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Jan 11 2013 learning lab 2013 show me the metrics



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Jan 11 2013 learning lab 2013 show me the metrics

  1. Show  me  the  numbers:   basic  metrics   Susan  Mernit   Oakland  Local  at  Learning  LAB  2013   Renaissance  Journalism  Center,  SF  University   January  11,  2013  
  2. What  we’re  discussing   •  How  can  I  look  at  core  metrics  and  use  them  to  grow   what  I  do?   •  What  are  the  basic  tools  and  8ps  to  work  with?   •  How  do  I  make  decisions  based  on  metrics  data?   •  What  are  best  prac8ces  to  follow  working  with   metrics  in  an  ongoing  way?   •  What  are  some  good  8me  management  prac8ces   around  metrics  repor8ng   2 All  rights  reserved.  
  3. QuesMons  Answered   How  can  I  look  at   What  are  the  basic   How  do  I  make   core  metrics  and  use   tools  and  8ps  to   decisions  based  on   them  to  grow  what  I   work  with?   metrics  data?   do?   What  are  best   What  are  some  good   prac8ces  to  follow   Mme  management   working  with   pracMces  around   metrics  in  an   metrics  reporMng?   ongoing  way?   3 All  rights  reserved.  
  4. GeQng  started  with  metrics   •  Web  analy)cs  is  the   measurement,   collecMon,  analysis   and  reporMng  of   internet  data  for   purposes  of   understanding  and   opMmizing  web  usage   Metrics are CORE for any small site operator 4 All  rights  reserved.  
  5. Core  measurement  tools   Google Analytics Facebook & Facebook Insights Twitter & Tweetreach All  rights  reserved.   5  
  6. • Google  Analy)cs  dashboard   measures  site  data  including   • Traffic   • Audience   • Content   • Geography   6
  7. EssenMal  GA  metrics  to  evaluate   –  Time  spent   –  Pages  viewed   –  Returning  vs.  new  visitors   –  Referral  source   –  LocaMon   –  Unique  visitors   –  Page  views   –  PlaYorms   But  it’s  a  matrix:  Metrics  are  most  meaningful     in  relaMonship  to  one  another   7 All  rights  reserved.  
  8. Watching  the  GA  connecMons  to   drive  site  growth   •  Google  AnalyMcs  factors:     –  Referral  traffic:  Where  are  the  most  engaged  users   coming  from?  (referral  traffic/Mme  spent  metrics)   –  Content  behaviors:  What  is  average  )me  spent   per  story?  How  do  content  stats  per  story  (NOT   averages)  relate?   –  Content:  What  keywords  drive  traffic  for  my  site?   –  What  are  top  entrance  pages  (correlate  with   search  engine  traffic)   All  rights  reserved.   8  
  9. Decisions  based  on  Google   AnalyMcs   •  Type  of  content  (topics,  trending  issues,  cost)   •  Geographic  focus  (review  of  locaMon  &   mission)   •  Social  media  markeMng  outreach:  Focus  on   top  social  media  referral  sources  based  on   –  Top  referrers   –  Best  Mme  spent  metrics  from  specific  referrers   –  Campaign  reviews  (newsleders)   All  rights  reserved.   9  
  10. LocaMon:  Checking  geographic   focus   The  LocaMon  tab   (under  Audience   Demographics)   shows  where  your   audience  is  from— essen)al  for  sales/ funders   10 All  rights  reserved.  
  11. Understanding  Mobile   Under Audience, Google Analytics will tell you what percentage of your audience Is via mobile—and which platforms 11 All  rights  reserved.  
  12. GA:  Checking  content  &  interest  vs.   referrals   IMPACT:  Improve   understanding   of  top  content  and  referral   sources   12 All  rights  reserved.  
  13. Other  core  metrics  tools   Facebook Insights Twitter Likes Followers Comments Retweets Tweet reach Facebook Insights Measures tweet Measures Facebook impact page data 13
  14. Facebook  Insights-­‐Admins  can  access   Insights  is  the  equivalent   Of  Google  Analy)cs  for   Business—not  personal-­‐Facebook   pages—need  30+  followers   Data  is  exportable—correlate  with   Google  Analy)cs  in  your  analyses   14 All  rights  reserved.  
  15. Use  the  FB  demographics  data!   Who’s  talking  shows  demographics—key  for  adverMsers—and  for   targeMng  content   15 All  rights  reserved.  
  16. Facebook  provides  INSTANT   feedback   Content  &  Audience   Ads  &  social  marke)ng   •  What’s  popular  (views)   •  Tracking  response  on  social   •  What’s  being  referred  (viral)   markeMng/promoMon  posts   •  Who  is  your  audience   •  Tracking  likes  &  reposts   (followers  &  demographics)   Apply  Facebook  data  to  recruit  new  adverMsers,     fine  tune  your  content,  define  audiences,  drive  traffic  to  website   All  rights  reserved.   16  
  17. Tweetreach  is  a  criMcal  Twider    metrics  tool   17
  18. •  Shows  most  retweeted   •  Shows  top  retweeters   •  Shows  top  tweets  and  how  far  each  reach   18 All  rights  reserved.  
  19. Oakland  Local:  Tweetreach   How  many  people  are   you  reaching  via   TwiNer—and  who  are   they?  Tweetreach   gives  you  data   19 All  rights  reserved.  
  20. Tweetreach  report   First  screen   All  rights  reserved.   20  
  21. Tweetreach  data  dive—who’s   ContribuMng  to  your  stream?   All  rights  reserved.   21  
  22. Workflow  and  process  best   pracMces   Source:   22
  23. Create  a  reporMng  dashboard  to   track  stats  over  Mme-­‐  Excel   Spreadsheet tracking key metrics month by month, quarter by quarter. Build or download a template to collect data Check data weekly 23 All  rights  reserved.  
  24. Your  dashboard  should  track     Let’s  discuss:  how  does  this  work     •  Google  Analy)cs   as  a  weekly/daily  report?   •  Unique  visitors   •  First  Mme  vs.  repeat  visitors   •  Time  on  site   •  Pages  per  visit   •  Bounce  rate   •  Top  10  Content  (by  page  views  or  by  unique  visitors)   •  Number  of  comments  (conversion  goal)   •  Number  of  member  blog  posts  (conversion  goal)   •  New  members  (conversion  goal)   •  Top  referring  sources   All  rights  reserved.   24  
  25. Your  dashboard  should  track     Let’s  discuss:  how  does  this  work     as  a  weekly/daily  report?   •  Facebook  Insights   •  Followers   •  Demographics   •  LocaMon   •  Likes/virality   •  Tweetreach   •  Top  Tweets   •  Top  Tweeters   •  Most  retweeted   All  rights  reserved.   25  
  26. Want  to  learn  more?   Videos  on  the  Official   Google  AnalyMcs   YouTube  Channel     are  a  quality  resource.   26 All  rights  reserved.  
  27. Putting knowledge To work— Things  to    Ask  &  Try   27 All  rights  reserved.   Source:
  28. When  do  you  check  stats?   •  Daily  or  weekly   •  Monthly   – 30  minutes  or  less   –  90  minutes   –  Review  all  stat  sources   – Look  at  basic   –  Build  a  monthly  report   weekly  stats   –  Compare  6  month  trend   • Top  content   data   •  Google  AnalyMcs   • Top  referrers   •  Facebook  Insights   •  Tweetreach   • Time  spent/ bounce  metrics   All  rights  reserved.   28  
  29. PuUng  info  to  work-­‐-­‐Start  with   basic  analysis   Planning   •  What  is  your  site’s  greatest  strength  according  to   Google  AnalyMcs?   •  Example:  High  number  of  returning  visits,  high  Mme   spent  on  pages  metrics   •  Use  stats  to  portray  your  strengths-­‐Create  a  1  pager   •  What  is  a  problem  you  see  in  your  site  that  Google   AnalyMcs  shows  you?   –  Example:  High  bounce  rate,  poor  referrals  from   social  media  despite  puQng  investment  there   –  Use  stats  to  portray-­‐-­‐Create  a  1  pager   All  rights  reserved.   29  
  30. Workflow:  Monthly  reporMng?   •  What  does  a  monthly  report  about  your  site   look  like?   –  Construct  a  monthly  report  across  all  data  sources   highlighMng  metrics  you  consider  meaningful/ important   –  Make  some  inferences/asserMons  and  test  them   All  rights  reserved.   30  
  31. Followup   •  Should  we  have  a  peer  learning  circle?  More   trainings?  YOU  TELL  US   –  If  yes,  contact   –  More  on  metrics  (including  the  basics):   hdp://   –  More  individual  and  group  training  possible— contact   – See  this  preso  and  download  at   hNp://   All  rights  reserved.   31