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How 300 Retailers Use Email Marketing


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Find out everything about how 300 small Internet retailers use email marketing - from how many use sign-up incentives, double opt-in, welcome emails, segmentation and much more. If you're in ecommerce, this is a rare glimpse at what your competition is doing - and not doing.

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How 300 Retailers Use Email Marketing

  1. 1. PAM NEELY build your list, build your business How 300 Retailers Use Email Marketing
  2. 2. For six months I surveyed how 300 Internet retailers did their email marketing, collecting every email they sent and recording exactly how they attracted new subscribers and handled unsubscribes.
  3. 3. I discovered some startling missed opportunities, but also found some very promising trends. These are the highlights of what I found. Go to to get the rest of the report.
  4. 4. 1st missed opportunity: not using email at all, or never sending an email
  5. 5. 2nd missed opportunity: not sending a welcome email
  6. 6. 3rd missed opportunity: pop-ups
  7. 7. 4th missed opportunity: no re-engagement effort after unsubscribe
  8. 8. 5th missed opportunity: not using double opt-in
  9. 9. The good news: most make it easy to unsubscribe
  10. 10. The good news: few messages went to spam/bulk folder
  11. 11. The good news: most use inline forms for sign-ups Box: An inline form where the user enters their email address. Image: A call to action formatted as an image. The visitor has to click on the image to begin the signup process. Text: A text link that brings the user to a new page to subscribe.
  12. 12. Want to know where most of these retailers put an opt-in box? Or which email service providers they use?
  13. 13. Or how their emails look on mobile devices? Or what the most common incentive to sign up is?
  14. 14. Then sign up for email updates at to get the full report.