Google Plus- Organisatie set-up


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In deze presentatie leest u alles wat u moet weten bij het opzetten van een Googleplus pagina voor organisaties.

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Google Plus- Organisatie set-up

  1. 1. Your business and you
  2. 2. Getting started with Google+What is Google+?People are what make the web as powerful and exciting as it is today. We allcontribute. With photos, videos and blogs, we’ve turned the web into an incredibleresource, connecting and sharing with each other across the world.By empowering people to share their interests, opinions and recommendations,we make the web better. Better for people. And better for brands like yours.By adding the right people, Google+ can improve all the marketing you do with Google.. Nexus S - Google Galaxy Nexus. First phone with Android 4.0. Face Unlock, Android Beam, an amazing HD screen and 4G LTE fast. Kari Wilson, Christian Oestlien, Timothy Jordan and 312 others +1’d this 1
  3. 3. Christian Oestilen publicly +1’d this This phone is my favourite. Nexus S Nexus S is the newest Android phone from Google. With Gingerbread, fast just got faster. Gadget Fans + Add more people Share The power of recommendations People often turn to friends and family for help making decisions. The +1 button combines the power of these personal recommendations with the reach of Google, making it easy to start conversations and offer recommendations when people need them most. For example, take Anna, who +1’d Samsung’s site because she loves her phone. Now her friends will see her recommendation when they see Samsung in search results, search ads, or on the Google Display Network.2
  4. 4. CreateGoogle+ pages allow you to share exclusive content with your followers andprovide access to your brand. Let’s walk through how you can set up your pagefor success.Create your Google+ pageIt’s really easy to set up a Google+ page, but do spend some time to get it setup exactly the way you want it. Follow these four steps to ensure your page isoptimized for Google+.1 Sign up to Google+ Search Google+Sign up by visiting Ryan 1 page If you alreadyhave a Google+ profile that you Google+ Pageswant to use, login and find the Create a Google+icon create a Google+ page page Google+ Pageson the right hand side of your Create a Google+ pagestream. If you don’t alreadyhave a personal Google+ profile,get started by creating one.What’s important to know is thatyou need to use your personal profile to create your Google+ page. 3
  5. 5. 2 Create your Google+ page F ollow the simple instructions starting with choosing your category. Be prepared to have one profile photo and five scrapbook photos. These should be 125 x 125 pixels. Search Google+ Create a page Pick a category Add your info Local Business or Place Creating a page brings you closer to your customers, fans, Product or Brand and followers on Google+. Company, Institution or Organization Start real face-to-face conversations with Hangouts Arts, Entertainment or Sports Create circles to share the right message with the right people Other Help people recommend you on Google Search and ads withe +1 button ©2012 Google - Terms - Content Policy - Privacy - English / No regiom Quick tip: You can use animated gif photos in your scrapbook.4
  6. 6. 3 Complete your pageInclude an About section. This section represents your campaign’s purpose andyour intent for the page. Add a profile, scrapbook, product photos and videos suchas commercials and short introduction videos. Search Google+ You are now using Google+ as this page. Your posts, comments, and notifications will be from this page. Ok Stonehouse Coffee Edit Profile Great coffee made for great people Posts About Photos Videos There are no messages to display. Share your page In Stonehouse Coffee’s circles (0) Edit your profile to change who is visible in your network Change who is visible here ©2012 Google - Terms - Content Policy - Privacy - English / No regiom Quick tip: The video section is also a good place to host your Hangouts if you have chosen to record them. 5
  7. 7. Quick tips on posting Don’t post everything at the same time. You don’t want your followers to get overwhelmed with content all at once. If you intend to publish 3-4 posts per day, make sure you stagger them throughout the day. Learn from others – check out what the UK chocolate manufacturer, Cadbury, did to segment their users. Directly ask your users which circles they want to belong to. It gives you an opportunity to understand what content your users want to learn and to segment these users in circles. Cadbury SvS - 21 Nov 2012 - Public We like to start our Mondays by getting things in order, so if you’d like to stand in Circles that would help us immensely ;) Oh but seriously... Just let us know if you’d like to be in any of our Dairy Milk, Wispa or Creme Egg circles and we’ll add you in! - Jerry - Comment - Hang out - Share6
  8. 8. 4 Expand your reach with your +1’sLet your users recommend your brand across the web. We introduced the +1button as a way for your customers to do this on Google search, in your ads, onsites across the web and on mobile devices. Consumers will be able to see all therecommendations your business has received, whether they are looking at an ad,a search result or your page, meaning your +1’s will reach not only the 90 millionusers of Google+, but all the people who come to Google every day.It’s as simple as adding a small snippet of code. Check out howyou can implement the +1 button and other useful badges by visiting hat’s it. With these steps you have ensured your page is correctly set up and thatit’s fully connected with your website and advertising.Next step? Start sharing your Google+ page and make sure you keep engagingwith the users. 7
  9. 9. PromoteGet the followers you want so that you can have meaningful interactions with them.An integrated approach will help you get the number of followers you want. Includeonline and offline promotion to get the most discoverability.It’s easy to start promoting your page online, simply follow some of our bestpractices below.1 Install the Google+ badge on your website.Let’s say a user wants to be kept up-to-dateon all things related to Nexus S. Well, byclicking the brand badge, they are addingthemselves directly to Nexus S’ circles onGoogle+, thereby opting in to have Nexus S’posts show up on their streams. Nowthey’ll never miss a thing.It’s as simple as adding a small snippet of code. Check out how you can implement theGoogle+ badges by visiting 9
  10. 10. 2 Social extensions Link your Google+ page to your AdWords campaigns. You can easily set up the social recommendations for your ads. Imagine that someone is searching for your products on search, and sees your ad, with recommendations from their friends displayed directly with it. Pure Google Learn More You publicly +1’d this and 346 others +1’d this It’s easy to set up, simply login to your AdWords account, go to your Campaigns tab and click on the Ad extension tab and enable Social Extensions. Ad groups Settings Ads Keywords Networks Ad extensions Dimensions Topics View: Social Extensions All but deleted Columns Review performance statistics for ads that have appeare with an ad extension. You’ll only see statistics for the campaigns you are currently viewing, for eligible ad extensions that have been triggered. Learn more about ad extensions statistics New extension Delete Social Extension Status Clicks Impr. CTR Avg. CPC Cost Avg. Pos. Allow plus one clicks on my ads to also endorse my Google+ Page profile Take a tour.10
  11. 11. 3 Newsletters and other social media channelsT o make sure your followers know about your new Google+ page, promote itin your other online communications; for example, your digital newsletters andin your other social media channels. It’s as easy as adding a link and announcingyour new page.4 Offline marketingA great way to drive awareness to your page is to include it in your offlinemarketing. Check out some of our suggestions. P romote your page in your TV commercials. Include your Google+ page in your product catalogs. I nclude your Google+ page in print advertisements.You can learn more about our brand guidelines 11
  12. 12. ShareShare your brand, products and services with the world. Get tips on how to engagewith your users to give them a reason to share your content.10 tips on engaging with your users1 Learn from othersHave a look around the Google+ platform, find out what other brands like yoursare doing and start following them. You can learn a lot from what others are doing.You can see how users respond to their posts. Also, don’t forget to follow theGoogle+Your Business page for tips and tricks.2 Join the conversationT he best way to learn how others are interacting with your content and page is tokeep track of the notifications. If someone is discussing your brand, you might wantto respond. It’s also a great way to find your brand advocates, the vocal fans towhom you might want to pay additional attention to. 13
  13. 13. 3 Keep your content fresh It sounds obvious, but making sure that your followers can learn something new on your page is important. If the content doesn’t get updated, they’ll stop coming back. 4 Share exclusive content G ive your followers a reason to come to your page; share content they can’t find anywhere else. This gives them a reason to come to your page for more updates and information, and it gives you a chance to interact with them. An example can be seen in the special edition chocolate bars Cadbury created for its Google+ page.14
  14. 14. 5 Optimise and populate your pageIt’s never a good idea to start promoting something before it’s ready.You need to convince your users that your page offers such great valuethat they’d be missing out by not following you.6 Host HangoutsT he perfect way to engage directlywith your followers is to invite themto a Hangout. Maybe they want tomeet the community manager behindthe page, or maybe you have a newannouncement to make to your users.Your users will appreciate this since it’sa rare opportunity to meet the peoplebehind the brand.Hangouts offer an entirely new way to give your customers a behindthe scenes tour, engage them in interviews with top executives, or listento their feedback. For example, Fiat Nederland hosted a Hangout to revealone of their latest car designs. 15
  15. 15. 7 Use rich media content Rich media content, such as photos, videos, or graphs, catches the attention of users so they are more likely to leave a comment, share or learn. Pepsi used their Google+ page to invite fans all over the world to send them photos of their favourite Pepsi drink being enjoyed in their hometowns. 8 Be personal Sign your posts with your name. It gives your page more personality and allows Google+ Your Business - 8 Feb 2012 - Public Posted by +Toby Stein: for the user to identify with your content. Have a Question? Visit Our Forum! The Google+ Your Business page does this Today I spent some time at the Googleplex with +S with all their posts. Google+ Pages Forum. It was a nice reminder of o answering your questions, sharing their knowledge Simply add a + sign in front of the name of the person who is writing and select the right user profile.16
  16. 16. 9 Ask questions Google+ Your Business - Feb 10, 2012 - Public Posted by +Toby Stein:T he best way to get comments is We want to hear from you. Has your Google+ page madeto ask questions and include calls to a difference for your business? Has it allowed you to meet new people? Tell us your story of how you’ve beenaction in your posts. For example, what using Google+ to change how you do business.kind of posts would you like to see - Comment - Hang out - Sharemore of on our page?10 Make your website content shareable on Google+A dd a small code snippet to your source code that will allow your website visitorsto share your products and website on Google+. It’s a great way to drive usersto Google+, but also an excellent way to make sure your individual products getdiscussed and shared online. 17
  17. 17. MeasureMeasuring your performance is important when you want to understand how youcan best interact and learn from your users. For example, you can gain meaningfulinsights by reviewing your social analytics data in your analytics account.How do you measure performance? 999,000 300,000 6/17/11 6/18/11 6/19/11 6/20/11 6/21/11 6/22/11It gives you the answers to questions like: ‘How do +1’s affect user behavior?’Google Analytics’ suite of social reports makes it easy to find out this information.Analytics measures +1’s and how engagement on your site changes whenpersonalized recommendations help your content stand out. Also see aggregate,anonymized demographic information about the Google users who have +1’dyour site. Go to and sign into your account to getthe data.Until we have launched Analytics on your Google+ page, don’t forget to keep trackof your +1 count, monitor your page comments and engagement. Start with thenotifications, but make sure to give Ripples a try when you notice that your contentis being shared. 19
  18. 18. So what can I learn from the upcoming Analytics on the Google+ pages? Data trumps guessing every time. That’s why we will be launching tools shortly to give you access to as much data as possible about your Google+ page and +1 activity: who’s interacting with your page and how; your users’ demographics; and information about their social activities like +1’s, shares and comments – all to help you learn how social campaigns affect your bottom line. Find your brand advocates with Ripples Ripples let you see your posts spread 27 recent public shares out of 64 total. across Google+, who’s sharing and We don’t show older or private shares + – resharing your content, and whose opinions matter. Use it to identify HM influencers and add them to a circle, – Iman Ghasemi Cerstin Kottsieper Olenka Kuk or see how communities are formed Rachael Scantlebury Orna Kiesel Masaya Ogura Cory bai around your content. The larger the cocker dunn Hanane Maalem David Beckham Chu Wai Yip circles in Ripples, the larger the reach Adiet Sahreza they could have. Every post you add Michal Augustyn jaysan linAnson Tan Kim Fong Ho Mohit Tripathi to the stream can be shared. When Aniée Machado they are shared, just use the menus in the top right and View Ripples to For example, you can clearly see the top see who has shared your content influencers for HM’s David Beckham’s and what they said. underwear collection.20
  19. 19. 21