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Mernit 2012 tech raker preso


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Presentation on the impact of Open Data on Oakland, CA's economic development, awareness for Google/CIR TechRaking conference 2012

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Mernit 2012 tech raker preso

  1. 1. City  Hacks:  Data  Sets  &  Economic  Development   Oakland,  CA    Case  study   TechRaking   Susan  Mernit   April  12,  2012   MTV-­‐42-­‐3-­‐Valencia  #trpowerlocal   1  
  2. 2. We  wanted  to  build  apps  for  underserved  communiSes  but  there  was  no  data  back  then…  Oakland,  CA    March  2011  • 390,000  people  • 159  year  old  city  • 170  languages  spoken  • NO  data  catalog  • No  Gov2.0  • No  #OpenData  How  do  we  hack?   2  
  3. 3. April  2012:  It’s  ALL  changing  • Data  catalog:  61  APIs  &  Flat  files  from                  City  of  Oakland  and  Alameda  County    • 3  new  apps  with  local  employment,  transportaHon  data  • 2  new  tech  incubators  launching  Q4  2012  • Planning  Code  for  Oakland  2  for  2012  • Holding  NewMe  Accelerator  mixer  April  20th  • Relaunched    2  Dot  Oakland  tech  umbrella  group  • Proposed  City  Council  Open  Data  ResoluSon  May  2012  So  what  happened  ?   3  
  4. 4. How  did  Oakland  shiQ?  •  Code  for  Oakland  Hack  Day,   June  2011  •  SubmiSng  3  apps  to  Knight/ FCC  compeHHon  from  CFO  •  ONE  of  our  apps  won  3rd   prize-­‐-­‐$10,000  +  $5,000  for   best  SMS  •  #1  winner  based  on  CFO  hack   day  concept-­‐$30,000   4  
  5. 5. Code  for  America  involvement  • Open  Data/Gov  2.0  organizaSon  with  founders,  staff  living  in  Oakland  • Strong  support  of  Code  for  Oakland,  Urban  Strategies  data  projects  • Bridge  to  San  Francisco  innovaSons   5  
  6. 6. Making  connecSons  between  $$  ,   jobs,  data  &  tech  @City  Hall    •  San  Francisco   •  Oakland   –  support   -­‐-­‐Occupy  Oakland   manufacturing   encampments  downtown   –  SFCiS:  100+  tech   -­‐-­‐PercepHons  of  danger  vs.   companies  supporHng   Wired,  affordable  commercial   tech  job  training   real  estate   –  Rising  costs  for   -­‐-­‐No  one  organized  tech/ commercial  real  estate,   innovaHon/business  org     SOMA  sold  out   –  Twi_er,  Zynga,  Call   Oakland  is  starSng  to  get   Socket  expansions   it…   6  
  7. 7. Momentum:  Q  2-­‐Q3  2012  •  Data   •  Economics   –  Open  Data  ResoluHon:   –  Proposing  Hack  the   Make  all  city  data   Hood  tech  economic   accessible   development  pilot  in   –  New  open  releases  from   East  Oakland  w/  Oakland   Urban  Strategies  data   Local,  Youth  Uprising,   warehouse   CTN,  others   –  Planning  Code  for   –  Incubators  &  meet-­‐ups:   Oakland  #2,  Summer   HubOakland,  NewME,   2012   2DotOakland,  Tech   Liminal  Hack  Nights,   more….   7  
  8. 8. The  View  from  here:  Oakland  needs  to  conSnue  to  evolve  to    parScipate  in  Open  Data/  Gov  2.0  movement  • Open  Data  leads  to  economic  development  • Economic  development  leads  to  jobs  • Tech  job  training  ensures  Oaklanders  are  trained  to  do  the  jobs  • Workforce  leads  to  companies  leads  to  jobs  leads  to  money  in  Oakland  Next  steps:  Apply  for  Code  for  America,    2013  More  tech  economic  soluSons  &  tools  based  on  open  local  data  More  tech  folk  who  can  work  where  they  live.     8  
  9. 9. If  you’d  like  to  get  involved  with  tech  in  Oakland,  get  in  touch  with  folks  in  Oakland…  Susan  Mernit,  Oakland  Local,,  @susanmernit  Steve  Spiker,  Urban  Strategies  Council,,  @spjika   9