability is not perfect – waiting for AR goggles? •  We need an Education Framework to build responsible „Augmented Citizens“
  12. 12. Maybe: The tech titans prepare for AR Commerce •  Ubiquitous Advertising? If the world is a platform, what can you do with Google Adwords, Streetview, Buzz and Goggles? •  Ubiquitous Commerce? If the world is a platform, what can you do with some cool AR smart phones and the iTunes concept? •  We should not leave the super powers alone with the fundamental decisions ahead
  13. 13. Civic IICT Realspace Realpeople Navigation Instant Reality Hyperlocal Offers Realtime Reality Stream AR Advertising Lifelogging Experience Reality Mashup Augmented Signage Serendipity Local Immersion Search Commerce Ubiquitous Shopping HyperLBS augmented 360° Transparency Predictive Marketing Social Search Reality Mining citizen Augmented Media Face Recognition Privacy Infotainment Augmented Social Obectlinked Networking Customer Socializing Knowledge Symmetry Entertainment Interface Permissions Augmented Immersive MAR Event Guide Dating Hybrid Tracking Identity Sharing Edutainment Context Intelligence Small Worlds Mixed Reality Augmented IdentityMAR Blended Learning 3.0 Games Ecosystem Reality Design MAR at Home Sensor Fusion Ambient Intelligence AR Commons Affective MAR Object Recognition Hybrid Intelligence
  14. 14. The State of Mobile Augmented Reality: Challenges & Solutions ”Commons are institutional spaces in which •  Question: What about an AR we are free.” foundation to promote the – Yochai Benkler necessary solutions? •  Win-win-win for business, developers and AR user community •  23.-24.04 Berlin 1st European Augmented Reality Conference & DevCamp
  15. 15. Open Mobile Augmented Reality Foundation
  16. 16. The State of Mobile Augmented Reality: Open Source and Open Data InstantReality Mixed Reality Framework X3DOM Based on Open Source WebGL JS Framework •  3D ISO standard (Application) X •  ardware accelerated 3D in web- browsers H without plugins •  penSG (Rendering) O • HTML 5 conform X3D notation •  isionLib (Computer Vision) V •  ased on WebGL and Javascript B •  0 y. of development @ Fraunhofer IGD 1 •  ynamic scene manipulation via DOM & jQuery D Enables rapid application development •  orks already in nightly builds of Webkit, Firefox, W Scalable from Smartphone to clustered setups Chrome and on Nokia N900 Cross-platform • n regular browsers by 2010 I Free for non-commercial use •  eospatial X3d soon G
  17. 17. Europe AR Conference and Dev Camp – April 23/24 2010 – Berlin Open Augmented Reality. The World as Interface and Platform. The largest commercial AR event in Europe. The event will show the present trends and amazing outlook of AR technology – and aims to translate these keen visions into business. Day 1: ARDevCamp Business Area Day 2: ARDevCamp Production Area Will come on ARConf.EU & ArDevCamp.EU, stay tuned!!
  18. 18. The success formula of AR in Advertising If you have instant reality IR and manage the overlays O - Oi of data perfectly the Augmented Citizen will filter IR x SoN ( Oi ) = C2 the offers, which best fit into his situation based on his social cluster SoN. Guess the conversion rate C. To be honest: Convenience is a factor – the real boost of MAR starts with goggles.
  19. 19. Permission and Privacy Framework •  o legal framework for complex privacy issues N •  obile Augmented Reality intrusion hacks M •  ugmented Identity Phishing A phishing |ˈfi sh i ng | noun the activity of defrauding an online account holder of financial information by posing as a legitimate company : [as adj. ] phishing exercises in which criminals create replicas of commercial Web sites. DERIVATIVES phish verbORIGIN 1990s: inspired by fishing, perhaps borrowing the ph from phony. Adaugio:AR phishing exercises in which criminals create replicas of instant reality layers for real objects!! Open discussion at the MoMo DÜ
  20. 20. Contact Information Dan Romescu Augmented Citizen Advocate @dromescu Willi Schroll Technology Analyst, Futurist @wschroll Find the presentation on