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Getting started with citefast


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Tutorial on using Citefast for citing resources

Published in: Education
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Getting started with citefast

  1. 1. Getting Started with Citefast Citation and bibliography tool
  2. 2. Go to Create a personal account - it’s free! Hint: Use your UWCSEA username/password to make logging in easy to remember!
  3. 3. Choose your citation style Check with your supervisor if you’re not sure which one to choose. Remember: consistency is KEY Hint: Not sure how to enter the correct information for a properly cited source? Check out the video tutorials in Citefast!
  4. 4. Choose your resource format Click “more” to see all of the available options Hint: Each resource type will allow both automatic and manual entry - YOU will have to enter some information in either one!
  5. 5. Is your resource a website? Hint: Notice in this example there are blank entry windows. It’s important that you fill them in and add more as necessary!
  6. 6. Click “Save Citation” Hint: There are tips and directions all along the way. Read them!
  7. 7. Voila! Your citations are now listed in their proper order Hint: Click the “in-text” link to see how to format the in-text citation!
  8. 8. Using MSWord? Click “export to” for a simple download Hint: Don’t risk losing your work. Download or copy/paste before exiting Citefast even if you’re not finished citing all your sources! Using Google Docs? Use Copy/Paste to put your citations into your document.
  9. 9. Citefast will also help you create a correctly formatted title page! Hint: Make use of the video guides if you aren’t sure how to proceed.
  10. 10. Use the Style Guide for more formatting rules. Hint: Make use of the video guides if you aren’t sure how to proceed.
  11. 11. Finally… what about citing social media? Hint: Don’t forget to verify any information you find on social media with a credible resource!