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Driving Organizational Change Dreamforce 2014 (Salesforce)


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My presentation from 2014 Dreamforce all about how software implementation is no longer a technology project, it requires organizational change. My presentation tries to draw a difference between technology implementation and technology adoption.

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Driving Organizational Change Dreamforce 2014 (Salesforce)

  1. 1. Driving Organizational Change @steveheye
  2. 2. The Cara Program The Cara Program prepares and inspires motivated individuals to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness, transform their lives, strengthen our communities, and forge paths to real and lasting success. Hello, My Name is Steve Heye Manager of Technology @steveheye
  3. 3. The Cara Program Our use of Salesforce • NPSP for Development with Click & Pledge (with Kell Partners) • Exponent Case Management for Student Management (with Exponent Partners) Our Goals when we implemented Exponent Case Management on Salesforce Move From To Data Repository • Transactional • Heavy Data Entry Workflow Management • Enforces business process • Informs users of needed actions • Data driven process Manual Know How • Relies on staff to know next steps System Triggers • System knows business process and timelines, prompts staff with specific tasks to complete
  4. 4. Install: Y/N? Gone are the days of insert disk A and follow the prompt. Flickr photo by barbourians
  5. 5. Install: Y/N? Today. Software has advanced to allow us to drive it.
  6. 6. Install: Y/N? Today. Software has advanced to allow us to drive it. But that power puts the responsibility on us.
  7. 7. Adoption Support Program 1. Initial Assessment 2. Adoption Planning Sessions 3. Monitoring and Support Tools 4. Training and Support 5. Quarterly Assessments
  8. 8. Implementation is no longer enough, you need adoption PLAN IMPLEMENT ADOPT Project Management Define Business Processes & Data ● Strategic Readiness Consulting ● Discovery ● Design ● Adoption Success Planning Config & Development ● Config for your program ● Custom Software Development ● Prototype Review & Feedback ● Data Assessment & Migration Adopt & Evolve ● Deployment ● Reporting & Analytics ● Training & Coaching ● Customer Support Service Delivery Approach from Exponent Partners
  9. 9. Adoption = Training (Right?) FULL SOLUTION YOUR JOB PRACTICE 3 Rounds of training done with functional teams – allowed for focused agenda Overview of System ● How it works in general ● Where everything is ● How it works together ● What is changing Details of your procedures ● Focus on tasks of team ● Detailed steps ● Documentation ● Process driven Homework ● Hands-on practice ● Test the system ● Understand the process flow Wrong. Adoption is not just Training! You have to look at Organizational Change.
  10. 10. Communication and Decision Making Business Process Power Users Expectations Direction Involvement • Be Realistic • Set Goals • Identify Risks But the key is – Perception is Reality • Give it a Name • Paint a Picture • Report Progress – Good and Bad But the key is – Plans Change, Focus Doesn’t • Before it starts • Leadership • All levels But the key is – Make It Meaningful Focus on Organizational Change
  11. 11. Communication and Decision Making Business Process Power Users • Early notification • Regular information • RACI Decision Model (or RAPID) NOTE: Accountability and Authority are the keys. • Documentation • Know business • Get SMEs to own it NOTE: You are in control • Front line staff • On the job trainers • First your line of support NOTE: Choose your Power Users Wisely. Tactics
  12. 12. Decision Making RACI is R=Responsible A=Accountable C=Consulted I=Informed Select Final Vendor Aug 26 - Select 3 finalists Sept 9-13 - Vendor demos Sept 27 - Select finalist R=Mgr of Tech & Data Analyst A=CFO C=Board Mbr, COO, Tech Advisory Board, Program Mgrs, Network Admin, CEO, Reps from full Org I=N/A Narrow to 10 Vendors July 19 - RFI responses scored July 22-26 Review scores with ManagementTAB July 29 - Send RFP to selected vendors Aug 19 - RFP Responses Due R=Mgr of Tech & Data Analyst A=CFO C=Board Mbr, COO, Tech Advisory Board, Program Mgrs, Network Admin I= CEO, Reps from full Org Approve and Send Out RFI June 17 - Final RFI June 20 - Sent out RFI July 15 - RFI responses due R=Mgr of Tech & Data Analyst A=CFO C=Board Mbr, COO, Tech Advisory Board I= Program Mgrs, Network Admin
  13. 13. Business Process We also had text describing each of these steps.
  14. 14. Power Users Input during discovery and design Early and extra training across full solution Own the Business Process Decision Making, extra permissions in Salesforce, maintain documentation Plan Implement Adopt
  15. 15. What is the Shift? Less Focus on Technology Lead by IT, Owned by Org You Control Process, Not Software Defined