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Elluminate live training advanced


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Elluminate live training advanced

  1. 1. Welcome to the AdvancedeLive sessionFacilitator: Susie Macfarlane
  2. 2. • Sharing documents• Using multimedia and quiz library• Managing screens• Troubleshooting in eLive• Session planningLearning outcomes
  3. 3. Orienting participants• Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard• Explain Emoticons and whiteboard• Explain use of raise hand toolDuring• Provide structure and clarity• Welcome everyone• Check for understanding frequentlyReminder: Supporting participants
  4. 4. 1. Click icon at the top of the Participant list to turn off allparticipants permission to chat for example.* However in general the best strategy is to discuss and encourage eLiveetiquette rather than control studentsAssigning Permissions – All
  5. 5. 1. Click individual Participant’s icon to give orremove their permission to use that function.• This can be useful if student has left mike on. Turn it off,then turn it on again to allow them to use it.Assigning Permission - individual
  6. 6. • Share applications (e.g. Word, excel, pdf) or• Share desktop• This allows all participants to view (and one tocontribute) to document• Tip: have the document you wish to share open before you enter eLiveso it appears in the list of programs you can shareShare applications
  7. 7. Sharing applications allows you to:• Show unit guide• Demonstrate searching• Demonstrate calculations or programming• Critique a paper or document• Students authoring document– Only one participant at once can edit a document– Right click on student’s name and choose “Give documentprivilege”Teaching approaches
  8. 8. Photograph of facilitator• Personalise - especially good for off-campus studentsOptions:• Screencapture of webcam• Insert image – picture of youUsing Multimedia: Social presence
  9. 9. Video cam• Turn on your Web cam:• To enable 6 webcams: Tools > Video > max sim cameras• Advantages: social connection• Disadvantages: bandwidth issuesUsing Multimedia: Social presence
  10. 10. • Window > MultimediaLibrary• Participants must haveappropriate file viewer toview files• Upload files• Upload a URL• Delete file• Play fileUsing Multimedia
  11. 11. • Window > MultimediaLibrary• Participants must haveappropriate file viewer toview files• Upload files• Upload a URL• Delete file• Play fileUsing Multimedia
  12. 12. • Window > MultimediaLibrary• Participants must haveappropriate file viewer toview files• Upload files• Upload a URL• Delete file• Play fileUsing Multimedia
  13. 13. • Window > MultimediaLibrary• Participants must haveappropriate file viewer toview files• Upload files• Upload a URL• Delete file• Play fileUsing Multimedia
  14. 14. You can• Create quiz questions and store as a quiz• Hand out quiz with timer• Go through answers with participants• Save resultsQuiz Library
  15. 15. • To re-order, delete or copy screens:– Tools > Whiteboard > Explore Screens– Keyboard shortcut is CTL Shift SCommands:To delete a screen: Click on a slide > press Del on keyboardTo delete several screen: CTRL click each slide > Press DelTo re-order a screen: Click and drag it to new positionTo copy a screen: CTRL drag the slide to new positionManaging your Screens
  16. 16. • To save a whole set of ScreensClick File > Save > WhiteboardYou can choose all screens, or select particular screens tosave.This whiteboard can then be uploaded into a new eLivesession.Managing your Screens
  17. 17. A. Web tourB. Breakout roomsC. Document sharingD. PollingE. Sending filesWhat is the best feature of eLive?
  18. 18. Have you had any technical issues using eLive?Troubleshooting
  19. 19. Issue SolutionPowerPoint doesn’t load Prevent: close PowerPoint files prior to uploadingTry again[fix] Use another browserStudent wants to load Ppt [fix] Make them moderator (right click on their name)Can’t select files to share [Prevent]: Open files prior to launching eLive[Prevent]: Keep files on same monitor as eLiveWeb tour doesn’t launch [Work around]: Paste URL in chat box so participantscan open website on their own computerTroubleshooting solutions
  20. 20. Issue SolutionAudio cuts out [f] Reduce audio channels to 1: Tools > Audio > Max sim speakersHeadset notworking[P] Plug in headset before launching eLive[f] Audio check: Tools > Audio > Audio setup wizard[f] Audio check: Tools > Audio > Select Input/Output Device[f] Control panel: Set headset as default deviceYour mike lockedoff (as channelunavailable)[f] Increase number mikes: Tools > Audio > max sim speakers[f] Turn off students mike in Participant Permissions window,then turn permission back onStudent speakerfeedback[P] Ask student to turn off mike when not talking[P] Suggest students use headset next timeStudent audiodelay[f] Suggest student reduce connection speed setting:Tools > Preferences > Connection > Connection SpeedTroubleshooting Audio
  21. 21. Issue SolutionStudent unable toaccess sessionCheck they are in the right placeCheck they have downloaded Java filesAsk them to try another browserAsk them to contact ITSDStudent ejected Continue session, welcome them when they return, at end ofsession cover areas they missedYou are ejected Return to sessionUse another browser to enter sessionRestart computer and re-enter sessionTroubleshooting Access
  22. 22. • Planning– Define learning objectives– Develop session plan outlining each activity and eLive tools andcommands– Design experiential activities, polling questions and discussions toensure LOs are attained– Develop resources and review with colleague– Give access and tech support instructions to students on DSO orUnit Guide (in eLive guide)Session Planning
  23. 23. • Session preparation– Open webpages for web tour– Open documents to share and check you can– Create breakout rooms if required (easier to distribute ppts)– Upload PowerPoint including orientation instructions– Be in eLive room 10 mins early to greet students• During session- Create social presence- Ask about and respond to needs of participants- Get feedback about students’ learning and confidence re concepts orskillsSession Planning
  24. 24. • Breakout rooms– Provide activity, questionnaire, topic– Group discussion and report back (import whiteboards)• Web tour– Activities: find information, use tools, report on findings• Student presentations– Can work together in eLive during week to prepare– Resources: students can either email their Powerpoints to you to upload, oryou can give them moderator privilege• Students facilitate whole eLive session• Other ideas?Session Planning: Student generated learning
  25. 25. • What have you done that worked well?• What are you doing next in eLive?• What would you like to explore further?Sharing ideas and best practice
  26. 26. • Challenge yourself to do more student-centred and activelearning in eLive– What is the topic– What do you want students to do by the end– What can you get students to do to learn or practice this?• Discuss your eLive work in your school• Support colleagues to implement teaching activities ineLive• Mentor your colleagues in eLive sessionsWhat next?
  27. 27. ITL eLive help guides Live documentation Interface guideStaff: bandwidth best practice guide 9.5 upgrade – new features
  28. 28. Thanks everyone! 7790