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Spelling Bee ม.ต้น


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คำศัพท์ แข่งทักษะ Spelling Bee ระดับ ม.ต้น

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Spelling Bee ม.ต้น

  1. 1. คาศัพท์ Spelling Bee ม. ต้น แข่งทักษะวิชาการ ปีการศึกษา 2556 Word Sentences accommodation This government will not make any accommodation to terrorists. apology a letter of apology appetizer My appetizer is morning is fruit salad. afraid I was too afraid to answer the door. against Put the broom over there against the wall. agreement The leaders reached an agreement after five days of talks. airline an airline pilot alone I don’t like walking home alone after dark. association We work in association with our London office. athlete Thai athletes are going inside the stadium. assign She was assigned to the accounting department atmosphere There was a tense atmosphere during the final minutes of the game. astronaut New Armstrong is an astronaut. baggage We loaded our baggage into the car balcony Our hotel room had a balcony where we could sit and look at the lake . bargain I found some good bargains at the garage sale. believe He says he didn’t take the money, but I don’t believe him. benefit Most parents want to give their children the benefit of a good education. beverage My beverage is lemonade. beyond Most people don’t work beyond the age of 65. biography a biography of Lincoln birthday My birthday’s (on) November 15. campaign a campaigner for equal rights for women capable We need a capable person to organize the concert. carefully Please listen carefully. carsick I got carsick when I went to Bangkok by bus.
  2. 2. castle He lives in a medieval castle in England. category These books are divided into categories according to subject. central All packages are transported to the city’s central post office. certainly The number of students will certainly increase after 2003. challenging a challenging job changeable My new phone is changeable. characteristic The chief characteristic of reptiles is that they are cold- blooded. dangerous The strong currents in the ocean here are extremely dangerous for swimmers. debate a debate in the legislature on tax reform decide You’ll have to decide what to do declaration Fighting has started without declaration of war. design The architect showed us her design for the new theater. devote She wanted to devote herself full-time to her music. develop plan to help children develop their natural talents disappear My purse was here a second ago, and now it’s disappeared. diversity the racial and ethnic diversity of the population divorce One in three marriages ends in divorce. dangerous The strong currents in the ocean here are extremely dangerous for swimmers. decade a period of ten years decrease Profits have decreased by 15% demand I was amazed by their demand that I leave immediately earthquake Thousands of people were left homeless by the earthquake. editor Who is the editor of the school newspaper? elegant She looked very elegant in her new dress. • an elegant coat embarrass Why do you always embarrass me in front of my friends? emperor the ruler of an empire empty That house has been empty for months. encounter I’ve never encountered any discrimination at work. engine an automobile engine equally They both worked equally hard.
  3. 3. equipment Standard equipment in the car includes power steering and an airbag. evidence There was no evidence of a struggle in the room. exciting San Francisco is one of the most exciting cities in America expensive Houses are very expensive in this area facility This program has a facility for checking spelling. fantastic You passed your test. Fantastic! favorite My favorite singer is Whitney Houston. field farmers working in the fields habitat the natural home of a plant or an animal handful a handful of sand hardware a hardware store healthy a healthy child/animal/plant honor He did me the honor of mentioning my name in the book. humble He became very rich and famous, but he always remained a very humble man. identify The police need someone to identify the body. ignore George ignored his doctor’s advice about smoking less. impression I want to create an impression of light and space in the house. indefinite Our plans are still pretty indefinite. influence I used my influence with the boss to get things changed. inherit I inherited $12,000 from my grandmother. invitation He has been sent an invitation to the opening ceremony. invent Who invented the sewing machine? interview The actress refused to give an interview. involve The job involves a lot of traveling. investigation The airlines are carrying out a thorough investigation into security at airports. jewel Diamond is the top jewel in the world. jealous Tim gets jealous whenever Sue talks to another boy! judge the judge sentenced the man to three years in prison. knowledge He has extensive knowledge of ancient Egypt.
  4. 4. landmark The Empire State Building is one of the landmarks on New York’s skyline. leaflet I picked up a leaflet about museums in the downtown area. lie The camera cannot lie. limited Reserve early because there are only a limited number of seats available. luxurious very comfortable; full of luxury: a luxurious seaside hotel maintenance This house needs a lot of maintenance. measure Could you measure the table to see if it will fit into our dining room? minister Look at Prime Minister and secretary. moment Would you mind waiting for a moment? mysterious Several people reported seeing mysterious lights in the sky. necessary A good diet is necessary for a healthy life. neither Neither team played very well. normal We’re just a normal middle-class family. nutritional Good nutrition is essential for children’s growth. obligation We have a moral obligation to help people who are in need. occupation Please state your occupation on the form. omelet a mushroom and cheese omelet opposite I can’t walk with you because I’m going in the opposite direction. original There are no original ideas in his work. outside There is a list of all the ingredients on the outside of the package. pale She has a very pale complexion. participate Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities . patient It’s hard to be patient with a screaming child. persuasive the arguments were very persuasive. poisonous a poisonous plant possibility There’s not much possibility of the letter reaching you before Saturday.
  5. 5. predict Scientists still cannot predict when earthquakes will happen. questionnaire A questionnaire is used to collect information about a particular subject. quite We are quite pleased with the results of our experiments. railway I am at the railway station. rarely We rarely eat out because it’s too expensive. realize I’m sorry I mentioned the subject – I didn’t realize how much it upset you. reduce Doctors have advised us to reduce the amount of fat in our diets rehearse to practice a play, dance, piece of music, etc. before you perform it for other people responsible The school is responsible for the safety of the children between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. reveal He refused to reveal any names to the police. routine If you work out a routine, you will get things done more quickly. rush Don’t rush – take your time. satellite satellite pictures of today’s weather scenery The scenery is fantastic in the mountains. satisfaction It was a great satisfaction to me to know that I had done the job well. scarf He wrapped a scarf around his neck. scientist a person who studies or teaches science, especially biology, chemistry or physics sculpture a modern sculpture in bronze schedule Max has a busy schedule for the next few days. serve The role of the police is to serve the community. shrink I shrink my T-shirt. slip Don’t slip on that floor. I just mopped it. sociable enjoying the company of other people; friendly scholarship to win a full scholarship to Yale temperature Heat the oven to a temperature of 450°F.
  6. 6. terrify He tries to terrify me. transfer I want to transfer $1,000 from my savings to my checking account. tragedy It’s a tragedy that there are so many homeless people on the streets. unbelievable I won the first prize! It was unbelievable! universe We live in the universe. untidy Your bedroom is very untidy. variety You can take evening classes in a variety of subjects. vacation The boss is on vacation. vegetarian I am vegetarian. I don’t eat meat and pork. valuable Is this ring valuable? violent The demonstration started peacefully but later turned violent. volunteer He does a lot of volunteer work at the hospital warrior a person who fights in battle; a soldier weapon His weapon is the gun.