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Don't work with assholes -life lessons from my trip to spain


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A TedX style talk for Impact Hub Oakland in Oakland CA, February 2014.
Self-care, entrepreneurship, co-working, assholes, work/life balance

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Don't work with assholes -life lessons from my trip to spain

  1. 1. Don’t  work  with  assholes —and  other  lessons  from   my  trip  to  Spain   Susan  Mernit   Oakland  Local/Hack  the  Hood/LiveWork  Oakland   February  2014  
  2. 2. July 2013, Oakland, CA: ! I use my last frequent flier miles! to buy a ticket to Barcelona in January 2014.!
  3. 3. My  goal  is  to  have  a  mini-­‐sabbaHcal     and  spend  3  weeks  in  Spain  
  4. 4. By December, I really need a break— fundraising is grueling —and we don’t really make our goal  
  5. 5. By January 14, I am so ready to go:! Not only am I leaving the country for 3 weeks—I am not even bringing my laptop.!
  6. 6. Spain is amazing  
  7. 7. We eat, ! we drink, ! we talk, ! we read, ! we sleep, ! we look….! It is so relaxing!
  8. 8. We go everywhere….  
  9. 9. And I decide I love what I am doing! in Oakland! --I just need way better self-care  
  10. 10. And then I come home  
  11. 11. I have a full day of work,! a bunch of meetings….!
  12. 12. And I am in a ! terrible mood! when I go home.!
  13. 13. What’s with that?  
  14. 14. And  then  I  realize…I  am  in  a  bad  mood  because    some  of  the  people  I  had  to  deal  with  were     complete  assholes.  
  15. 15. It’s the scarcity mentality .  
  16. 16. .   Or,  to  put  it   another  way,  if   I  was  a  fruit   tree,  they’d   pick  the  fruit,   chop  the  tree   down  for   firewood,  and   then  complain   that  the  tree   DIED.  
  17. 17. And what would we have left then?  
  18. 18. So I have a profound insight ! 3 days after I come back ! from this amazing,! restorative trip---:  
  19. 19. I need better language to ! ward off the assholes  
  20. 20. “So how are you going to support! my organization?”   “My consulting rate for that work is….”   “No.”  
  21. 21. And with those words---! I should be feeling ! A LOT better….  
  22. 22. Thanks !