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Social Media Club SWFL: Why you should embrace Google+


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Since July 2011 Google+ has been evolved not only as a social network but has become a social platform. This updated slideshow shows you the many ways you can use Google+ and how it will benefit your company's website as well as your online reputation.
Thanks to the Social Media Club of Southwest Florida for inviting me to speak to their members.

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Social Media Club SWFL: Why you should embrace Google+

  1. 1. Google+ (Plus)Yet another social network? Birgit Pauli-Haack, January 2013
  2. 2. Why Bother? Fast GrowthTime to reach 50 million users - 88days. Google+ Currently 500 mio users (12/2012)
  3. 3. Why Bother? Ubiquitous GoogleUnifying Toolbar over all Google ApplicationsCalendar, Gmail, Photos, Gdrive, News,Maps.. Notifcation in Red: comments, +1, shared, circled, circled back.
  4. 4. Why Bother? Search ResultsComscore & Highwire - Google Search 65%, Bing 15%, Yahoo 14%. Stats on a client’s site…
  5. 5. Why Bother? - Search
  6. 6. Why Bother? Social Search
  7. 7. Why Bother? Identifies Experts
  8. 8. Why Bother? SearchNew Rules of Engagement ...Page 1, Position 1  is no longer the gold standard for  successful SEO strategies. ComScore
  9. 9. Webmaster Tools: Back Links
  10. 10. Webmaster Tools: Back Links (Detail)
  11. 11. Getting started... w/ your @gmail account orSign-in w/ Google Apps account ( create an account.
  12. 12. Your Profile: About Profile Photo Introduction Links to SNS
  13. 13. Your Profile: Public Posts Share early, share often! Linke, photos, videos Comments # +1 (=likes) # of shares
  14. 14. Your Google+ Page: About ProfilePhoto Introduction Links to SNS Post
  15. 15. Features: Circles
  16. 16. Power: Sharing Circles
  17. 17. Power Feature: Hangout On The Air  Live (= On Air)  Video Chat among a group of people  Private or Public  Scheduled as Google+ Event
  18. 18. Power Feature: Google+ Hangout on Air Simultaneously broadcast on YouTube for whole Internet. YouTube Channel + Google+ Page/Profile connected
  19. 19. Power Feature: Ripples
  20. 20. Power Feature: Events  Integrated in Google Calendar
  21. 21. Power Feature: Maps +Google+ LocalClaim Your Business Online!
  22. 22. Power Feature: Maps +Google+ LocalConnect Google+ Place/Local w/ Google+ Page Get Verified!
  23. 23. Power Feature: Communities  Public / Private  Open / Closed  Displayed In Searches Yes/No  Categories for posts  Privacy Rules.
  24. 24. Power Features: Communities
  25. 25. Google+ Evangelists Guy Kawasaki: What The Plus! Chris Brogan: Google+ For Business
  26. 26.  “This Week In Social media” On Twitter  @relevanza  Birgit @bph  Steve @downyonderfla Blog: