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To italy by plane


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To italy by plane

  1. 1. Sunday 9.03.2014 Diary of Anna FARKONA - 2014
  2. 2. I can not wait to get to Naples… I would like to see “my family”, that kept me waiting. At the airport we were welcomed by the kids who were prepared a big sign: Welcome to Victoria, Daniel and Anna, in English.
  3. 3. This is the park next to Francesca's house, the girl I lived. From there we passed every day on the way to school, with her friends. Italian school welcomed us with Italian songs and dances, they had prepared for us. We met the school's principal. We gave him a big Martenitsa and a national Bulgarian plate by wood. Later we watched presentations by Italian children on the topic of ecology: plant and animal species to extinction. Monday 10.03.2014
  4. 4. Italian students gave us ​​gifts: a notebook and pencils, a bag. Here we are with our teachers: mrs. Petrova, mrs. Dimova and mrs. AnnaMaria. Mrs. Tisovska, takes photo.
  5. 5. After lunch we looked at Ottaviano. Small and very beautiful city.
  6. 6. Tuesday 11.03.2014
  7. 7. In the afternoon, all participants from Ecopals went to tour the temples in Ottaviano. We saw many beautiful churches.
  8. 8. Today, we traveled by bus to Mount Vesuvius. Many wanted to see the volcano up close. Was an impressive mountain, it smoking like a chimney. It was very beautiful, I breathed fresh air and felt happy. Wednesday 12.03.2014
  9. 9. Then we visited old city Ercolano. This is an ancient city at the foot of Vesuvius. There was a marvelous, roads and houses ...
  10. 10. We visited a special museum. We were wearing headphones: because translation. Everything there is 3D. Everything was great, like a short film.
  11. 11. In the classroom of Francesca, came teachers from England. They told us about their school. We were given special cards for a game and showed us how to play with them. As a gift, they gave us pens with the flag of England. Then we watched a presentation about Vesuvius. Time came for work: All together we cut and paste animals on a large European map. Before that we painted on the map the flags of the countries involved in the project. Thursday 13.03.2014
  12. 12. In the afternoon we had meeting the mayor of Ottaviano. He congratulated us for our participation in the program. It was a short time, but we felt very important.
  13. 13. Today we went for a walk in Sorrento, a beautiful coastal city. There was splendid view: the sea, the houses, the shops, everything! Fryday 14.03.2014
  14. 14. Today went to Naples by train. It was just free time with our group of Bulgaria. Such miracles in Naples I saw! The buildings are old and very pretty. I sightseeing in the streets and shops, I looked a thousand ... Pizza in Naples is fantastic! They prepared it in front of us is terribly delicious!!! Saturday 15.03.2014
  15. 15. Mmam!
  16. 16. Homecoming! Sunday 16.03.2014