Managing UP!


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A brief overview of some tips you can use to manage your boss!

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  • Most issues relative to managing up have to do with micro-management and stubbornness of/old thinking from the bossI’ll try to keep this a bit generic but will also try to give you some helpful hints in 10 minutes! Our consulting approach to working this issue is observation, development and coaching – it’s a skill building initiative
  • This subject matter may not seem applicable to you if you are a sole proprietor or small company - relate all of this to your personal life, not just your business – think about who you take direction from, who you serve, who disciplines youIf you are a sole proprietor your husband or your wife could be considered your “boss”Professional oversight authorities, homeowner associations, your landlord, volunteering for various Board positionsAll of these may require you to “manage up”
  • It’s important to review the root causes of the need to manage upPeople have egos, feelings, a fixed way of thinking, paradigms…we are faced with dealing with them all…
  • A lot of this may sound like “brown-nosing” but the reality is managing up is truly a sales jobYou can push back, take a position, dig your heels in, but a convincing argument is a better approachWe don’t always get what we want!
  • Don’t be like most people – be inventive, be positive, be proactive – stand out from the normDon’t always ask for permission – use your responsibility and authority to get stuff done – beg for forgiveness if needed
  • Be prepared and have your facts together before approaching the bossYou may have to wait for the boss to be in a good/receptive mood!
  • Evaluate yourself and improve based on feedback from the boss and yourselfWork harder on yourself than you do on your job!
  • Thank you for the opportunity to speak this morning!Any questions?
  • Managing UP!

    1. 1. Managing UP!<br />The Art & Science of<br />Managing Your Boss<br />
    2. 2. Everybody has a boss…! Some are internal (see your organizational chart) and some are external (customers) to the organization<br />America has an abundance of underprepared and over-promoted managers (causes pain for employees)<br />America has a plethora of unmotivated, uninspired and reactive employees who lack fundamental work ethic (causes pain for bosses)<br />Truths…<br />
    3. 3. Bosses often need to be managed because:<br />They have been underdeveloped & over-promoted<br />They may be managers but are not leaders – may fear change vs. drive it<br />They cannot “let go”; delegation is the last key skill most good managers learn<br />Expectations have not been developed and clearly communicated to them or to you<br />Levels of authority, responsibility and accountability have not been defined to them or to you<br />Understanding How We Got Here<br />
    4. 4. Know and understand your boss’s “hot buttons”; learn what is important to them (peeves, likes/dislikes)<br />Proactively communicate with your boss (it’s a two-way process)<br />Define and document expectations and your levels of responsibility, authority and accountability with your boss<br />Take leadership; own and drive initiatives, communicate successes and achievements<br />Approaches to Managing UP<br />
    5. 5. Volunteer for projects; take stuff away from your boss and help make it happen for them<br />Don’t deliver problems to your boss – instead offer solutions (multiple choice if possible)<br />Be transparent – maintain integrity and honesty at all times. Communicate concerns and bad news early (be prepared with solutions & recommendations) <br />Use “management by exception” to move projects/initiatives forward<br />Approaches to Managing UP<br />
    6. 6. Capitalize on your boss’s strengths and recognize/compensate for their weaknesses<br />Seek objective feedback from your boss, and not just once a year<br />Seek your boss’s advice and guidance when needed – it is appreciated<br />Practice being a good salesperson – sell ideas and plans to your boss by highlighting benefits and positive outcomes – steer them - be persistent but not overbearing<br />Approaches to Managing UP<br />
    7. 7. What is your net value to the organization and what will you do to increase your value…?<br />How do you interact with and manage others…? If asked, what would your employees or customers tell your boss about you…?<br />How is your personal job performance…are you delighted with your own work…?<br />Are you part of the boss’s problem, or part of the boss’s solution…?<br />Consider The “You” Factor<br />
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