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Email Marketing 4 Startups by @susanfsu of @500startups

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Email Marketing 4 Startups by @susanfsu of @500startups

  1. 1. MARKETING 4 STARTUPS EMAIL with Susan Su
  2. 2. EMAIL Marketing + Startup Metrics Acquisition Activation Retention Revenue Referral EMAIL MARKETING 4 STARTUPS email collector is (almost) the top of your funnel lever to turn site/product signups -> active users engage users to keep them coming back the “hard sell” tell ur friends!
  3. 3. Email WHAT IS EMAIL MARKETING? BLAST! Good email marketing: ● extends beyond any single standalone blast ● campaigns that show u know WHO ur subscribers really are, and WHERE they are in their user lifecycle
  4. 4. This email got a 60% open rate: ANATOMY OF AN EMAIL 5 factors that influence open rates: 1. Subject line 2. Sender 3. List quality 4. Snippet Preview 5. Content “2015 "Vegas, Baby!" 500 Founders' Weekend”
  5. 5. But Rome wasn’t built in a single email. EMAIL CAMPAIGNS Campaigns Welcome Onboarding / Activation Engagement Reactivation Transactional
  6. 6. So START NOW: Welcome — Confirm signup, set the email expectations Onboarding campaign — multi-installment series that gets subscribers to your activation threshold Engagement campaign — emails that get subs to your next activation threshold — from 1st time to repeat users Reactivation — incentivized wake-up call for dormant users Retention — event-based triggers aimed at retain users about to drop off Conversion — “the hard sell” Referral — tell ur friends (goal: get friends’ email) EMAIL CAMPAIGNS EMAIL IS A FUNNEL. Very few people buy at the top of the funnel.
  7. 7. 1. ABC: Always Be Collecting ● Persistent across ur site ● Popups works ● On EVERY staff’s profiles and signatures ● Paid acquisition campaigns ● Offline works too GOLDEN RULES OF CONTENT MARKETING
  8. 8. 2. Subject lines MATTER. But they don’t just impact open rates. They impact a subscriber’s perception of your ENTIRE email. Subject line testing isn’t just about boosting open rates, but boosting total conversions. First 10-15 characters MOST important: use action words. GOLDEN RULES OF EMAIL MARKETING
  9. 9. 2. Subject lines MATTER. GOLDEN RULES OF EMAIL MARKETING Snooze…!
  10. 10. 3. Target and segment Don’t be random. Some targeting you can do: ● demo ● based on previous behavior (open, click, buy) ● based on events outside of email (ie, use MixPanel) GOLDEN RULES OF EMAIL MARKETING
  11. 11. 4. Measure what matters ● OPENS. Standard open rate is below 30%. ○ Email open behavior secret: every other. ● CLICKS. ● CONVERSIONS. ● SUBSCRIBES. ● UNSUBSCRIBES. GOLDEN RULES OF EMAIL MARKETING
  12. 12. 5. MUST. TEST. 1. Subject line: copy, length, emotion 2. CTA: language, size, color, commitment level 3. Content layout 4. Content length 5. Show prices vs. not 6. Simple vs complex 7. More vs fewer choices 8. Send time / day 9. Personalization 10. “From” name GOLDEN RULES OF CONTENT MARKETING PS -- Intuition still matters.
  13. 13. 6. The Content REALLY Matters GOLDEN RULES OF CONTENT MARKETING ● subject line ● preview text ● IMAGES ● body ● always have a CTA ● include link reminding people who you are & what you do
  14. 14. 7. Mobile First Over 65% of email gets opened on mobile FIRST. GOLDEN RULES OF CONTENT MARKETING ● Responsive layout ● Content brevity (short paragraphs, even if u have lots of them) ● Subject and preview are mobile- optimized ● ALWAYS TEST mobile ● High open rate but low click rate…?
  15. 15. LOTS MORE! From hacks to high level strategies @susanfsu Or come to my office hours!