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Developing a web presence 2012


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Business person thinking about web and social media tools? Here's ideas and advice from Susan Mernit,

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Developing a web presence 2012

  1. 1. Developing  a  web  presence   Susan  Mernit   Oakland  Local   February  16,  2012  
  2. 2. We’re  NOT  going  to  ask  why  you  need   a  web  presence,  right?   Susan  Mernit    2/15/12   2  
  3. 3. Two  types  of  presence  to  be  aware  of  •  Passive   •  AcSve   –  Search  query  results   –  Web  site     –  Digital  “footprint”  (how   –  Google  places  page   do  I  show  up  in  search   –  Social  media    accounts   results?)   •  Facebook   –  RecommendaSons  &   •  TwiYer   referrals   •  Linked  In   •  Yelp   •  Tumblr   •  Judy’s  List   •  Youtube   –  Groups  &  memberships   •  Linked  In   •  Google  +  (for  business)   Susan  Mernit    2/15/12   3  
  4. 4. You  need  to  work  on  both  •  Passive:  This  is  how  you   •  Ac7ve:  You’re  shaping   show  up  and  what   the  message  through   others  think  of  you   –  What  you  say  •  No  connecSons,  just   –  Who  you  know   passive  data   –  What  they  say  about  you  •  No  conversaSons,  just   –  What  your  role  as  an   expert/curator/  resource   data   is  A  big  part  of  business  today  is  shared  values:  Which  of  these    approaches  demonstrates  that  more?  (Trick  ques7on)   Susan  Mernit    2/15/12   4  
  5. 5. Web  presence:  Know  how  you  show   up  today   •  Monitor  &  take  first   steps  to  claim  your   idenSty/control   impressions   •  Set  up  a  Google  alert  to   monitor  ( alerts)   •  Set  up  a  Google  plus   profile  ( plus)   Susan  Mernit    2/15/12   5  
  6. 6. Problems  with  your  web  presence  •  You  DON’T  SHOW  UP—no  impression  •  DAMAGING  MATERIALS-­‐drunk,  insults,   whatever  •  SOMEONE  ELSE  WITH  YOUR  NAME  OR  YOUR   BUSINESS  NAME—you’re  hidden  by  others   Susan  Mernit    2/15/12   6  
  7. 7. SOLUTIONS  FOR  POOR  PRESENCE:   CREATING  VISIBILITY   Susan  Mernit    2/15/12   7  
  8. 8. Here’s  the  toolkit  to  choose  from   –  Google  places  page   –  Name  web  site  (your     –  3rd  party  web  site:,   –  Social  media    accounts   •  Facebook  page  for  business  (need  personal  account  to  start)   •  TwiYer  account   •  Linked  In  group  for  your  business   •  Tumblr  site  (micro  blog)   •  Youtube  or  other  video  channel   •  Google  +  page    (for  business)   Susan  Mernit    2/15/12   8  
  9. 9. Google  Places:  Must  do!   hYp://   FREE!    Adds  you  to  search  engine  result   And  maps  in  very  visible  ways   Susan  Mernit    2/15/12   9  
  10. 10. Example:  Name  web  site  for  Tara’s  Organic  Ice  Cream:    hSp://   Cost  es7mates   Bought  the  domain  and  registered  it:  $5-­‐15.99   Got  a  site  up  w/  a  programmer:  $300-­‐$5,000   Hos7ng  company  for  site:  $15-­‐50  month   Support:  $150  month   Susan  Mernit     2/15/12   10  
  11. 11. Example:  One  page  web  site  for  consultant/ When  would  you  use  this  ar7st  Kwan  Booth  @   Instead  of  a  full  web  site?  Built  using  hYp://,  can  also  use   Costs:  free  to  under  $150   Susan  Mernit    2/15/12   11  
  12. 12. Simple  page  is  free  but  you  Example:  Facebook  page  for  business   need  to  add  links  &  hSps://   content;  programmer  will   cost  more.     Susan  Mernit     2/15/12   12  
  13. 13. Example:  Linked    In  group  for   your  organiza7on:hSp://   Promotes  community/discussion   around  a  business/brand/affinity   Works  best  for  non-­‐profits,  values-­‐ driven  or  professional  services  Discussion:  What  kind  of  business  might  benefit  from  running  a  LinkedIn  group?   Susan  Mernit     2/15/12   13  
  14. 14. Create  a  company  page:   hYp://   Shows  staffers,  idenSty   Susan  Mernit    2/15/12   14  
  15. 15. TUMBLR:  FASTEST  GROWING  MICRO-­‐ Clip  and  post  links  as  cwell  as   write;  free  plahorm,   heap  BLOGGING  PLATFORM   themes  Example:  Kate  Spade  (retailer,  fashion)  hYp://   Susan  Mernit     2/15/12   15  
  16. 16. Are  you  a  good    fit  for  video?     Video  channels  are  great  for  people  who:   A)  Love  doing  video  with  their  phone   B)  Have  a  service  or  product  that  fits   C)  Want  to  maintain  the  channel  hYp://   Susan  Mernit    2/15/12   16  
  17. 17. TwiSer  account:    Free,  easy  to  set  up  Great  to  a)  Broadcast  informa7on  b)  Build  community  If  you  add  links,  where  will   they  point  to?   Susan  Mernit     2/15/12   17  
  18. 18. Google  Plus:  Growing  and  well  indexed  • Create  a  profile  that  comes  up  • at  the  TOP  of  search  results  You  control  persona  • Easy  to  update  Go  to  And  sign  in  (You  need  a  Google  Account)  Can  we  personal  or  can  Be  a  business  page   Susan  Mernit    2/15/12   18  
  19. 19. If  you  have  a  Google  +  page,  it  will  be  the  FIRST  result  on  a  Google  search  Free  to  set  up  Need  to  post  to  maintain  it   Susan  Mernit    2/15/12   19  
  20. 20. SO  YOU’RE  GONNA  DO  ALL  OF   THESE,  RIGHT?      (NOT).   Susan  Mernit    2/15/12   20  
  21. 21. So  how  do  you  decide  what  to  do?  •  Outcomes  to  achieve   •  Time/Skill/Budget/Risk   •  Build  visibility   •  What  can  you  spend?   •  Manage  reputaSon   –  At  start   •  Build  community   –  Ongoing   •  Emphasize  shared   values   •  How  much  Sme  can  you   invest?   •  Market  services/deals   –  At  start   –  Ongoing   Make  sure  you  know  how  to  measure  results—   if  not  and  it’s  work,  don’t  do  it  YET   Susan  Mernit    2/15/12   21  
  22. 22. Where  to  get  help  •  Real  world:   •  Get  smarter  on  the  web   –  Find  a  resource  to  help   –  arScles   •  House  of  Local   • Facebook  Business  Account   •  Tech  Liminal   FAQ:   •  Tech  Scouts   hYp:// •  Others….   help/?page=721   • TwiYer  account  creaSon:   hYp://• Don’t  forget  about  follow-­‐up  classes  from   create  Oakland  Local  Academy—and  the  social   • G  media  support  our  consul7ng  group  can  provide  you  with  along  with  adver7sing  services.    And  remember  the  ACBSDC,  they’re  great.   Susan  Mernit    2/15/12   22  
  23. 23. Oakland Local loves to share communityStrategies; we’re all about empoweringlocal business & communityKeep in touchTwitter:@Susanmernit, @oaklandlocalEmail: susan@oaklandlocal.comSite: oaklandlocal.comTraining: us on Facebook