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Water/Energy Pilot - SDGE


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Water/Energy Pilot - Frank Spasaro, manager of energy efficiency partnerships, SDG&E - Presentation 1/3 The Water-Energy Connection

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Water/Energy Pilot - SDGE

  1. 1. Water/Energy Pilot San Diego Gas & Electric June 2, 2009 © 2006 San Diego Gas & Electric Company. All copyright and trademark rights reserved.
  2. 2. What is the water – energy relationship? Water – Energy Relationship in CA Water-related energy use accounts for about 20% of California’s total electric consumption • Water-related energy use • End uses: heating, cooling, on-site pumping • Upstream uses: surface conveyance, groundwater pumping, treatment, distribution • Downstream uses: waste water pumping and treatment • Upstream and downstream water-related energy use in California: • About 12.5 billion kWh/yr is embedded upstream and downstream of the water customer • In southern California, majority of energy use is due to conveyance 2
  3. 3. Water Conservation and Energy Savings Direct vs. Indirect Energy Savings • Direct energy savings appear on the customer’s energy meter • Indirect energy savings do not appear on the customer’s energy meter • Occur upstream and downstream of the customer • Result from customer’s reduced usage of some other resource • Direct water savings = Indirect energy savings • Energy use is embedded in producing, delivering, and disposing of water • A typical southern Californian urban water system uses an estimated 13,000 kWh/MG • Embedded energy use in water upstream and downstream of the customer can be saved if that customer reduces their 3
  4. 4. Water/Energy Pilot Background • CPUC application filed on January 16, 2007 • Programs began July 1, 2008 and will run through December 30, 2009 • Each IOU is partnering with local water agencies to fund and manage the Water Pilots • All IOUs have different programs to measure indirect energy- and water-savings • Residential • Commercial • Low-income 4
  5. 5. Program funding Program Evaluation/Stud Utility Funding y Funding SDG&E $ 996,000 SoCalGas $ 586,407 SCE $ 809,500 PG&E $1,241,000 Total $3,632,907 $2,737,300 5
  6. 6. Pilot Requirements • Implementation feasibility/short planning timeframe • Leverage existing programs where possible • Use proven, not experimental, water-saving technologies • Broad range of customer segments/delivery channels • Low-income and multi-family residential • Educational outreach • Commercial & Industrial (SDG&E only has commercial) • Investigate impacts on peak demand • Multiple agency partners and funding contributions • Cost-effectiveness • Pilot should identify cost-effective water conservation measures 6 • More precise definition of cost-effectiveness for
  7. 7. SDG&E Pilot Programs SDG&E partnered with the San Diego County Water Authority for three pilots in San Diego Managed Landscape • Target Market • Apartment complexes, condominiums, office parks, commercial properties, and homeowner associations • Implementation Mechanism • Selected contractor installs weather-based controllers and tracks performance over one year • Customers also participate in MWD’s Water Savings Performance Plan (if funding is available) • Status • 14 customers enrolled in program to-date • Projected annual water savings of more than 116 MG • Projected annual electric savings of more than 73,200 kWh 7
  8. 8. SDG&E Pilot Large Customer Audits • Target Market • Customers who have potential to save substantial water and energy and who can act quickly to implement recommended measures • Implementation Mechanism • Phase 1: SDG&E works with the Water Authority to implement measures from previously conducted audits • Phase 2: Contractor creates a combined Energy/Water Audit and implements 7-10 additional Energy/Water Audits • Status • Phase 1: One of the three previously audited customers is in the process of implementing measures • Phase 2: Two customers have received an audit and one is in process of implementing measures. Eight more are in the pipeline 8
  9. 9. SDG&E Water Pilot Recycled Water • Target Market • Customers who can act quickly to implement recycled water programs at their facilities in the San Diego region • Implementation Mechanism • SDG&E, the Water Authority, and local member agencies provides funding to retrofit 6 sites with recycled water programs • Status • The Water Authority selected 6 sites to retrofit • Retrofits are completed on 2 sites • All sites on track to be completed by July 2009 9