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Behind the Scenes of our online & flexible work style


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Career Angels is a digital, premium career services boutique for experienced managers and executives, mainly in Europe. Our team has embraced technology and the life & work style that consequently is possible. If you'd like to join us, visit to explore our current openings.

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Behind the Scenes of our online & flexible work style

  1. 1. Behind the Scenes of our online & flexible work style by
  2. 2. The Internet, 2020 Hi there! My name is Sandra Bichl and I am a digital nomad who runs which is (still) the only full-service boutique consultancy in Europe for experienced managers and executives in matters of career management and job search! Our team of 20+ (consultants & support staff) works from the comfort of their homes or from... well - that's exactly it: everybody decides when and where to work! I, myself, have lived in 4 different countries since founding Career Angels and often work in "travel office" mode - this way I was able to visit 31 countries in the last 3 years! Everybody who cooperates with Career Angels takes advantage of this flexibility and freedom in their own way. How? Continue reading to find out more!
  3. 3. Sandra's Travel Office I love traveling and I enjoy my geographical freedom a lot! From 1.1.2017 to 31.12.2019: 57 international trips 31 countries 318 days of traveling abroad 10 road trips A u s t r i a B e l g i u m C r o a t i a C z e c h i a D e n m a r k E g y p t E n g l a n d E s t o n i a F i n l a n d F r a n c e G e o r g i a G e r m a n y G r e e c e H u n g a r y I t a l y J o r d a n L a t v i a L i t h u a n i a L u x e m b o u r g M a r o c c o M o n t e n e g r o N e t h e r l a n d s N o r w a y P o l a n d P o r t u g a l R o m a n i a R u s s i a S e r b i a S l o v e n i a S p a i n T u r k e y U k r a i n e
  4. 4. 50+ flights with great views and waving pilots...
  5. 5. San Marino Georgia Montenegro Morocco Jordan Sandra's Views while Working & Traveling
  6. 6. Marcelina's Independence As a rebel who can’t stand when somebody imposes their terms too much, I work with more pleasure and most importantly – more effectively, when it's me who decides when to work :) ...for example in beautiful Luxembourg... Besides, I regularly get to spend some lovely time outside Poland... or in sun-kissed Italy...
  7. 7. Sara's Nature I have been able to spent much more time on the countryside, e.g. during Workaway in France and Sweden. I can also cook delicious soups all the time! I could spend 2 weeks in Dalarna, Sweden... ...and 3 weeks making friends with parrots in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France
  8. 8. Janek's Spontaneity I don't hesitate to go on trips. There's no time to postpone a decision when a plane ticket price can change any minute. Thanks to my type of job I got to spontaneously go to... ...Tallin... ...Vienna... ...and Nukssio, a park in Finland!
  9. 9. Julia's Opportunities I never thought that studying at my faculty would make it possible to have a job. Not only can I now both work and study but also... ...I was able to spend a week in Paris.... on a summer camp in Scotland for a month... ...and sail with my family for two weeks! ...where I spent some time in Edinburgh...
  10. 10. Adam's Passions Working flexibly online means I can follow my passions and travel the world... ...the fjords of Norway... ...and I get to spend more time with my ♡ ....helping out on an eco farm in Austria for 4 weeks...
  11. 11. Izabela's Time Working flexibly online gives me the opportunity to manage my parallel projects effectively. It also saves so much time! I once worked a little from Texas... ...and I had the most amazing views!
  12. 12. Hubert's Comfort Working from home can be a blessing, especially on sad rainy days. I also love being surrounded by my two very loyal cats. My view when working from the mountains... ...where I skied a little... ...I also made some friends during my agroholidays near Sobibór... ...and this is how I'm supervised on a daily basis!
  13. 13. Lidia's Flexibility "Working flexibly online means I can work wherever I want (even outdoors if necessary) and save time on commuting. This way I can take my kids to school everyday.
  14. 14. Maria's Freedom Thanks to this type of work me and my partner can live by the same daily schedule. I can also help my sister with her kids if she needs me. I've also started practicing morning yoga. ... and I have much more time for my hobby - theatre! I can easily combine sunbathing and working...
  15. 15. Ula's Balance I feel that thanks to working online I can fit much more work into one day than if I had to travel to meetings. I also have a feeling that my work-life balance has improved greatly. I cook healthy food more often, so I end up being healthier myself. ...I can also spend more time on my hobby - making jewellery! More on her instagram: @kucharka_zen
  16. 16. Dominika's Volunteering I had the opportunity to travel and take part in different volunteering projects while still working. I would never be able to do that having a "normal" job. I volunteered in a center and solidarity space for refugees in Athens for a couple of weeks... ...I also spent a year in Portugal (European Volunteering Service)... ...and worked from an eco hobbit house!
  17. 17. Kasia's Well-being I am able to earn some money without having work clash with my studies. Also, I love the fact that I am home more... ...I can be accompanied by my cat while I'm working... ...and I can spend more time with my grandma - I know she doesn't feel alone when I check up on her!
  18. 18. Valeria's Views I can work from any place in the world. I've used that to work from the Carpathians, Ukraine and Denmark. ...and beautiful, snowy Denmark where I currently live. Ukraine - where I come from...
  19. 19. Agnieszka's Productivity I am most efficient in the evenings and therefore I can do most of the conceptual work even at night. Thanks to working flexibly online I can actually work when I'm most productive. I have time to be engaged in my daughter's musical education!
  20. 20. Justyna's Travels I do not have to worry about the fact that going on a student exchange means that there is no work. And that is amazing! I spent over 2 weeks exploring the Polish coast and Masuria region... Isn't it wonderful to have a different office everyday?
  21. 21. Magdalena's Family Thanks to working flexibly online I gained 2 more hours to spend with my family... ...during which I share the love for books with my children... ...and I get to catch beautiful moments with them.
  22. 22. Anna's Adaptability Thanks to my type of job I can flexibly plan my hobbies and adapt my day to my daughter's schedule. I can multi-task: walk the mountains during the day and check my emails in the evening! I have much more time for sport!
  23. 23. Join Career Angels We are - 4 generations based in 10+ cities across Europe - multicultural & multilingual - transparent & respectful Visit for more information on all openings! See you online! :)