The Ultimate Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Social Sharing for WordPress


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The Ultimate Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Social Sharing for WordPress

  1. 1. CREATING WITH WORDPRESSThe Ultimate Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Social Sharing
  2. 2. ABOUT MEMarketing/InternationalBusiness backgroundFounded Don’t PanicManagement in 2011Has worked with WordPresssince 2009Loves purple, live music, wine,and cheese
  3. 3. YAY!
  4. 4. ABOUT YOUWhy are you here?
  5. 5. KEEP IN MINDYou don’t have to be a designer or developerto do cool shit with WordPress.WordPress was designed with the user inmind (that’s you!).It doesn’t always work the way you want itto.Be patient. Don’t Panic! (get it?)
  6. 6. A WORD TO THE WISEI will teach you general writing and formatting bestpracticesI will also recommend several plugins you can use onyour siteBe careful about installing plugins - they can weighyour site downThere is no magic number of plugins, but less ismoreIf you’re going to install plugins, make sure you keepthem up to date
  7. 7. HERE WE GO...Writing & Idea GenerationEditing & FormattingUsing Photo & VideoSearch Engine OptimizationSocial Media SharingWinning
  8. 8. WRITING & IDEA GENERATIONPut your ideas in draftsUse a content management system DivvyHQ - WordPress Editorial Calendar - http:// calendar/ Excel - You know, the one Microsoft makes
  9. 9. IDEA GENERATIONCategories Less is more Consider your target audienceTags Unlimited Consider your keywordsBoth help with search and make your site more user-friendly
  10. 10. IDEA GENERATIONUse one category at a time to identify the topic of thepostUse as many tags as are relevant to identify keywordsin your postBe careful not to misspell or misuse tags
  11. 11. WRITINGUse WordPress full screen modeUse a text editorUse WordSaveDon’t forget to saveALWAYS FREAKIN’ CLICK SAVE!
  12. 12. WRITINGIf you write your post in a text editor (like Word), besure to paste using the correct editor in WordPress tomaintain formattingClick to paste from WordClick to paste from plain text
  13. 13. FORMATTINGUse the “kitchen sink”Bold, italics, underlines, strikethroughs are cool (justdon’t go crazy)Use these to emphasize important points
  14. 14. FORMATTINGUse H2 or H3 tags for headlines<h3>Headline</h3>
  15. 15. FORMATTINGUse the Block Quote option to highlight quoted textEnter Full Screen mode for uninterrupted writing
  16. 16. TL;DRWASHINGTON—Unable to rest their eyes on a colorful photograph or boldface heading that could be easily skimmed andforgotten about, Americans collectively recoiled Monday when confronted with a solid block of uninterrupted text. Dumbfoundedcitizens from Maine to California gazed helplessly at the frightening chunk of print, unsure of what to do next. Without anillustration, chart, or embedded YouTube video to ease them in, millions were frozen in place, terrified by the sight of one long,unbroken string of English words. "Why wont it just tell me what its about?" said Boston resident Charlyne Thomson, who wasbombarded with the overwhelming mass of black text late Monday afternoon. "There are no bullet points, no highlighted parts. Ivelooked everywhere—theres nothing here but words." "Ow," Thomson added after reading the first and last lines in an attempt toget the gist of whatever the article, review, or possibly recipe was about. At 3:16 p.m., a deafening sigh was heard across thecountry as the nation grappled with the daunting cascade of syllables, whose unfamiliar letter-upon-letter structure stretched on foran endless 500 words. Children wailed for the attention of their bewildered parents, businesses were shuttered, and localgovernments ground to a halt as Americans scanned the text in vain for a web link to click on. Sources also reported a 450 percentrise in temple rubbing and under-the-breath cursing around this time. "It demands so much of my time and concentration," saidChicago resident Dale Huza, who was confronted by the confusing mound of words early Monday afternoon. "This large block oftext, it expects me to figure everything out on my own, and I hate it." "Ive never seen anything like it," said Mark Shelton, a highschool teacher from St. Paul, MN who stared blankly at the page in front of him for several minutes before finally holding it up tohis ear. "What does it want from us?" As the public grows more desperate, scholars are working to randomly italicize differentsections of the text, hoping the italics will land on the important parts and allow everyone to go on with their day. For now, though,millions of panicked and exhausted Americans continue to repetitively search the single column of print from top to bottom andright to left, looking for even the slightest semblance of meaning or perhaps a blurb. Some have speculated that the never-endingflood of sentences may be a news article, medical study, urgent product recall notice, letter, user agreement, or even a bindingcontract of some kind. But until the news does a segment in which they take sections of the text and read them aloud in a slow,calm voice while highlighting those same words on the screen, no one can say for sure. There are some, however, who remain
  17. 17. TL;DRDon’t be that guy.
  18. 18. IMAGESWhere to find them: Flickr - user submitted photos iStockPhoto, BigStockPhoto, Shutterstock, etc. SXC.HU - free stock photos Photodropper - plugins/photo-dropper/ Screenshots - note the sourceAlways give credit where credit is due!
  19. 19. IMAGESWhen in doubt, purchase imagesDownload and keep them on file for future use
  20. 20. IMAGESDrag files or Select Files from your computerUse a URL of a file elsewhere on the WebChoose from your Media Library (images that you’vealready uploaded to WordPress)
  21. 21. IMAGESFormat your images from the Upload screen
  22. 22. IMAGESTitle (important for things like Pinterest)Alt text (for SEO)Caption (for image credit)Description (for internal use)Link URL (if you want to link elsewhere)Alignment (it is what it sounds like)Size (pre-fixed sizing)
  23. 23. IMAGESClick “Edit Media” for more advanced editing
  24. 24. SLIDEDECKAn easy tool to create visually-appealing slidersEmbed sliders into your posts, pages, sidebarsCreate sliders out of posts, RSS feed, images, videos,text, social content (like tweets, Facebook posts,Instagram, etc.), and much more
  25. 25. SLIDEDECKSlidedeck 2 -
  26. 26. VIDEOSAdd videos LASTAdd videos using the HTML embed code from yourvideo service of choiceYouTube is the most popular video service and isnow owned by Google (helps with SEO)
  27. 27. VIDEOSClick the “Share” button below the video you want toembed
  28. 28. VIDEOSSharing options will be availableThe highlighted code is what you want to embed inyour blog post
  29. 29. VIDEOSUse one of their pre-determined sizes (which usuallywork) or set your own size parametersCopy the code from YouTube and paste it into theHTML editor of your blog postClick “Preview” after adding the HTML to make sureit shows up rightDON’T PANIC if it looks like a black box
  30. 30. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION“Black hat” SEO doesn’t work anymoreGoogle’s new algorithm focuses on consistent qualitycontent Image via
  31. 31. SEOChoose keywords based on which topics you want tocoverFocus on using at least one of those keywords in eachpost you writeWrite keyword rich posts/pages that stay somewherewithin your site (not necessarily promoted)Use internal links
  32. 32. SEOSEO Tools for WordPress Your theme’s built-in SEO fields WordPress SEO by Yoast - extend/plugins/wordpress-seo/ All In One SEO Pack extend/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/
  33. 33. INBOUND WRITERHelps you write optimized content inreal timeOffers related keywords as well asways to improve your content as yougoInbound Writer -
  34. 34. SOCIAL SHARINGDon’t bombard people with 9 million ways to shareyour contentChoose the networks that are important to you andmake it easy for people to share that waySharing is caring - If you’re asking others to shareyour content, make sure you reciprocate!
  36. 36. SOCIAL SHARINGDigg Digg -
  37. 37. SOCIAL SHARINGFacebook Social Plugins -
  38. 38. SOCIAL SHARINGHelloBar -
  39. 39. SOCIAL SHARINGNative buttons Twitter - buttons Pinterest -
  40. 40. SOCIAL COMMENTINGLivefyre - - Disqus also has a related posts plugin If you don’t use your commenting system’s related posts plugin, try:Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) -
  41. 41. FINAL WORDS1. Write good content based on keywords2. Edit and format3. Include images4. Have good meta data5. Give people a reason to want to share your content6. Give people a way to easily share your content7. Be nice8. Measure results
  42. 42. THANK YOU!Jess Ostroff@jessostroffjess@dontpanicmgmt.comhttp://jessostroff.com Image via