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Wate q


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Wate q

  1. 1. Everyone has got the right to the right water…
  2. 2.  WateQ is a web application that is developed to ensure that everyone use the right kind of water: a water quality application. It brings all water stakeholders(end users and water agencies) to a point where water quality control and monitoring is a collective and successful effort. It is an innovation born out of the waterhackathon 2011, Lagos, Nigeria.
  3. 3.  Use of contaminated water Inaccessibility to feedback from water corporation subscribers. Increasing health hazards resulting from contaminated water. Slow rate of disseminating information to water corporation subscribers. Wide spread education of water corporation subscribers.
  4. 4.  Qualitative Approach: Feedback Questions Quantitative Approach 1. Use of TDS hardware device (HM Digital) 2. WaterSafe KIT
  5. 5.  Adobe Dreamweaver and Fireworks Google Chart Google Youtube Blogspot SMSLive247 SMS API Google Map EasyPHP PHP &MySQL