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  • Project report

    1. 1. Project Report Group Members Maheen Khizar Fatima Fayyaz Maryam Tahreem Iqbal Sumbul Zahra12/2/2012 Water And Sanitation Hackathon
    2. 2. Selected Problem• Inform Consumer Of Water Supply Timing In Islamabad12/2/2012 Water And Sanitation Hackathon
    3. 3. Solution• A web application• That can notify the consumers before time about the timings of load shedding of water and electricity• Not only on website, but on their mobile phones as well12/2/2012 Water And Sanitation Hackathon
    4. 4. Problems Faced During the Implementation of Solution• There were many problems e.g. ;  No schedule of load shedding of electricity as well as water was given on websites of WAPDA & WASA  Complaint cell’s hyper link is given on CDA website, but not available12/2/2012 Water And Sanitation Hackathon
    5. 5. Impact• Consumers Ease• Mental Relaxation• Lessens the load of complaints on lines of CDA12/2/2012 Water And Sanitation Hackathon
    6. 6. Complexity• With the help of web pages customer will login and then he will able to get water supply timing through mobile and emails.12/2/2012 Water And Sanitation Hackathon
    7. 7. Innovation & Creativity• The solution is basically a web based• But it notifies the registered consumers about the timings of load shedding before time on their mobile phones• They just need to subscribe12/2/2012 Water And Sanitation Hackathon
    8. 8. Product Implementation• We used html pages for web but it will furthere build in .net• We developed data bases.• Develop code that will send sms to the subscribe users12/2/2012 Water And Sanitation Hackathon
    9. 9. Sustainability• With the help of this plan they can easily get complaints from consumer• Consumer can get all information about water supply timing so they they can store water in specific timings.12/2/2012 Water And Sanitation Hackathon
    10. 10. System Integration WAPDA CDA WASA Project IT Consumer12/2/2012 Water And Sanitation Hackathon
    11. 11. Thank For Your Attention! Any Questions?12/2/2012 Water And Sanitation Hackathon